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Autism Information Publications
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Family Psychiatric History Impacts Quality of Life and Behavior in Siblings of Autistic ChildrenFindings2024/06/19
Exploring Fever Induced Autism Symptom Improvement as Potential TherapyAnnouncement2024/05/14
The Gut Microbiome's Role in Autism: How Missing Microbes Could Impact Social BehaviorExperimental Study2024/05/13
Decoding Autism: Unveiling Its Developmental Roots Through MetabolismFindings2024/05/10
Autistic Children Exhibit Three Unique Language Comprehension ProfilesResearch, Study, Analysis2024/04/222024/06/17
Research Uncovers Surprising Literacy Skills in Non-verbal Autistic IndividualsFindings2024/03/062024/06/17
GTF2I Gene Demystifies AutismResearch / Study Analysis2024/02/282024/03/02
Impact of Social Camouflage On Mental Health In Autistic AdultsObservational Study2024/02/21
Butterfly Effect May Explain Risk for Autism Spectrum DisorderExperimental Study2024/01/27
Correlation Between Increased Brain Space in Infants and Elevated Risk of Autism and Sleep DisturbancesResearch Study Analysis2024/01/02
Investigation into Premature Mortality Among Autistic Individuals in the UKObservational Study2023/11/25
Deciphering Intricacies of ASD Mechanisms by Examining Rigid-Autonomous Phase SequencesResearch Study Analysis2023/11/21
Breakthrough AI Technology Enables Earlier Autism DiagnosisAnnouncement / Notification2023/11/21
Changing Autism Traits Linked to Mental Health ConditionsResearch Study Analysis2023/10/14
New Genetic Clues Found in Study of Families With Multiple Children With AutismExperimental Study2023/07/31
Clarifying Connection Between Autism and MicrobiomeCase Study2023/06/262023/06/27
Number of Autistic People in England May Be Double Previously ReportedReports and Proceedings2023/06/262023/06/27
Discovering You Are Autistic Later in Life Can Be a Positive ExperienceMedical Research2023/06/152023/10/03
Sensory Adapted Dental Rooms Reduce Autistic Children's Stress During Teeth Cleaning2023/06/03
Siblings With Autism Share More of Their Fathers Genome Not Their MothersResearch, Study, Analysis2023/05/222024/06/20
M-CHAT-R/F Autism Screening Tool Effective But Has Limitations2023/05/202023/05/21
Brain Study Identifies Four Different Autism Subtypes2023/04/07
iBASIS-VIPP Therapy for Babies with Autism Signs Cuts Long-term Disability Costs2023/04/07
High Levels of Lithium in Drinking Water May Raise Autism Risk2023/04/03
Link Between Autism in Children and Cardiometabolic Diseases2023/03/142023/03/17
Kids at Risk for Autism Struggle to Notice Mismatched Video and Audio2023/03/14
Endogenous Retrovirus Activation Increases Fetus Autism Susceptibility2023/03/10
Giant Leap Forward in Understanding AutismFindings2023/02/162024/02/09
Five Times Autism Increase in New York-New Jersey Area2023/01/27
How Autism Arises: Multimodal Approach Toward the Biological Categorization of Autism2022/12/29
Hearing Impairment in Novel Preclinical Model of Autism2022/12/252023/01/03
Molecular Clue May Treat Autism Spectrum Disorder2022/12/142023/01/03
Autistics Not Indifferent Nor Hypo-sensitive to Pain2022/11/302023/06/03
Top2A Gene Could be Key to Understanding Autism2022/11/26
Genetic Connections in Autism Spectrum Disorder2022/11/22
Search for Autism Disrupted Brain Signals2022/11/15
Autism Whole Genome Sequencing Reveals 134 Autism-Linked Genes2022/11/112023/01/04
Better Individualized Treatment By Adding Sensory Integration to Autism Assessment2022/11/072023/01/04
Autism Brain Changes Far More Than Previously Thought2022/11/032023/01/04
Insight Into ASD Genetic Mutations and Possible Treatment2022/11/012023/01/04
Autistic Women at Increased Risk of Mental Illness 2022/10/262023/01/04
Your Genes Determine Whether You Get ADHD or Autism2022/10/04
Diarrhea Medication May Help Treat Autism and ASD2022/09/122023/01/04
Detecting Autism in Children with an Eye Test2022/08/222023/01/04
60 Genes Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Discovered2022/08/192023/01/04
Memory Flash Method Could Help Autistics Improve Visual Perception2022/08/012023/01/04
Reversing Effects of Autism Linked Mutation in Brain Organoids2022/05/052022/10/08
PDA: The Demand Avoidant Profile of Autism2022/04/08
Autism: Neurodiversity and Pathology Paradigms2021/12/23
The Novel Coronavirus and Your Autistic ChildInformative2020/03/192024/04/26
CARD Reacts to CDC Announcement of 15% Increase in Autism Rate2018/04/292020/01/09
Autism Prevalence Equates to 1 in 59 American ChildrenAnnouncement2018/04/262024/05/16
Worldwide Free Online Course About Autism2018/04/022018/05/04
Autism Social Deficits Reversed by Romidepsin Anti-Cancer Drug2018/03/122021/10/30
Urine and Blood Tests Can Indicate Autism in ChildrenFindings2018/02/182024/06/12
Reduced Attention to Audiovisual Synchrony in Infancy May Predict Autism Diagnosis2018/01/23
Slight Fluctuations in Movement Correspond to Autism Diagnoses2018/01/18
The Multiple Mutations of Autism2017/10/132022/09/21
Connection Between Autism Prevalence and Socioeconomic Status2017/10/122021/02/26
New Genetic Risk Factor for Developing Autism Spectrum Disorder Identified2017/09/01
Cognitive Behavior Therapy Effects On Parents of Children with Autism2017/08/022020/03/24
Females with Autism Show Greater Difficulty with Everyday Tasks Than Males2017/07/172020/03/25
Early Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder May Be Possible2017/06/30
Treating ASD by Targeting Bacteria in the Gut2017/06/202018/03/15
Study Suggests Baby Teeth Link Autism and Heavy Metals2017/06/022023/06/21
Tantrums Not Linked With Speech Deficits in Children with AutismResearch, Study, Analysis2017/05/082024/06/17
1 in 3 Teens with ASD Get a Drivers LicenseStudy2017/04/112023/09/17
Autistics Join SPARK Online Genetic Study2017/04/042021/03/24
How Some Adults With Autism Compensate For Childhood Language Challenges2017/03/192023/06/15
Autism Linked to Increased Cerebrospinal Fluid in Infants2017/03/06
Autism Biomarkers Found in Infancy Using MRI Scans2017/02/192022/02/14
Adults with Autism See Their Interests as Strengths2017/02/022023/06/15
Anxiety Measure for Children with ASD Proven Reliable2016/12/092020/04/21
Bringing Undiagnosed Adults With ASD Out of the Shadows2016/11/172020/09/11
Autism and Human Evolutionary Emergence of Collaborative MoralityAnthropology News2016/11/152024/04/10
Mitochondrial DNA and Autism Link2016/10/312022/08/12
Children with Autism Possibly Over-diagnosed with ADHD2016/10/292020/04/23
Obesity Rate Difference in Children With and Without AutismResearch, Study, Analysis2016/10/172024/06/07
Shakespeare Helps Children with Autism Communicate2016/10/132020/05/06
Raising a Child with Autism2016/05/102020/10/20
Practical Information About Autism Across the LifespanInformative2016/04/012023/10/15
CDC Autism Report of 1 in 68 Children UnchangedFindings2016/03/312024/06/17
Similar Moral Judgements in Autistic and Non-autistic People2016/03/30
Lack of Diversity in Autism Intervention Studies2016/03/302021/06/09
Accessing Services a Huge Problem for Parents of Children with Autism2016/03/152020/06/29
Sounds Help Autistic Kids Develop Speech and GesturesResearch, Study, Analysis2016/02/252024/06/17
Social Benefits of Being a Girl with AutismFindings2016/02/092024/02/04
PEERS Social Skills Help Kids with Autism2016/01/142020/11/20
Flaws in Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy and Risk of Autism Study2015/12/232021/07/08
Neurotransmitter in Brain Linked to Autism2015/12/202021/07/09
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Facial Emotion Processing2015/11/302021/07/20
Autism: Reading the Mind in the Eyes2015/09/142021/07/29
Autism Costs Expected to Reach $1 Trillion by 20252015/07/282021/08/07
Brain Differences Between Autistic and Non-autistic PeopleResearch Study Analysis2015/03/202024/01/06
Autism Genes and Higher Intelligence2015/03/112020/10/01
Seeking Ways to Teach Social Skills to People with Autism2015/02/072021/09/07
MRI Links Inability to Regulate Emotions in Autism with Impaired Brain Activity2015/02/022021/09/09
Molecular Network Identified Underlying Autism Spectrum Disorders2014/12/30
Fragile X eIF4E Study Provides Hope for Autism Treatment2014/11/272022/07/13
European Union Charter of Rights for Persons with Autism2014/10/242020/12/05
Sulforaphane in Vegetables May Improve Autism2014/10/142021/01/28
Jacobsen Syndrome and Autism Link2014/09/182020/12/19
Are Chemicals a Contributing Factor to Autism?2014/09/122021/05/23
Understanding Why Autism Occurs2014/08/122021/06/05
First Online Pediatric Autism Study Results2014/07/05
CHD8 Mutation a Genetic Link to Autism2014/07/042021/01/03
Cost of Support for People with Autism Over Lifetime2014/06/092021/07/06
High Levels of Steroid Hormones in Womb Linked to Autism2014/06/042021/07/08
Improving Job Interview Skills and Confidence for Autistic Adults2014/05/082023/06/15
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Genetic and Environmental Influences2014/05/052021/01/16
30+ Mothers Have Higher Risk of Having Child with Autism2014/04/282021/12/11
Children with Autism Benefit by Pet OwnershipObservational Study2014/04/172023/07/16
Autism: Stress and Anxiety2014/03/152021/12/22
What Happens When People with Autism Grow Older2014/03/102021/08/25
Autism Communication and Conflict ResolutionInformative2014/02/112024/03/06
Interesting Research into Autism and ASD2014/02/072021/09/06
Children with Autism and Associated Sleep Disorders2014/02/072021/08/29
Autism: Complementary and Alternative Medicine2014/02/042021/02/10
Tactile Defensiveness and the Autism Spectrum2014/01/302021/08/29
DSM-5 Study Reveals Effects on Autism Diagnosis and Prevalence2014/01/292021/09/11
Heavy Metals Theory in Relation to Autism2014/01/272023/06/21
Autism Myths: Social Interaction, Humor, and SpeechInformative2014/01/212024/03/06
Biomarkers and Autism Research2014/01/142022/02/14
Autism: Sensory and Movement Differences2013/12/182021/08/29
Radical Autism Treatment Involves Partial Toe Removal2013/12/102022/03/20
Autism and The Affordable Care Act (ACA)2013/11/082021/08/29
Link Between Weight Gain During Pregnancy and AutismResearch, Study, Analysis2013/11/062024/06/07
Disability Benefit Assistance for Parents of a Child with Autism2013/10/042021/10/16
Youth with ASD Face Tough Employment and Independent Living Prospects2013/09/052021/10/24
No Link Between Pre-natal Mercury Exposure and Autism-like BehaviorResearch Study Analysis2013/07/232024/02/09
Young Autistic Children Benefit Regardless of Treatment Model2013/07/172021/11/01
Autism Clues May Come From the Stomach2013/07/052023/06/26
Conversing with Adults on the Autism Spectrum2013/04/222023/06/15
Could Fragile X Be Key to Autism Puzzle?2013/04/092022/07/13
Feeding Problems and Nutritional Risk in Children with ASDMeta-analysis2013/02/052023/09/19
Autism Speaks Through Gene ExpressionAnnouncement / Notification2013/02/012024/03/06
Inherited Causes of Autism2013/01/242021/06/03
Treatment for Californian Autistic Kids Hangs in BalanceAnnouncement / Notification2013/01/082023/10/07
Autism and Schizophrenia Share Related Genetic Networks2012/11/132022/01/16
Child Prodigies and Autism Spectrum Disorders2012/11/112022/01/16
Study of First 3 Yrs of Kids With and Without ASD2012/10/302022/01/20
Scientific Breakthroughs Blazing Trail for Autism Support2012/10/232021/07/09
DSM-5 Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder2012/10/032021/07/20
High-Tech Tools to Study Autism Eye Contact2012/09/262022/08/22
Children with Autism Experience Interrelated Health Issues2012/09/202022/04/04
ASD Gene Mutation Affect on ChildrenResearch, Study, Analysis2012/09/142024/06/20
Autism Law: The Financial Burden of ASD2012/07/172021/08/23
Autism Risk in Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersInformative2012/05/172024/06/20
List of Toxic Chemicals Suspected to Cause ASD2012/04/252021/09/17
Impact of New Autism Diagnostic Criteria2012/04/162021/09/21
ARISk Test: Genetic Autism Screening Tool2012/04/052022/04/05
U.S. Autism Rate Now Listed as 1 in 88Findings2012/03/292024/06/17
Children with Autism Bullied 3 Times as Much2012/03/272022/04/10
Autism Awareness: Music, Comedy, Brain ScienceAwareness, Appreciation2012/03/062024/04/26
ASD: Motor Skills in ChildrenResearch, Study, Analysis2012/02/172024/06/20
Harder to get Autism Diagnosis After Revised Definition2012/01/212021/10/25
Lower Birth Weight Clue in Autism MysteryResearch, Study, Analysis2012/01/202024/06/07
Autism Treatments: Doctor Lewis Mehl-Madrona2012/01/102021/10/29
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Early Intervention Services2012/01/042021/11/04
EPA Mercury Rules Mean Possible Less Childhood Autism2011/12/162021/11/10
Infants with Low Birth-weight 5 Times More Likely to Have AutismResearch, Study, Analysis2011/10/172024/06/07
Risk of Autism Among Younger Siblings of an Autistic ChildInformative2011/08/152024/06/20
Autism Related Medical Diagnostic Code for Wandering - V40.312011/07/25
Biomarker for Autism Found2011/07/142022/02/14
Autism More Common in IT-rich Region2011/06/20
Online Test for Autism and Mental Health Issues2011/06/092022/03/12
Unraveling Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorders2011/06/082022/03/13
Research May Lead to Improved Autism Diagnosis2011/05/312022/03/20
Autism Changes Molecular Structure of the Brain2011/05/252022/03/24
Effective Seizure Treatments for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder2011/05/252013/06/04
Validating Preschool Programs for Children with Autism2011/05/19
Governor Signs Autism Insurance Reform Into Law2011/05/07
Majority of Adults with Autism Go Undiagnosed2011/05/042023/06/15
Half of All Children with Autism Wander2011/04/202018/01/26
Son Regressed into Autism After Vaccines2011/04/192022/04/18
Why Brain Development Diverges in Autism Spectrum Disorders2011/04/13
Socioeconomics Reduced Role in Autism Diagnosis2011/04/112022/04/23
Autistic's Exceptional Visual Abilities2011/04/042022/04/27
Urgent Need for Autism Treatments, Research and Services2011/04/022022/05/04
Video Series Answers Questions About Autism for Parents2011/03/31
Interest in Toys Predicts Autism Treatment Effectiveness2011/03/222016/03/30
New Diagnostic Code for Children with Autism would Help Combat Deaths2011/03/17
Using EEG to Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders2011/02/222022/05/27
Possible Treatments Available for Autism2011/01/29
Don't Let Labels Define Your Autistic Child2011/01/292022/06/20
Effective School-Based Autism Program2011/01/272022/06/24
Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network Expands to 17 Sites in North AmericaAnnouncement / Notification2011/01/192024/03/06
Autism Speaks Collaborates On Prevalence Investigation Of Autism In The Somali Population In Minneapolis2011/01/182013/06/11
Autism Resource Database Lists Service Providers Across 58 Countries2011/01/10
Helping Parents of Children with Autism Navigate Holiday Season2010/12/14
Toddlers with Autism Show Improved Social Skills Following Targeted Intervention2010/12/082018/01/26
Defining High Functioning Autism2010/12/042022/01/16
Major Step Toward Biological Test for Autism2010/12/02
Playing with Building Blocks of Creativity Help Children with Autism2010/11/292021/01/28
Genetic Link between Autism and Schizophrenia Confirmed2010/11/172013/06/04
Window of Opportunity for Successful Autism Therapy2010/11/11
Collaboration Among Autism Professionals and Families2010/11/01
Rapid Rise in Medicaid Expenditures for Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment2010/10/22
Autism Support Network Supporting Global Audience2010/10/11
Life Threatening Breathing Disorder of Rett Syndrome Prevented2010/10/06
Language Delays More Common in Siblings of Children with Autism, Study FindsResearch, Study, Analysis2010/10/022024/06/20
Link to Autism in Boys Found in Missing DNA2010/09/162023/01/04
AERI Merges With AHEADD To Support Autism2010/09/09
Visual Pattern Preference May be Sign of Autism in Children2010/09/062022/08/22
Subtle Changes in Infant Gaze Patterns May Signal Autism RiskResearch, Study, Analysis2010/09/012024/06/20
Gene Disturbances Role in Autism2010/08/17
Autism: Lack of evidence for Antidepressants2010/08/08
Autism's Toll Beyond Childhood on Marriages Study2010/08/03
Relatives of Autistics Display Abnormal Eye Movements2010/08/022022/08/22
Teaching Language and Social Skills to Children with Autism2010/07/262015/02/07
Autism Features A Unique Vocal SignatureResearch, Study, Analysis2010/07/192024/06/17
New Scientific Evidence Links Autism to Vaccines and Mercury2010/07/19
TV Implicated in Autism Rise in US2010/07/162010/07/19
Preventing Autism Wandering Related Deaths2010/07/08
Researchers Closer to Untying Autism's Genetic Knot2010/06/11
Public Schools Challenged to Serve More Students with Autism Despite Budget Cuts2010/06/07
Childhood Vaccinations Vs. Autism2010/06/062015/06/15
Urine Test for Autism2010/06/04
Parents Play Key Role in Autism Treatment2010/06/01
Study Shows 80% Autism Divorce Rates Not True2010/05/192014/05/01
TV Documentary on Autism Crisis in America2010/04/202010/07/21
Implications of Autism Onset Patterns2010/04/20
Social Influence Role in Autism Diagnoses2010/04/08
Oxytocin Improves Autism Emotion Recognition2010/04/08
Autism May Not Affect Every Family, But...2010/04/022016/09/24
Mercury-Autism Link Not Found Because of Government Policy2010/03/122018/03/16
Impact of Autism and ASD on Older SiblingsResearch, Study, Analysis2010/03/082024/06/20
Symptoms of Autism Not Found in Children Under 6 MonthsFindings2010/02/172024/06/20
Why People with Autism Don't Want Hugs2010/02/122011/04/04
Insight into Autism Causes from Brain Study2010/02/12
Autism Clusters in California2010/01/232013/06/11
Autism Speaks Calls on Federal Government2010/01/132013/06/11
Autism a Brain Connectivity Disorder2010/01/10
Autism Treatment Crisis: Insufficient Number of Providers2009/12/242016/03/30
CDC Issues New Autism Prevalence Report2009/12/182014/02/10
People Believe Autism Increase is Real Not Diagnostic2009/12/09
Behavior Problems in Children with Autism - Parent Training Key to Treatment2009/11/28
David Cameron on AutismAnnouncement / Notification2009/11/212023/11/26
Landmark UK Autism Law2009/11/13
Handwriting Problems for Children with Autism2009/11/102018/01/26
Autism Consortium Symposium - Autism Update2009/11/05
State of the Science in Autism Disorders2009/10/14
Autistic Kids Denied Sufficient Therapy in OntarioInformative2009/10/132024/02/04
New Genetic Link for Autism Discovered2009/10/11
Autism, Learning Disabilities, and ADHD Education and Treatment2009/10/07
Stimulus Grant for Whole-Genome Sequencing In Children With Autism2009/10/02
Autistic Community Condemns Autism Speaks I am Autism CampaignInformative2009/09/272024/03/06
ADHD Guidance - Huntington Learning Center2009/09/01
Autism - Sensing and Intuition2009/08/312012/09/21
Respite Care Information for Children with Autism2009/04/212018/01/25
Melatonin for Sleep Problems in Children with Autism2009/04/152010/07/12
Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown Writes on Autism2009/04/112023/06/04
Face to Face with Autism Facial Expressions2009/04/032022/08/22
Life and Health: Developmental Disorders - Autism2008/01/082021/02/06

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