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AERI Merges With AHEADD To Support Autism

  • Published: 2010-09-09 : Author: AHEADD
  • Synopsis: Autism Education and Research Institute AERI announces merging with Achieving in Higher Education with Autism Developmental Disabilities AHEADD.

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Autism Education and Research Institute Merges With AHEADD To Support Autism Community.

The Autism Education and Research Institute (AERI), an organization committed to providing consultative services that incorporates innovative current research in the field of autism, announces their merging with Achieving in Higher Education with Autism / Developmental Disabilities (AHEADD) in order to support consumers, families, schools, and their surrounding communities who are impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

AERI and AHEADD have worked collaboratively over the last several months to develop a model that supports and prepares college-bound high school students for a smoother transition into a college setting. A new program, Advancing College and High-school-aged Individuals' Educational and Vocational Experiences (ACHIEVE), is under formation for high school students across Western Pennsylvania and will implement the trademarked AHEADD model to support students prior to entering college.

The combined efforts of AERI and AHEADD will create the opportunity to provide a lifespan continuum of care for individuals with autism in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States.

"We hope that the community shares in our enthusiasm as we join forces and expand our team of experienced and passionate individuals who are undoubtedly committed to changing the lives of persons impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders," says Rick J. Murray, LSW, BCBA, the CEO and co-founder of AERI.

About AERI ( - The Autism Education and Research Institute (AERI) is a Pennsylvania-based organization committed to providing consultative services that incorporate innovative, current research in the field of autism. AERI partners with Family Behavioral Resources to support persons who are afforded the Pennsylvania Adult Autism Waiver and also provides consultations, trainings, and related services in homes, community settings, and school districts. In addition to Pennsylvania, AERI serves Ohio and North Carolina and is rapidly expanding into other states.

About AHEADD ( - Achieving in Higher Education with Autism / Developmental Disabilities (AHEADD) is a private, community organization that provides support for students in higher education with: Learning Disabilities, High-Functioning Autism (HFA), Asperger's Syndrome (AS), Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD), and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Developed in cooperation with Equal Opportunity Services of Carnegie Mellon University, AHEADD is designed to address students' social, communication, and organizational issues and develop individualized strategies to manage their college careers independently. Unlike other programs, the AHEADD Model can be applied within any campus environment and tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.

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