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The Human Brain Publications
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Harnessing Mindfulness and Meditation: Using Inner Focus for Mental Well-beingAnnouncement2024/04/15
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Dreaming: Untangling Dreams and Our Waking LivesAnnouncement2024/04/142024/04/15
Power of Illusion Helps to Learn New MovementsResearch Study Analysis2023/12/23
Forgetting Is Actually a Form of LearningStudy2023/08/18
New Discovery on How the Brain Judges TimeExperimental Study2023/07/13
Noninvasive Brain Decoder Can Transcribe Stories in the Mind2023/05/01
Brain Evolution Study Suggests Catalyst for How the Human Brain Evolved2023/04/27
How We Purge Thoughts From Our Mind2023/03/27
Why Congenitally Blind Show Activity in Brain Visual-Processing Areas2023/01/20
Why Humans Remember Emotional Events Better2023/01/19
Lucid Dying: Recalling Death Experiences2022/11/072022/11/08
Unlocking the Power of Emotional Memory2022/10/032023/01/04
Inhalers and Steroid Medications Change Brain Matter2022/08/312023/01/04
Why Thinking Hard Makes You Feel Tired2022/08/122023/01/04
The Human Brain Did Not Shrink 3,000 Years Ago2022/08/062023/01/04
What Occurs in The Brain at Time of DeathFindings2022/07/172024/04/15
Telekinesis: Making Things Move with Your Mind Now Possible2022/06/142023/01/04
Sleep, Diet, Exercise, and Social Life Equals a Healthy Brain2019/12/21
Link Between Obesity, Brain, and GeneticsStudy2018/09/062023/09/12
Paralyzed Patient Feels Sensation Again by Stimulating Brain2018/04/10
Slow Steady Rhythmic Brain Waves Linked to Consciousness2018/04/01
What Happens in the Brain During Unconsciousness2018/03/302020/01/08
Tips to Help with Embarrassment and Embarrassing Situations2018/03/272018/03/28
Dissecting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Understand the Human Brain2018/03/252023/02/15
vEAR: Why Do I Hear Silent Flashes When Viewing Animated Gifs?Informative2018/03/202024/01/07
Memory Improved by Tickling the Brain with Electrical Stimulation2018/01/30
Human Brain Facts and Answers2017/12/212021/04/04
Why We Believe in Gods: Religious Beliefs Not Linked to Rational ThinkingSurvey, Analysis2017/11/082024/05/31
Daydreaming Is a Sign of Intelligence2017/10/30
Neuron by Neuron Mapping of the Brain2017/08/112021/12/01
Musical Anhedonia: A Dislike of Music2016/11/172020/09/11
Do Males or Females Have Better Memory2016/11/112021/04/24
Does Human Brain Size Matter? Cracking the Brain's Genetic Code2016/10/082021/05/02
Woman With Amnesia Defies Conventional Memory Knowledge2016/06/282020/10/07
Testing Brain Training Claims2016/04/062021/06/05
Conflict Between Science and Religion is All in Our MindSystematic Review2016/03/242023/07/04
Altruism and Brain Wiring: Treating Empathically Challenged2016/03/212022/11/08
Delirium Symptoms, Facts and General Information2015/09/252021/07/28
Link Between Brain and Immune System Has Major Implications2015/09/092018/03/16
Brain's Ability to Heal Itself Research Offers Hope for TBI2015/03/232020/09/29
Scientists Map Brains of Blind to Solve Mysteries2015/01/272021/09/12
Lost Memories May be Able to be Restored2014/12/202020/11/05
Brain Skull Connect Implications for Spina Bifida and Chiari Malformation2014/11/042020/11/29
What it Means to Be Humane 2014/06/252021/12/12
Brain's Visual Cortex Also Processes Auditory Information2014/05/272021/07/11
Your Amazing Brain: Avoiding Dementia and Promoting Better Brain Health2014/05/172021/07/23
Why We Sometimes Remember DreamsResearch, Study, Analysis2014/02/172024/04/15
Researchers Find Caffeine Enhances Memory2014/01/18
Scans Reveal Past Brain Activity - Possible Future Use in Diagnosing Cognitive Disabilities2013/06/25
REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: Acting Out Dreams While AsleepFindings2012/12/192024/04/15
Social Isolation and Disruption of Myelin Production2012/12/062021/06/21
The Human Brain: Adaptable Decision Making2012/06/202021/09/02
Decoding Brain Waves - Understanding Paralyzed Patients Thoughts2012/02/012018/01/25
Nutrient Levels and Diet Linked to Cognitive Ability and Brain Shrinkage2011/12/29
How the Brain Works: Stringing Words into Sentences2011/11/282021/11/23
New Piece to Puzzle of Brain Communication Function2011/08/19
Synesthesia: Seeing Sounds and Hearing ColorsInformative2011/07/032024/01/07
Why Do Some Races All Look Alike2011/07/022022/02/20
Restoring Memory by Repairing Damaged Brains2011/07/01
Converting Skin Cells to Brain Cells2011/06/12
Brain and Body Conflict Helps Thinking Outside the Box2011/06/102022/03/11
Why It's Harder to Remember Things as We Get Older2011/05/14
Butterflies in Stomach and Gut Feelings are Real2011/03/24
Long-term Memory Making - Major Clue Discovered2011/03/21
Important Role for Cerebellum - Epilepsy Trigger Discovered2011/03/18
Brain's Ability to Reorganize Itself2011/03/18
Brain Waves Boost Ability to Learn as We Sleep2011/03/09
Brain Cerebellum Provides Clues to Human Intelligence2011/03/09
Dementia: Looking After Your Aging BrainResearch Paper2011/02/232023/09/17
Human Brain Does Not Need Vision to Read2011/02/222022/05/27
Brain Function Linked to Birth Size2011/02/192022/05/30
The Brain Learns from Mistakes2011/02/10
Brains Need Love Too2011/02/03
Selective Sleeping Stores Useful Memories2011/02/022022/06/16
How Quickly We Forget - Out of Mind in a Matter of Seconds2011/01/24
Ways to Help Improve Your Memory2011/01/042014/04/19
Structure Deep in the Brain May Contribute to Varied Social Life2010/12/26
The Part of the Brain that Suppresses Instinct2010/12/22
When the Brain Knows no Fear2010/12/17
Brain Foods - What You Eat Affects Your Brain2010/11/27
The Brain Speaks - Decoding Words from Brain Signals2010/11/272014/05/05
The Speed of Brain Cell Communication2010/11/27
Molecular Switch that Controls Neuronal Migration in the Developing Brain Identified2010/11/27
How the Brain Shifts Between Sleep and Awake States Under Anesthesia2010/08/262018/03/25
Part of the Brain that Tracks Your Limb Positions Found2010/07/162010/11/27
The Male Brain: Testosterone and EstrogenReports and Proceedings2009/10/012023/10/02
The Connection Between Brain and Loneliness2009/02/162020/09/30
Brain Asymmetry Research2009/01/142010/11/27

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