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Paul Huljich - The Bipolar Man Who Cured Himself

Published: 2010-05-27 - Updated: 2018-10-12
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Synopsis: Paul Huljich in his book Betrayal of Love and Freedom shows that depression and bipolar statistics do not have to brand you for life.

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Author Paul Huljich - The Bipolar Man Who Cured Himself - Responds to the World Health Organization's Report That by the Year 2020, Severe Depression Will Be the Largest Cause of Death and Disability in the World.


May is Mental Health Month

Mental health issues affect all of society in some way, shape, or form. It is estimated that one in three Americans have a diagnosable and treatable mental disorder at some point in their lives. According the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the number one obstacle in treating mental illness is stigma.

Paul Knows the Statistics Well

Yet in his recently published book, Betrayal of Love and Freedom, he shows that statistics don't have to brand you for life. He believes that, through awareness and a 30 day regiment of diet, exercise, sleep and stress reduction techniques, anyone can free themselves from the chains of mental illness. And moreover rediscover their purpose in life outside of a chemical straitjacket and other stigmas that befall the victims of mental illness.

If one were to look at Paul Huljich in early 1998, they would have been envious and say he had it all. The organic food pioneer was worth over $100 million. He had a beautiful wife and three young sons. His 30,000 square foot mansion housed 17 bathrooms, a 10-car garage, domed swimming pool and a helipad. Yet at age 45 the stress and burden of his success led him to a nervous breakdown. He was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and stripped of his freedom and declared a ward of the state in his native New Zealand. However Paul Huljich views such material loss as a blessing in disguise. "I may have lost a fortune but I gained a richness of life," he says.

Paul Huljich Fought Back

Through a basic 30 day regiment based on diet, exercise, sleep and stress reduction techniques, he beat the odds and won. For the past decade he has been symptom-free of the debilitating disorder. He has not taken medication - not even a sleeping pill - nor has he seen a shrink in all that time. He has done what so many of the experts have said couldn't be done, finding a natural, drug-free way to overcome Bipolar disorder and avoid the pain suffered daily by millions.

Now he wants to share his story to help inspire others to not only fight back but also preventing themselves and their loved ones from falling prey to mental illness.

As featured in CNN, New York Times Book Review, Psychology Today, Harper's,, Organic Food News Today, and interviews in over 20 radio shows across the country, Paul Huljich's message is beginning to change the way in which we regard mental illness and also the stigmas attached.

In publishing Betrayal of Love and Freedom, Paul states "I hope, most of all, that people will pause for a moment and reflect on where they are in their lives - and where they are headed. And I wish for my story to give them hope."

Proceeds from the sale of Betrayal of Love and Freedom will be donated to his newly founded non-profit organization, The MWellA foundation, which focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle of mind, body, and spirit.

He hopes to instill in people a greater understanding and empathy for those experiencing all forms of mental depression and realize that through awareness, prevention is the key.

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