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Need for Better Autism Treatments, Research and Services

Published: 2011-04-02 - Updated: 2011-04-03
Author: National Autism Association

Synopsis: The National Autism Association (NAA) joins with organizations worldwide in recognizing April as Autism Awareness month.

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NAA Says Autism Awareness Month Points out Need for Better Treatments, Research and Services - Autism is a national health emergency, now affecting nearly 1% of America's children.


The National Autism Association (NAA) joins with organizations worldwide in recognizing April as Autism Awareness month.

With one in 110 children now diagnosed with autism, and autism mortality rates doubling that of the general population,(1) NAA is once again calling upon legislators and government health agencies to declare autism a national health emergency.

Parents of children diagnosed with autism are asking for more research funding, better services, and wider access to safety equipment including tracking devices.

"If you don't have a family member affected by autism, chances are you have a friend or neighbor who does," said NAA board chair Lori McIlwain. Citing a 2007 Harvard study(2) putting the lifetime care cost at $3.2 million per individual with autism needing round the clock care, Ms. McIlwain observed, "If we don't find better treatments and services, it will fall upon taxpayers to address the needs of an overwhelming number of children whose parents will one day be unable to care for them."

NAA points out the following critical areas that need to be addressed on behalf of children and families affected by autism:




"Autism is a national health emergency. Our hope is that the government will finally declare it as such so that proper prevention, treatments and resources will be put in place," says NAA Executive Director Rita Shreffler. "Immediate action is necessary for our community and for the public in general. The numbers are so huge now that autism really does impact each and every one of us."

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