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Autism: Symptoms, Facts and Treatment Research Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Autism Facts and Information category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Autism: Symptoms, Facts and Treatment Research Publications

2018-04-29 : CARD Reacts to CDC Announcement of 15% Increase in Autism Rate : Autism Speaks state that the new numbers indicate a persistent undercount of autisms true prevalence among the nations children.

2018-04-26 : Autism Prevalence Increases to 1 in 59 US Children : Report published in CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) Surveillance Summary shows about 1 in 59 eight year-old children in 11 communities across the United States identified as having autism in 2014.

2018-04-02 : Worldwide Free Online Course About Autism : Autism course will run from April 30 to June 1, 2018, the workload is around 2 hours a week and can be undertaken on-demand, all participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

2018-03-12 : Autism's Social Deficits Reversed by Romidepsin Anti-Cancer Drug : Using an epigenetic mechanism, romidepsin restored gene expression and alleviated social deficits in animal models of autism.

2018-02-18 : Urine and Blood Tests Can Indicate Autism in Children : Link found between autism and damage to proteins in blood plasma could lead to earlier diagnosis of ASD.

2018-01-23 : Reduced Attention to Audiovisual Synchrony in Infancy May Predict Autism Diagnosis : Infants who pay little attention to synchronous sights and sounds may be at elevated risk for developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

2018-01-18 : Slight Fluctuations in Movement Correspond to Autism Diagnoses : Nearly imperceptible fluctuations in movement correspond to autism diagnoses and provides strong evidence that movement is an accurate biomarker for neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism.

2017-10-13 : The Multiple Mutations of Autism : Risk-raising mutations, occurring in children but not their parents, were found in both protein-coding and regulatory genome regions.

2017-10-12 : Connection Between Autism Prevalence and Socioeconomic Status : Children living in neighborhoods where incomes are low less likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder compared to kids from more affluent neighborhoods.

2017-09-01 : New Genetic Risk Factor for Developing Autism Spectrum Disorder Identified : Study focused on identifying and characterizing low-lying genetic mutations that may have been missed in previous research, given these mutations are only present in a fraction of the bulk DNA of an individual.

2017-08-02 : Cognitive Behavior Therapy Effects On Parents of Children with Autism : Study reveals when parents are partners in therapy with children, they experience improvements in their own depression and emotion regulation.

2017-07-17 : Females with Autism Show Greater Difficulty with Everyday Tasks Than Males : Largest study to date of executive function in females with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) reveals unique challenges in diagnosis and intervention.

2017-06-30 : Early Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder May Be Possible : Study reveals that by measuring a set of proteins in the blood earlier diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may be possible.

2017-06-20 : Treating ASD by Targeting Bacteria in the Gut : Therapies to change the bacteria in the gut microbiota, through diet, probiotic and prebiotic supplements, faecal matter transplants or antibiotics, could treat autism.

2017-06-02 : NIH Study Suggests Baby Teeth Link Autism and Heavy Metals : NIEHS study reveals baby teeth from children with autism contain more toxic lead and less essential nutrients compared to teeth from children without autism.

2017-05-08 : Tantrums Not Linked with Speech Deficits in Children with Autism : Researchers studied relationship between language and tantrum frequency in children with autism between the ages of 15 and 71 months of age.

2017-04-11 : Driving with ASD - 1 in 3 Teens Receive Drivers License : First large-scale study on driving outcomes among adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders suggests families decision to drive occurs before learners permit.

2017-04-04 : Thousands of People With Autism Join SPARK Online Genetic Study : SPARK, a new genetic study, aims to enroll 50,000 individuals with autism and their families to identify at least 250 genes that contribute to autism.

2017-03-19 : How Some Adults With Autism Compensate For Childhood Language Challenges : Study of adults with autism reveals their brains can learn to compensate for some language comprehension challenges that are a hallmark of the disorder in children.

2017-03-06 : Autism Linked to Increased Cerebrospinal Fluid in Infants : Research reveals MRIs show a brain anomaly in nearly 70% of babies at high risk of autism who go on to be diagnosed, laying the groundwork for predictive aid for pediatricians and search for a potential treatment.

2017-02-19 : Autism Biomarkers Found in Infancy by Using MRI : Study reveals it is possible to use brain biomarkers to identify which infants in a high-risk pool will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

2017-02-02 : Adults with Autism See Interests as Strengths : Study reveals adults on the autism spectrum see their interests as possible fields of study and career paths, as well as ways to mitigate anxiety.

2016-12-09 : Anxiety Measure for Children with ASD Proven Reliable : Recent study reveals new method devised to diagnose children on the autism spectrum for anxiety symptoms was proven effective.

2016-11-17 : Bringing Undiagnosed Adults With ASD Out of the Shadows : Exploring experiences of millions of adults in the US with ASD so healthcare workers can identify them before they become depressed or harm themselves.

2016-11-15 : Autism and Human Evolutionary Emergence of Collaborative Morality : It is likely our ancestors would have had autism, with genetics suggesting the condition has a long evolutionary history.

2016-10-31 : Link Between Mitochondrial DNA and Autism : Researchers confirmed genetic link between mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), and some forms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

2016-10-29 : Children with Autism Possibly Over-diagnosed with ADHD : Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia autism and ADHD experts say current measuring tools for ADHD may not work for children with autism spectrum disorders.

2016-10-17 : Obesity Rate Difference in Children With and Without Autism : Understanding age-related changes could help prevent and treat obesity in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

2016-10-13 : Shakespeare Helps Children with Autism Communicate : Study showed improvement in social and communication skills of children with ASD using signature approach pairing recitation of Shakespeare rhythmic language with physical gesture.

2016-05-10 : Raising a Child with Autism : Research sheds light on relationship between optimism, coping strategies, and depressive symptoms of Hispanic parents of children with autism.

2016-04-01 : Practical Information About Autism Across the Lifespan : Information regarding autism and related special needs from a library of resources, written in accessible and practical language.

2016-03-31 : Latest CDC Autism Report - Rate Unchanged : New U.S. CDC report finds prevalence of autism spectrum disorders largely unchanged from 2 years ago, at 1 in 68 children or 1.46%.

2016-03-30 : Similar Moral Judgements in Autistic and Non-autistic People : Study utilized well-known moral dilemma task which features hypothetical situations.

2016-03-30 : Lack of Diversity in Autism Intervention Studies : Study reveals research used to identify evidence-based practices very rarely reports racial and ethnic status of its participants.

2016-03-15 : Accessing Services a Huge Problem for Parents of Children with Autism : Severe challenges in accessing adequate services a major problem for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

2016-02-25 : For Children with Autism Sounds Help Develop Speech and Gestures : Doctoral thesis in linguistics shows children with ASD can develop speech, gestures and sense of rhythm and melody by listening to various speech sounds.

2016-02-09 : Social Benefits of Being a Girl with Autism : Infant girls at risk for autism pay more attention to social cues in faces than infant boys.

2016-01-14 : Young Adults with Autism - PEERS Social Skills Help : Experts who created a social skills program that has shown significant results in a clinical trial offer social tips for those with autism.

2015-12-23 : Flaws in Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy and Risk of Autism Study : Study linking autism use of antidepressants during pregnancy is misleading and potentially harmful to female mental health and safety.

2015-12-20 : Neurotransmitter in the Brain Linked to Autism : Harvard scientists for the first time have linked a specific neurotransmitter in the brain with autistic behavior.

2015-11-30 : Facial Emotions Processing in Persons with ASD : Study examines difference in neural activity in brain regions that process valence or arousal between typically developing individuals or those with ASD.

2015-09-14 : Autism: Reading the Mind in the Eyes : Reading the Mind in the Eyes test is known as an advanced theory of mind or empathy test designed to reveal subtle differences in social sensitivity.

2015-07-28 : Autism Costs May Reach $1 Trillion by 2025 : The current costs of ASD are more than double combined costs of stroke and hypertension and on par with costs of diabetes.

2015-03-20 : Autism: Autistic and Non-autistic Brain Differences : Functional differences between autistic and non-autistic brains isolated for the first time, following development of new methodology for analysing MRI scans.

2015-03-11 : Autism Genes and Higher Intelligence : Genes linked with a greater risk of developing autism may also be associated with higher intelligence, a study suggests.

2015-02-07 : Teaching Social Skills to People with Autism - Researchers Seeking New Ways : BYU research team is seeking new ways to teach social skills to individuals with autism.

2015-02-02 : MRI Links Inability to Regulate Emotions in Autism with Impaired Brain Activity : MRI data shows brain activity in autistic people is significantly different than brain activity in people without autism.

2014-12-30 : Molecular Network Identified Underlying Autism Spectrum Disorders : Researchers identify molecular network that comprises many of the genes previously shown to contribute to autism spectrum disorders.

2014-11-27 : Hope for Autism Treatment After Fragile X Study : Researchers identify chemical pathway that goes awry in brains of Fragile X patients say the drug could reverse behavioral symptoms.

2014-10-24 : European Union Charter of Rights for Persons with Autism : Thursday May 9th, 1996 was an historic occasion in the European Union for the attainment of rights by persons with Autism.

2014-10-14 : Study: Sulforaphane Found in Vegetables May Improve Autism Symptoms : Study reveals sulforaphane, a chemical present in broccoli and other vegetables, may improve autism symptoms.

2014-09-18 : Jacobsen Syndrome and Autism Link : Research finds rare genetic disorder known as Jacobsen syndrome has been linked with autism, the finding also offers clues into genetic underpinnings of autism.

2014-09-12 : Are Chemicals a Contributing Factor to Autism : Article looks at the possibility of chemicals being a potential contributing factor to autism.

2014-08-12 : Understanding Why Autism Occurs - An Overhaul : Researchers suggest the genetically-controlled mechanisms of plastic brain reorganization that potentially determine autistic capabilities and subtypes.

2014-07-05 : First Online Pediatric Autism Study Results : In the study researchers used an online trial to evaluate whether omega-3 fatty acids helped reduce hyperactivity in children with autism.

2014-07-04 : CHD8 Mutation a Genetic Link to Autism : People with mutation in CHD8 gene have a very strong likelihood they will have autism marked by gastrointestinal disorders a larger head and wide set eyes.

2014-06-09 : Cost of Support for People with Autism Over Lifetime : Study reveals total cost of lifetime support for people with ASD in the United States and the United Kingdom.

2014-06-04 : High Levels of Steroid Hormones in Womb Linked to Autism : Scientists discover children who develop autism are exposed to elevated levels of steroid hormones in the womb.

2014-05-08 : Adults with Autism - Improving Job Interview Skills and Boosting Confidence : Human simulation training program helps adults with autism improve job interview skills and gain confidence.

2014-05-05 : Autism Spectrum Disorders - Genetic and Environmental Influences : Study finds risk of ASD and autistic disorder increased with greater genetic relatedness in families eg. persons with a sibling, half-sibling or cousin diagnosed with autism have increased likelihood of developing ASD themselves.

2014-04-28 : Mothers Over 30 Have Higher Risk of Having a Child with Autism : Study shows risk of having a child with ASD accelerates with mothers age after 30 and grows steadily with fathers increasing age.

2014-04-17 : Families of Children with Autism Benefit by Dog Ownership : Parents of kids with autism report benefits of dog ownership included companionship, stress relief and opportunities for their children to learn responsibility.

2014-03-15 : People with Autism: Stress and Anxiety : Article examines stress, anxiety, and panic attacks often experienced by children, as well as adults, with autism spectrum disorders.

2014-03-10 : People with Autism and Aging : Article looks at some of the issues that can occur when children with autism reach maturity and become seniors.

2014-02-11 : People with Autism: Communication and Conflict Resolution : Information in regards to communicating with people who have autism and suggestions on possible conflict resolutions.

2014-02-07 : Recent Research into Autism and Related Disorders : Article covers research into autism spectrum disorders including Elevated Leptin and Inflammation, Gene Expression Patterns, and other areas.

2014-02-07 : Children with Autism and Associated Sleep Disorders : Article examines various sleep related disorders often experienced by children on the autism spectrum.

2014-02-04 : Autism: Complementary and Alternative Medicine : Study supports earlier findings that some families are using Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as therapies for their children with autism.

2014-01-30 : Tactile Defensiveness and the Autism Spectrum : Article examines tactile defensiveness, repetitive behaviors, obsessions, as well as routines regarding children with autism.

2014-01-29 : DSM-5 Study Reveals Effects on Autism Diagnosis and Prevalence : Autism Speaks study finds estimated prevalence of autism under DSM-5 would decrease only to extent that some children would receive new diagnosis of social communication disorder.

2014-01-27 : Heavy Metals Theory in Relation to Autism : Article looks at theories regarding the cause of autism and other chronic diseases due to increasing amounts of heavy metals in our environment.

2014-01-21 : Autism Myths Surrounding Social Interaction, Humor, and Speech : Article examines a number of myths regarding people with autism and those with autistic spectrum disorders.

2014-01-14 : Biomarkers and Autism Research : Information regarding efficacy biomarkers for autism workshop where participants agreed biomarker development should be a priority for autism research.

2013-12-18 : Autism: Sensory and Movement Differences : Published accounts of autism and research studies show a number of references to sensory and movement differences in the areas of perception, emotion, action, cognition and communication.

2013-12-10 : Radical Autism Treatment Involves Partial Toe Removal : Controversial autism treatment involves invasive treatment by removal of parts of the toe to reduce sensory overload issues.

2013-11-08 : Autism and The Affordable Care Act (ACA) : The Affordable Care Act (ACA) contains important provisions for people with autism and other conditions and their family members.

2013-11-06 : Weight Gain During Pregnancy and Autism Spectrum Disorders - Is There a Link : New study examines link between pregnancy weight gain and autism spectrum disorders may provide clues into the cause of ASD.

2013-10-04 : Disability Benefit Assistance for Parents of a Child with Autism : Information regarding parent Social Security Disability Benefit eligibility for children with autism to help ease financial burden.

2013-09-05 : Youth with ASD Face Tough Employment and Independent Living Prospects : Article looks at recently published report showing hardship for young adults with Autism Disorders to find gainful employment and the chance to live independently.

2013-07-23 : No Link Between Pre-natal Mercury Exposure and Autism-like Behavior : New study reports there is no association between pre-natal mercury exposure and autism-like behaviors.

2013-07-17 : Younger Children with Autism Benefit Regardless of Treatment Model : Study examines effects of LEAP and TEACCH school based treatment models when compared to each other and to special education programs that do not use a specific model.

2013-07-05 : Autism Clues May Come From the Stomach : New research presents the first comprehensive bacterial analysis focusing on commensal or beneficial bacteria in children with autism spectrum disorder.

2013-04-22 : Conversing with Adults on the Autism Spectrum : Communicating effectively with adults on the autism spectrum including courtesies to enhance level of comfort and understanding between you and another.

2013-04-09 : Could Fragile X be the Key to Mystery of Autism : Findings suggest a possible novel therapeutic target for treatment of fragile X syndrome the most common inherited form of autism and intellectual disability.

2013-02-05 : Significant Feeding Problems and Nutritional Risk in Children with Autism : Feeding problems are five times more likely in children with autism spectrum disorders which lead to overall nutritional deficits.

2013-02-01 : Autism Speaks Through Gene Expression : Findings add a new candidate for genetic screening of at-risk patients that may lead to better diagnosis or treatment of autism.

2013-01-24 : Inherited Causes of Autism - Study Provides Insights : Studies focus on identifying inherited genetic mutations linked with autism spectrum disorders.

2013-01-08 : Treatment for Autistic Children In California Hangs in Balance : California Appellate Court in LA will consider a long-running dispute at a hearing about insurance companies obligations to cover a critical treatment for autistic children.

2012-11-13 : Autism and Schizophrenia Share Related Genetic Networks : A computational analysis shows schizophrenia and autism share related genetic networks each composed of hundreds of genes.

2012-11-11 : Child Prodigies and Autism Link Study : New study of child prodigies suggests a possible link between special skills and autism.

2012-10-30 : Study of First 3 Years of Life of Children With and Without ASD : Study regarding patterns of development during first 3 years of life in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorders to understand how ASD can be detected as early as possible.

2012-10-23 : Scientific Breakthroughs Blazing a Trail for Autism Support : Boston Childrens Hospital believe they have found a way to precisely identify autism traits in children as young as two years old.

2012-10-03 : DSM-5 Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder : Proposed changes to medical criteria defining autism diagnosis in children is not cause for concern.

2012-09-26 : High-Tech Tools to Study Autism - Georgia Tech : Measuring relevant behaviors of children will have significant impact on understanding of various behavioral disorders and autism.

2012-09-20 : Children with Autism: Interrelated Health Issues Experienced : Children with ASD often experience anxiety chronic gastrointestinal problems and atypical sensory responses heightened by reactions to light sound or textures.

2012-09-14 : Autism Spectrum Disorders: Gene Mutation Affect on Children : Researchers look at connections in areas of the brain involved in social behavior including recognizing emotions shown on peoples faces.

2012-07-17 : Autism Law and Financial Burdens : Families who have children with autism spectrum disorders left to struggle with expensive health care needs.

2012-05-17 : Autism Risk in Siblings of Children with ASD : Researchers have identified 57 single nucleotide polymorphisms that predict risk siblings of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder will develop the condition.

2012-04-25 : List of Toxic Chemicals Suspected to Cause Autism and Learning Disabilities : List of the top 10 toxic chemicals suspected to cause autism and learning disabilities.

2012-04-16 : Autism by the Numbers - Impact of New Diagnostic Criteria : Getting an autism diagnosis may be more difficult once a revised diagnostic definition goes into effect.

2012-04-05 : ARISk Test - Genetic Screening Tool for Autism : Gender specific genetic screening test that looks at genetic markers associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

2012-03-29 : U.S Autism Rate Now Listed as 1 in 88 : A new study estimates that 1 in 88 children in the United States has an autism spectrum disorder.

2012-03-27 : Children with Autism Bullied 3 Times as Much : Preliminary results of national survey examines the impact of bullying on children with autism spectrum disorders.

2012-03-06 : Autism Awareness: Music, Comedy and Brain Science : Autism expert Lynette Louise raises awareness and offers answers around the world as therapist author speaker and neurofeedback specialist.

2012-02-17 : Autism and Motor Skills in Children : Washington University study is the first to evaluate motor impairments in children with autism spectrum disorder and their siblings who do not have the disorder.

2012-01-21 : Autism Redefined - Harder to get Autism Diagnosis in 2013 as Revised Definition Goes into Effect : Proposed changes may affect proportion of individuals who qualify for a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

2012-01-20 : The Mystery of Autism - Another Clue : New study into autism suggests low birth weight is important environmental factor contributing to the risk of autism spectrum disorder ASD.

2012-01-10 : Doctor Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Autism Treatments : Dr. Mehl Madrona writings cover a number of important areas related to children who experience autism from therapeutic and potentially parental perspectives.

2012-01-04 : Autism Spectrum Disorders and Early Intervention Services : Research has demonstrated early intervention services can greatly improve the development of a child with autism spectrum disorder.

2011-12-16 : EPA Mercury Rules Mean Possible Less Childhood Autism : Implementation of EPA regulation of air pollution from coal fired power plants means less mercury effects likely to harm childhood development.

2011-10-17 : Infants with Low Birth-weight 5 Times More Likely to Have Autism : First study that establishes that low birth-weight children are also at increased risk for autism spectrum disorders.

2011-08-15 : Risk of Autism Among Younger Siblings of a Child with Autism : Risk of autism among younger siblings of a child with autism much greater than previously reported.

2011-07-25 : Autism Related Medical Diagnostic Code for Wandering - V40.31 : New medical diagnosis code for Wandering listed as V40.31 Wandering in Diseases Classified Elsewhere.

2011-07-14 : Biomarker for Autism Found : Siblings of people with autism show a similar pattern of brain activity to that seen in people with autism when looking at emotional facial expressions.

2011-06-20 : Autism More Common in IT-rich Region : A study from Cambridge University has for the first time found that autism diagnoses are more common in an IT-rich region.

2011-06-09 : Online Test for Autism and Mental Health Issues : Parents and teachers concerned about a childs mental health and development can get immediate answers from an online screening with Project SKIP.

2011-06-08 : Unraveling the Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorders : Papers published by Cell Press provide new insight into the diversity of the genetic abnormalities that contribute to autism.

2011-05-31 : Discounted Summer Program for Children with Autism : Rethink Autisms award-winning curriculum to build a customized summer learning plan for the student.

2011-05-31 : New Research Could Lead to Improved Autism Diagnosis : Functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI may provide an early and objective indicator of autism.

2011-05-25 : Autism Changes Molecular Structure of the Brain : UCLA study reveals how the autism disorder makes its mark at the molecular level resulting in an autistic brain that differs in structure from a healthy one.

2011-05-25 : Effective Seizure Treatments for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder : Roughly 25 to 35% of individuals with autism eventually develop seizures and many of the remainder have subclinical seizure-like brain activity.

2011-05-19 : Validating Preschool Programs for Children with Autism : Methods to measure how well schools implement teaching programs for autistic preschool children.

2011-05-07 : Governor Signs Autism Insurance Reform Into Law : New law requires insurance companies to provide evidence based medical autism therapies for children ages 2 - 6 with a $35,000 annual cap.

2011-05-04 : Majority of Adults With Autism Go Undiagnosed : Further evidence from first ever general population survey of autism in adulthood.

2011-04-20 : Half of All Children with Autism Wander : This survey is the first research effort to scientifically validate that elopement is a critical safety issue for the autism community.

2011-04-19 : Son Regressed Into Autism After Vaccines : Daughter of journalist Robert MacNeil states that son regressed into Autism after vaccines.

2011-04-13 : Why Brain Development Diverges in Autism Spectrum Disorders : Model of Rett syndrome is consistent with mouse models of other autism-related disorders like Fragile X and Angelman syndrome.

2011-04-11 : Socioeconomics Reduced Role in Autism Diagnosis : The study found that when autism cases were split by severity a striking pattern was revealed.

2011-04-04 : Autistic's Exceptional Visual Abilities : People with autism concentrate more brain resources in the areas associated with visual detection and identification.

2011-04-02 : Need for Better Autism Treatments, Research and Services : The National Autism Association (NAA) joins with organizations worldwide in recognizing April as Autism Awareness month.

2011-03-31 : Video Series Answers Questions About Autism for Parents : Rethink Autism is helping to educate parents through a new video series on their home page Every Day Counts Everyone Can Help.

2011-03-22 : Interest in Toys Predicts Autism Treatment Effectiveness : Children who played with a limited number of toys showed more improvement in their communication skills.

2011-03-17 : New Diagnostic Code for Children with Autism would Help Combat Deaths : Deaths associated with autism wandering remain a leading cause of fatalities among children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder.

2011-02-22 : Using EEGs to Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders : Distinguishing between 9 month old infants known to be at high risk for autism from controls of the same age.

2011-02-08 : Supporting Children and Adults with Autism in Chicago : Little City to host fashion show benefit featuring latest 2011 trends from Neiman Marcus at Chicago Hilton Friday March 4.

2011-01-29 : Possible Treatments Available for Autism : Some of the common treatments and therapy methods prescribed by professionals for autism.

2011-01-29 : Don't Let a Label Define Your Autistic Child - Disability and Autism : Applying a label to our autistic children can cause limiting beliefs to be set in our minds.

2011-01-27 : Effective School-Based Autism Program : An estimated 637,000 children ages 3-17 in the U.S. (or 1 in 91) had a current Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis.

2011-01-19 : Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network Expands to 17 Sites in North America : Autism Speaks expansion of Autism Treatment Network to include 17 leading childrens hospitals and academic medical centers in the U.S. and Canada.

2011-01-18 : Autism Speaks Collaborates On Prevalence Investigation Of Autism In The Somali Population In Minneapolis : There have been concerns about higher prevalence of ASD in Minnesota Somali population.

2011-01-10 : Autism Resource Database Lists Service Providers Across 58 Countries : Autism Support Network Grows Autism Resource Database Now Lists Service Providers Across 58 Countries.

2010-12-14 : Helping Parents of Children with Autism Navigate Holiday Season : The holiday season can be challenging for children with autism and their families.

2010-12-08 : Toddlers with Autism Show Improved Social Skills Following Targeted Intervention : Targeting core social deficits of autism spectrum disorders in early intervention programs yielded sustained improvements in social and communication skills even in very young children.

2010-12-04 : High Functioning Autism - What is HFA? : Information regarding the meaning of High Functioning Autism (HFA) in children and adults with autism spectrum disorders.

2010-12-02 : Major Step Toward Biological Test for Autism : University of Utah and Harvard researchers take major step toward first biological test for autism.

2010-11-29 : Playing with Building Blocks of Creativity Help Children with Autism : Many children with ASD can become frustrated and uncomfortable when asked to break out of repetitive activities and create something new.

2010-11-17 : Genetic Link between Autism and Schizophrenia Confirmed : Growing evidence of genetic link between schizophrenia autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and bipolar disorder.

2010-11-11 : Window of Opportunity for Successful Autism Therapy : Hopes that this study and others shed more light on the biology of autism and other neuropsychiatric diseases.

2010-11-01 : Collaboration Among Autism Professionals and Families : Collaboration between parents and professionals to best serve children with autism.

2010-10-22 : Rapid Rise in Medicaid Expenditures for Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment : A marked increase in prevalence of autism spectrum disorders during the past decade highlights demand for treatment of affected individuals.

2010-10-11 : Autism Support Network Supporting Global Audience : Autism support network celebrates second anniversary, supports global audience from over 200 countries.

2010-10-06 : Life Threatening Breathing Disorder of Rett Syndrome Prevented : Researchers discover way to prevent episodes of breath holding in a mouse model of Rett syndrome.

2010-10-02 : Language Delays in Siblings of Children with Autism : Siblings of children with autism have more frequent language delays and other subtle characteristics of the disorder.

2010-09-16 : Link to Autism in Boys Found in Missing DNA : Clues as to why Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects four times more males than females.

2010-09-09 : AERI Merges With AHEADD To Support Autism : Autism Education and Research Institute AERI announces merging with Achieving in Higher Education with Autism Developmental Disabilities AHEADD.

2010-09-06 : Visual Pattern Preferences May be Sign of Autism in Children : Preference for geometric patterns early in life may be a signature behavior in infants who are at-risk for autism.

2010-09-01 : Infant's Gaze May be Subtle Marker for Autism Risk : Research findings show subtle differences that parents and professionals may easily overlook.

2010-08-17 : Gene Disturbances Role in Autism : New study shows autism can be partially explained by abnormalities in certain genes.

2010-08-08 : Autism: Lack of evidence for Antidepressants : Antidepressants commonly prescribed to people with autistic spectrum disorders cannot be recommended.

2010-08-03 : Autism's Toll Beyond Childhood on Marriages Study : Study details autism heavy toll beyond childhood on marriages.

2010-08-02 : Relatives of Individuals with Autism Tend to Display Abnormal Eye Movements : Abnormal eye movements and other impairments appear common in unaffected family members of individuals with autism.

2010-07-26 : Teaching Language and Social Skills to Children with Autism : Parents Can Learn to Teach Social and Language Skills to Children with Autism.

2010-07-19 : Autism Has an Unique Vocal Signature : Vocal analysis technology could change the study of language development as well as screening for autism spectrum disorders.

2010-07-19 : New Scientific Evidence Links Autism to Vaccines and Mercury : Vaccines and heavy metals including mercury named as causes of the alarming rise in autism.

2010-07-16 : TV Implicated in Autism Rise in US : Television viewing might be one cause of the dramatic rise in autism cases in the United States.

2010-07-08 : Preventing Autism Wandering Related Deaths : National autism groups join forces to address risks associated with wandering from safe environments.

2010-06-11 : Researchers Closer to Untying Autism's Genetic Knot : Deciphering functions of multiple rare genes may be at the core of understanding genetic factors that cause autism spectrum disorders.

2010-06-07 : Public Schools Challenged to Serve More Students with Autism Despite Budget Cuts : Public schools looking for innovative ways to save costs while providing quality education for students with autism.

2010-06-06 : Childhood Vaccinations Vs. Autism : Scientific and medical communities agree further research needs to be conducted before possible autism vaccination link be dismissed.

2010-06-04 : Urine Test for Autism : Autism finding could lead to simple urine test for the condition.

2010-06-01 : Parents Play Key Role in Autism Treatment : Study followed three sets of parents who each have one child with a confirmed diagnosis of autism.

2010-05-19 : Study Shows 80% Autism Divorce Rates Not True : Study by researchers from Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore found that a childs autism has no effect on the family structure.

2010-04-20 : TV Documentary on Autism Crisis in America : Sneak Peak into Public Television Documentary on Autism Crisis in America.

2010-04-20 : Implications of Autism Onset Patterns : New study results show when and how autism symptoms appear in the first three years of life.

2010-04-08 : Social Influence Role in Autism Diagnoses : Social influence plays a substantial role in the surging number of autism diagnoses.

2010-04-08 : Oxytocin Improves Autism Emotion Recognition : Oxytocin is a hormone that has effects on brain function for promoting trust love and social recognition in Autism.

2010-04-02 : Autism May Not Affect Every Family, But... : Every individual with autism should have access to effective services and support.

2010-03-12 : Mercury-Autism Link Not Found Because of Government Policy : It is universally accepted that mercury is a neurotoxin and can damage the developing brain and the immune system.

2010-03-08 : The Impact of Autism on Older Siblings : Possible early warning signs for autism spectrum disorders within families.

2010-02-17 : Symptoms of Autism Not Found in Children Under 6 Months : Earliest symptoms of Autism not evident in children under 6 months - Condition is characterized by a slow decline.

2010-02-12 : Why People with Autism Don't Want Hugs : Scientists find sensory cortex develops late in fragile X syndrome defect.

2010-02-12 : Insight into Autism Causes from Brain Study : Abnormalities in brain development might lead to autism and behavioral disorders.

2010-01-23 : Autism Clusters in California : Investigators at UC Davis uncovered several clusters of elevated risk for autism in California.

2010-01-13 : Autism Speaks Calls on Federal Government : Autism Speaks calls on federal government to dramatically increase research funding to address growing autism public health crisis.

2010-01-10 : Autism a Brain Connectivity Disorder : Autism spectrum disorders which affect TSC patients result from connections in the developing brain leading to improper information flow.

2009-12-24 : Autism Treatment Crisis: Insufficient Number of Providers : Researchers and autism treatment providers agree that children with autism need increased access to evidence-based interventions.

2009-12-18 : CDC Issues New Autism Prevalence Report : Increase funding to address the growing national autism public health crisis.

2009-12-09 : People Believe Autism Increase is Real Not Diagnostic : Major increase in number of children diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders over last two decades.

2009-11-28 : Behavior Problems in Children with Autism - Parent Training Key to Treatment : Anti-psychotic medication risperidone (Risperdal) reduces behavioral tantrums aggression and self-injury in children with autism.

2009-11-21 : David Cameron on Autism - UK Autism Foundation : The charity, the UK Autism Foundation has heard from the Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron on the serious issues of autism.

2009-11-13 : Landmark UK Autism Law : The Autism Bill will receive Royal Assent today making it the Autism Act.

2009-11-10 : Handwriting Problems for Children with Autism : Children with autism may have lower quality handwriting and trouble forming letters compared to children without autism.

2009-11-05 : Autism Consortium Symposium - Autism Update : Autism Consortium symposium draws record number of researchers advocates parents for autism update.

2009-10-14 : State of the Science in Autism Disorders : Scientific understanding and medical treatments for autism spectrum disorders.

2009-10-13 : Children with Autism Denied Sufficient Therapy in Ontario Canada : ARO reveals what all Ontarians should know about the disturbingly poor state of autism services in province.

2009-10-11 : New Genetic Link for Autism Discovered : Researchers identify novel region of the human genome that may confer susceptibility to autism.

2009-10-07 : Autism, Learning Disabilities, and ADHD Education and Treatment : Children with special needs related to autism learning disabilities abuse and emotional challenges.

2009-10-02 : Stimulus Grant for Whole-Genome Sequencing In Children With Autism : Federal stimulus grant to pursue whole-genome sequencing of patients with autism.

2009-09-27 : Autistic Community Condemns Autism Speaks : I am Autism campaign presents Autistic people as kidnap victims and burdens on family members and communities.

2009-09-01 : ADHD Guidance - Huntington Learning Center : National Institute of Mental Health recommends that students with ADHD get teaching in the form of guidance and understanding.

2009-08-31 : Autism - Sensing and Intuition : Reading emotions personality temperament and mood of people in close proximity is a skill, ever present in an autistic individual.

2009-04-21 : Respite Care Information for Children with Autism : Respite care providers should be well trained in the basic principles of applied behavior analysis for Autism.

2009-04-15 : Melatonin for Sleep Problems in Children with Autism : Study shows autistic children who received over-the-counter melatonin treatments experienced significant improvements in sleep duration.

2009-04-11 : Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown Writes on Autism : Britains Prime Minister Gordon Brown has created history by writing for the first time on Autism.

2009-04-03 : Face to Face with Autism : Researchers will study facial expressions in a real life social context to explore emotion recognition in autism.

2008-01-08 : Life and Health: Developmental Disorders - Autism : In 2007 CDC estimated 1 in 150 eight-year old children in the United States has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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