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Stroke Publications
Title of
Examining Stroke Treatment for People with Disability2023/01/03
Aerobics May Improve Walking and Endurance After Stroke2019/08/15
Stroke Affects More Than Just Physical Functioning2018/04/02
Wearable Stretchable Electronics Aid Stroke Recovery Treatment2018/02/192018/04/30
Newborns Who Experience Stroke Regain Language Function in Opposite Side of Brain2018/02/17
Mini-Strokes - Understanding and Knowing the Warning Signs2017/06/21
1 in 3 American Adults May Have Already Had a Warning Stroke2017/05/02
Ways to Reduce Stroke Risk2011/11/092021/12/03
Vasospasm Complication From Stroke2011/07/162022/02/10
Family Involvement in Stroke Patient Exercise Therapy2011/03/05
New Hope for Stroke Victims2011/02/09
Inflammation: A New Therapeutic Target Years After Stroke2011/02/022022/06/19
Most Medicare Stroke Patients Re-hospitalized or Dead Within Year2010/12/18
Researchers Offer New Hope For Stroke Patients2010/12/07
Why the Brain has Limited Capacity for Repair After Stroke2010/11/07
With a Stroke Acting FAST May Save a Life2010/09/182017/12/24
Brain Stimulation Helps Partially Paralyzed Stroke Patients2010/09/132016/06/13
Get With The Guidelines Stroke Program2010/08/30
Assessing Spatial Neglect Brain Damage Following a Stroke2010/04/28
70% of Patients Unaware they Suffered a Minor Stroke2010/04/16
World Stroke Day - 29 October 20092009/10/23
Most Stroke Victims Arrive at Hospital Too Late for Drug Therapy2009/10/022018/01/26
Severe Stress can Cause Stroke2009/10/012010/11/07
Stroke Telemedicine Recommended for Arizona2009/08/252015/03/18
Previous Exercise Helps Stroke Patients Recover Faster2009/07/18
Risks and Outcome of Stroke Not the Same in Males and Females2009/07/162010/11/07
People with Irregular Heartbeat More Likely to Have Stroke2009/06/102014/05/19
Cerebrovascular Disease - Facts, Diagnosis, and Treatment2009/06/05
Stroke Survivors Improve Balance with Tai Chi2009/03/23
Options After Suffering Stroke2009/03/122010/11/13
Cell Type Limits Stroke Damage2009/01/27
Childhood Stroke: Causes and Information2009/01/252017/06/26

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