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Autism: Symptoms, Facts and Treatment Research Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Autism Facts and Information category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-10-13The Multiple Mutations of Autism
2017-10-12Connection Between Autism Prevalence and Socioeconomic Status
2017-09-01New Genetic Risk Factor for Developing Autism Spectrum Disorder Identified
2017-08-02Cognitive Behavior Therapy Effects On Parents of Children with Autism
2017-07-17Females with Autism Show Greater Difficulty with Everyday Tasks Than Males
2017-06-30Early Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder May Be Possible
2017-06-20Treating ASD by Targeting Bacteria in the Gut
2017-06-02NIH Study Suggests Baby Teeth Link Autism and Heavy Metals
2017-05-08Tantrums Not Linked with Speech Deficits in Children with Autism
2017-04-11Driving with ASD - 1 in 3 Teens Receive Drivers License
2017-04-04Thousands of People With Autism Join SPARK Online Genetic Study
2017-03-19How Some Adults With Autism Compensate For Childhood Language Challenges
2017-03-06Autism Linked to Increased Cerebrospinal Fluid in Infants
2017-02-19Autism Biomarkers Found in Infancy by Using MRI
2017-02-02Adults with Autism See Interests as Strengths
2016-12-09Anxiety Measure for Children with ASD Proven Reliable
2016-11-17Bringing Undiagnosed Adults With ASD Out of the Shadows
2016-11-15Autism and Human Evolutionary Emergence of Collaborative Morality
2016-10-31Link Between Mitochondrial DNA and Autism
2016-10-29Children with Autism Possibly Over-diagnosed with ADHD
2016-10-17Obesity Rate Difference in Children With and Without Autism
2016-10-13Shakespeare Helps Children with Autism Communicate
2016-05-10Raising a Child with Autism
2016-04-01Practical Information About Autism Across the Lifespan
2016-03-31Latest CDC Autism Report - Rate Unchanged
2016-03-30Similar Moral Judgements in Autistic and Non-autistic People
2016-03-30Lack of Diversity in Autism Intervention Studies
2016-03-15Accessing Services a Huge Problem for Parents of Children with Autism
2016-02-25For Children with Autism Sounds Help Develop Speech and Gestures
2016-02-09Social Benefits of Being a Girl with Autism
2016-01-14Young Adults with Autism - PEERS Social Skills Help
2015-12-23Flaws in Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy and Risk of Autism Study
2015-12-20Neurotransmitter in the Brain Linked to Autism
2015-11-30Facial Emotions Processing in Persons with ASD
2015-09-14Autism: Reading the Mind in the Eyes
2015-07-28Autism Costs May Reach $1 Trillion by 2025
2015-03-20Autism: Autistic and Non-autistic Brain Differences
2015-03-11Autism Genes and Higher Intelligence
2015-02-07Teaching Social Skills to People with Autism - Researchers Seeking New Ways
2015-02-02MRI Links Inability to Regulate Emotions in Autism with Impaired Brain Activity
2014-12-30Molecular Network Identified Underlying Autism Spectrum Disorders
2014-11-27Hope for Autism Treatment After Fragile X Study
2014-10-24European Union Charter of Rights for Persons with Autism
2014-10-14Study: Sulforaphane Found in Vegetables May Improve Autism Symptoms
2014-09-18Jacobsen Syndrome and Autism Link
2014-09-12Are Chemicals a Contributing Factor to Autism
2014-08-12Understanding Why Autism Occurs - An Overhaul
2014-07-05First Online Pediatric Autism Study Results
2014-07-04CHD8 Mutation a Genetic Link to Autism
2014-06-09Cost of Support for People with Autism Over Lifetime
2014-06-04High Levels of Steroid Hormones in Womb Linked to Autism
2014-05-08Adults with Autism - Improving Job Interview Skills and Boosting Confidence
2014-05-05Autism Spectrum Disorders - Genetic and Environmental Influences
2014-04-28Mothers Over 30 Have Higher Risk of Having a Child with Autism
2014-04-17Families of Children with Autism Benefit by Dog Ownership
2014-03-15People with Autism: Stress and Anxiety
2014-03-10People with Autism and Aging
2014-02-11People with Autism: Communication and Conflict Resolution
2014-02-07Recent Research into Autism and Related Disorders
2014-02-07Children with Autism and Associated Sleep Disorders
2014-02-04Autism: Complementary and Alternative Medicine
2014-01-30Tactile Defensiveness and the Autism Spectrum
2014-01-29DSM-5 Study Reveals Effects on Autism Diagnosis and Prevalence
2014-01-27Heavy Metals Theory in Relation to Autism
2014-01-21Autism Myths Surrounding Social Interaction, Humor, and Speech
2014-01-14Biomarkers and Autism Research
2013-12-18Autism: Sensory and Movement Differences
2013-12-10Radical Autism Treatment Involves Partial Toe Removal
2013-11-08Autism and The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
2013-11-06Weight Gain During Pregnancy and Autism Spectrum Disorders - Is There a Link
2013-10-04Disability Benefit Assistance for Parents of a Child with Autism
2013-09-05Youth with ASD Face Tough Employment and Independent Living Prospects
2013-07-23No Link Between Pre-natal Mercury Exposure and Autism-like Behavior
2013-07-17Younger Children with Autism Benefit Regardless of Treatment Model
2013-07-05Autism Clues May Come From the Stomach
2013-04-22Conversing with Adults on the Autism Spectrum
2013-04-09Could Fragile X be the Key to Mystery of Autism
2013-02-05Significant Feeding Problems and Nutritional Risk in Children with Autism
2013-02-01Autism Speaks Through Gene Expression
2013-01-24Inherited Causes of Autism - Study Provides Insights
2013-01-08Treatment for Autistic Children In California Hangs in Balance
2012-11-13Autism and Schizophrenia Share Related Genetic Networks
2012-11-11Child Prodigies and Autism Link Study
2012-10-30Study of First 3 Years of Life of Children With and Without ASD
2012-10-23Scientific Breakthroughs Blazing a Trail for Autism Support
2012-10-03DSM-5 Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder
2012-09-26High-Tech Tools to Study Autism - Georgia Tech
2012-09-20Children with Autism: Interrelated Health Issues Experienced
2012-09-14 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Gene Mutation Affect on Children
2012-07-17Autism Law and Financial Burdens
2012-05-17Autism Risk in Siblings of Children with ASD
2012-04-25List of Toxic Chemicals Suspected to Cause Autism and Learning Disabilities
2012-04-16Autism by the Numbers - Impact of New Diagnostic Criteria
2012-04-05ARISk Test - Genetic Screening Tool for Autism
2012-03-29U.S Autism Rate Now Listed as 1 in 88
2012-03-27Children with Autism Bullied 3 Times as Much
2012-03-06Autism Awareness: Music, Comedy and Brain Science
2012-02-17Autism and Motor Skills in Children
2012-01-21Autism Redefined - Harder to get Autism Diagnosis in 2013 as Revised Definition Goes into Effect
2012-01-20The Mystery of Autism - Another Clue
2012-01-10Doctor Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Autism Treatments
2012-01-04Autism Spectrum Disorders and Early Intervention Services
2011-12-16EPA Mercury Rules Mean Possible Less Childhood Autism
2011-10-17Infants with Low Birth-weight 5 Times More Likely to Have Autism
2011-08-15Risk of Autism Among Younger Siblings of a Child with Autism
2011-07-25Autism Related Medical Diagnostic Code for Wandering - V40.31
2011-07-14Biomarker for Autism Found
2011-06-20Autism More Common in IT-rich Region
2011-06-09Online Test for Autism and Mental Health Issues
2011-06-08Unraveling the Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorders
2011-05-31Discounted Summer Program for Children with Autism
2011-05-31New Research Could Lead to Improved Autism Diagnosis
2011-05-25Autism Changes Molecular Structure of the Brain
2011-05-25Effective Seizure Treatments for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
2011-05-19Validating Preschool Programs for Children with Autism
2011-05-07Governor Signs Autism Insurance Reform Into Law
2011-05-04Majority of Adults With Autism Go Undiagnosed
2011-04-20Half of All Children with Autism Wander
2011-04-19Son Regressed Into Autism After Vaccines
2011-04-13Why Brain Development Diverges in Autism Spectrum Disorders
2011-04-11Socioeconomics Reduced Role in Autism Diagnosis
2011-04-04Autistic's Exceptional Visual Abilities
2011-04-02Need for Better Autism Treatments, Research and Services
2011-03-31Video Series Answers Questions About Autism for Parents
2011-03-22Interest in Toys Predicts Autism Treatment Effectiveness
2011-03-17New Diagnostic Code for Children with Autism would Help Combat Deaths
2011-02-22Using EEGs to Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders
2011-02-08Supporting Children and Adults with Autism in Chicago
2011-01-29Possible Treatments Available for Autism
2011-01-29Don't Let a Label Define Your Autistic Child - Disability and Autism
2011-01-27Effective School-Based Autism Program
2011-01-19Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network Expands to 17 Sites in North America
2011-01-18Autism Speaks Collaborates On Prevalence Investigation Of Autism In The Somali Population In Minneapolis
2011-01-10Autism Resource Database Lists Service Providers Across 58 Countries
2010-12-14Helping Parents of Children with Autism Navigate Holiday Season
2010-12-08Toddlers with Autism Show Improved Social Skills Following Targeted Intervention
2010-12-04High Functioning Autism - What is HFA?
2010-12-02Major Step Toward Biological Test for Autism
2010-11-29Playing with Building Blocks of Creativity Help Children with Autism
2010-11-17Genetic Link between Autism and Schizophrenia Confirmed
2010-11-11Window of Opportunity for Successful Autism Therapy
2010-11-01Collaboration Among Autism Professionals and Families
2010-10-22Rapid Rise in Medicaid Expenditures for Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment
2010-10-11Autism Support Network Supporting Global Audience
2010-10-06Life Threatening Breathing Disorder of Rett Syndrome Prevented
2010-10-02Language Delays in Siblings of Children with Autism
2010-09-16Link to Autism in Boys Found in Missing DNA
2010-09-09AERI Merges With AHEADD To Support Autism
2010-09-06Visual Pattern Preferences May be Sign of Autism in Children
2010-09-01Infant's Gaze May be Subtle Marker for Autism Risk
2010-08-17Gene Disturbances Role in Autism
2010-08-08Autism: Lack of evidence for Antidepressants
2010-08-03Autism's Toll Beyond Childhood on Marriages Study
2010-08-02Relatives of Individuals with Autism Tend to Display Abnormal Eye Movements
2010-07-26Teaching Language and Social Skills to Children with Autism
2010-07-19Autism Has an Unique Vocal Signature
2010-07-19New Scientific Evidence Links Autism to Vaccines and Mercury
2010-07-16TV Implicated in Autism Rise in US
2010-07-08Preventing Autism Wandering Related Deaths
2010-06-11Researchers Closer to Untying Autism's Genetic Knot
2010-06-07Public Schools Challenged to Serve More Students with Autism Despite Budget Cuts
2010-06-06Childhood Vaccinations Vs. Autism
2010-06-04Urine Test for Autism
2010-06-01Parents Play Key Role in Autism Treatment
2010-05-19Study Shows 80% Autism Divorce Rates Not True
2010-04-20TV Documentary on Autism Crisis in America
2010-04-20Implications of Autism Onset Patterns
2010-04-08Social Influence Role in Autism Diagnoses
2010-04-08Oxytocin Improves Autism Emotion Recognition
2010-04-02Autism May Not Affect Every Family, But...
2010-03-12Mercury-Autism Link Not Found Because of Government Policy
2010-03-08The Impact of Autism on Older Siblings
2010-02-17Symptoms of Autism Not Found in Children Under 6 Months
2010-02-12Why People with Autism Don't Want Hugs
2010-02-12Insight into Autism Causes from Brain Study
2010-01-23Autism Clusters in California
2010-01-13Autism Speaks Calls on Federal Government
2010-01-10Autism a Brain Connectivity Disorder
2009-12-24Autism Treatment Crisis: Insufficient Number of Providers
2009-12-18CDC Issues New Autism Prevalence Report
2009-12-09People Believe Autism Increase is Real Not Diagnostic
2009-11-28Behavior Problems in Children with Autism - Parent Training Key to Treatment
2009-11-21David Cameron on Autism - UK Autism Foundation
2009-11-13Landmark UK Autism Law
2009-11-10Handwriting Problems for Children with Autism
2009-11-05Autism Consortium Symposium - Autism Update
2009-10-14State of the Science in Autism Disorders
2009-10-13Children with Autism Denied Sufficient Therapy in Ontario Canada
2009-10-11New Genetic Link for Autism Discovered
2009-10-07Autism, Learning Disabilities, and ADHD Education and Treatment
2009-10-02Stimulus Grant for Whole-Genome Sequencing In Children With Autism
2009-09-27Autistic Community Condemns Autism Speaks
2009-09-01ADHD Guidance - Huntington Learning Center
2009-08-31Autism - Sensing and Intuition
2009-04-21Respite Care Information for Children with Autism
2009-04-15Melatonin for Sleep Problems in Children with Autism
2009-04-11Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown Writes on Autism
2009-04-03Face to Face with Autism
2008-01-08Life and Health: Developmental Disorders - Autism


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