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Disability Benefit Assistance for Parents of a Child with Autism

  • Date: 2013/10/04 Midwest Disability, P.A. - www.midwestdisabilitykansascity.com
  • Synopsis : Information regarding parent Social Security Disability Benefit eligibility for children with autism to help ease financial burden.

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Social Security Disability benefits can be beneficial to families with struggling children. For example, if a child has been diagnosed with autism, this can take a serious financial toll on a supportive family. In fact, it can cast roughly $70,000 in medical and non-medical costs each year to care for a child with autism, the Harvard School of Public Health reports. Money may be required for medications, therapy, childcare, special education and other additional expenses.

The good news is that parents of children suffering from autism may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, which can help ease financial struggles.

The Social Security Administration will consider a child disabled if he or she is under age 18 and is not working a "substantial" job (as considered and assessed by the Social Security Administration).

The child must also have a mental or physical disorder (or both), which results in severe functional limitations.

Finally, the child must also have experienced (or is expected to experience) the physical or mental limitation for at least one year. If the condition is expected to result in death, this negates the one-year requirement.

Autism affects individuals in several different ways. Therefore, the level of financial support needed will vary on a case-by-case basis. When one applies for benefits on behalf of his or her child, the administration will match his or her condition with the guidelines listed in the agency's official manual of disabling conditions. This "blue book" contains a list of conditions and details the criteria for each disorder that must be met in order to qualify for benefits.

Autism is covered in the book. The book notes that children with autism (presumed eligible for benefits) will experience difficulty in the following areas:

  • Verbal communication skills.
  • Nonverbal communication skills.
  • Social interactions. Imaginative activity.

These are just a few of the considerations. Those applying for benefits will need to provide detailed medical records to the administration. An application may also require statements from professionals (such as caretakers) who regularly interact with the child.

If your child is struggling from autism or a different mental or physical limitation, you should consider meeting with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney. A lawyer can help you gather pertinent medical records and assist with your application for the appropriate disability benefits program. The program has very detailed qualifying prerequisites, and a legal professional can help you understand your specific needs and options.

No one should have to struggle to support the needs of his or her child. To learn more, contact a lawyer in your area.

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