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MRSA Bacteria: Facts, Information and Treatment Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World MRSA category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-02-17New Antibiotic Produced by Ant Bacteria May Help MRSA Patients
2015-01-02OSPREY Predicts MRSA Superbugs Counter-moves to New Drugs
2014-04-22New MRSA Superbug Strain Identified in Brazil
2013-11-14New Treatment to Cure and Eliminate MRSA Infections
2013-02-11High Prevalence of Drug Resistant MRSA in Nursing Homes
2012-08-24Klebsiella Pneumoniae: A Superbug Found in Health Care Environments
2012-01-23High Levels of MRSA Bacteria in Meat Products
2011-11-29International MRSA Testing Week Awareness
2011-08-20Hospital MRSA Efforts Study
2011-06-21Fight Against Denial and Inaction - World MRSA Day and Month
2011-06-02New Type of MRSA Detected
2011-05-06Test to Diagnose and Distinguish MRSA and MSSA
2011-03-31MRSA - An Ongoing Epidemic
2011-03-24MRSA Infection Found to be Seasonal
2011-03-08MRSA First Discovered Fifty Years Ago
2011-02-09Tackling Hospital Superbugs with Groundbreaking Irisys Infrared Technology
2011-01-27MRSA Screening Saves Hospitals Money
2011-01-16Discovering Route for MRSA Vaccine
2011-01-05Guidelines for Treatment of MRSA Infections
2011-01-05Where MRSA Colonizes on the Body
2010-12-01Annual Threat of Norovirus for Nursing Homes and Hospitals
2010-10-29Atlas That Maps MRSA Super Bug
2010-09-12MRSA Infection hVISA Linked to High Mortality
2010-08-17MRSA Activists Unite Globally on World MRSA Day - Oct 1, 2010
2010-08-16Studies Pinpoint Key Targets for MRSA Vaccine
2010-07-30More Hospital Acquired Infections are Causing Death
2010-07-22Actor Dennis Quaid Speaks About Saving Lives
2010-07-19Computer Program Predicts MRSA's Next Move
2010-07-14Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections
2010-07-14Surveillance for MRSA Decreased HAIs at PCMH
2010-06-14MRSA Survivors Rally For Action and Awareness
2010-03-22Copper Reduces MRSA & VRE in Hospital Rooms
2009-11-24MRSA in Hospital Outpatients


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