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ADHD and ADD: Facts and Research Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World ADHD and ADD category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-14What Can Twitter Reveal About People with ADHD
2017-10-20Can Adults Develop ADHD?
2017-10-10School Year Relative Age Causing Bias in ADHD Diagnosis
2017-09-11Is ADHD Associated with Lack of Regular Circadian Sleep
2017-03-11Harnessing ADHD for Business Success Study
2016-10-29Children with Autism Possibly Over-diagnosed with ADHD
2016-07-27Guidance On Civil Rights of Students with ADHD - U.S. Department of Education
2016-06-03Children with ADHD - The Rules of the Game
2016-05-18ADHD Can Emerge After Childhood
2016-04-02Attention Deficit Linked to Plasticizers in Medical Tubes
2016-03-11ADHD or Immaturity? School Entry Age Study
2016-03-02ADHD and Academic Expectations Link
2016-02-08Persistent ADHD - Overly Critical Parents
2015-12-02Child ADHD Epidemic - Danger of Over-diagnosis
2015-07-28Fidgeting and ADHD
2015-07-03ADHD: Prescription Stimulants & Medication Side Effects
2014-11-14ADHD in Girls Often Misunderstood
2013-10-17New Study: How ADHD Medications Work
2013-03-06ADHD in Adulthood: Does It Get Better?
2012-09-30Maxi Mind Alternative Therapy Reverses Attention Deficits Without Medication
2012-08-23Girls with ADHD More Likely to Self-injury or Suicide
2012-04-26How Dietary Changes Can Help Children with ADHD
2012-03-30Is ADHD Being Over-diagnosed
2012-03-09Higher Doses of ADHD Drugs May Harm Learning
2012-03-06Younger Children Over-diagnosed with ADHD
2011-09-28Steady Rise in Prescribed Stimulant Use for ADHD
2011-09-01Is School Support for ADHD Missing the Mark
2011-06-15Food Coloring and ADHD
2011-02-15Abnormal Hand Control May be Hint of ADHD Severity
2010-12-08Common Genetic Influences for ADHD and Reading Disability
2010-12-07Medicaid Funded ADHD Treatment for Children Misses Mark
2010-10-29CONCERTA Insight on Handwriting Performance and Attention in ADHD
2010-08-25Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Appears Beneficial for Adults with ADHD
2010-08-17Nearly 1 million Children Potentially Misdiagnosed with ADHD
2010-06-01ADHD Linked to Low Maternal Education, Lone Parents and Welfare Benefits
2010-05-17Pesticide Exposure May Contribute to ADHD
2010-04-16ADHD Linked to Genetics and Psychology
2010-02-28Teaching Organizational Skills - ADHD
2010-02-03Brain's Reward System Related to ADHD
2010-01-28Lead May be the Culprit in ADHD
2010-01-27Differences in ADHD with and without Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
2010-01-11Brain Regions in ADHD Disconnect
2009-11-23Exposure to Tobacco Smoke and Lead Raises Risk of ADHD
2009-09-16Adult ADHD - Role of Genetic Factors
2009-09-08How does ADHD Affect Childrens Lives when they Grow Up
2009-05-01Study Links ADHD with Sleep Problems in Adolescents
2009-03-23Buying Toys for Children with Autism or Disabilities
2009-03-19Heightened Level of Amygdala Activity May Cause Social Deficits in Autism
2009-03-17Brain Abnormality Found in Boys with ADHD
2009-02-04Special Education IEP Cheat Sheet
2009-01-01Is My Child Active or Could it be ADHD

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