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Traumatic Brain Injury: TBI & Concussion Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Traumatic Brain Injury category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-10-17How the NFL Came to Shape the Concussion Issue That Plagued It
2017-03-05Playing Football Among Leading Causes of Concussion
2017-02-10Studies Uncover Long-term Effects of TBI
2016-11-25ADHD Drug Plus Therapy Improves Cognitive Outcomes In TBI Patients
2016-10-30Canadian Government National Guidelines for Concussion Management
2016-04-22Neural Stem Cell Transplants Aid TBI Recovery
2016-01-05Videos Inspire Veterans & Service Members with TBI to Seek Help
2015-11-15Jury Verdict Highlights Dangers of Abusive Head Trauma Like Shaken Baby Syndrome
2015-03-23Research into Brain's Ability to Heal Itself Offers Hope for TBI
2015-01-20Concussion Awareness Facts and Information
2014-11-27Teens with TBI History 400% More Likely to Have Used Crystal Meth
2014-03-06Think and Protect Your Brain from TBI
2013-12-11Explanation of Coma and Persistent Vegetative State
2013-05-12Research on Traumatic Brain Injury in Seniors
2013-03-07Children and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
2012-11-01New Hope for Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke Survivors
2012-10-07The Realities of a Brain Injury
2012-08-26Preventing Secondary Damage After Traumatic Brain Injury - Targeted Oxidation-blocker
2012-04-21Revolutionizing Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis
2011-08-07Traumatic Brain Injury - Accidents a Common Cause
2011-07-30Veterans Benefits Act Increases Coverage for Traumatic Brain Injury
2011-07-20Traumatic Brain Injury and Recent State Legislation
2011-06-12NeuroRestorative Offers Hope and Help to Veterans with TBI
2011-06-07Traumatic Brain Injuries Highest in Construction Industry
2011-05-09CT Scans Often Unnecessary After Head Injury in Children
2011-04-11Brain Injuries to Teen Athletes in High Schools
2011-03-22Protecting Brains of Young Football Players
2011-03-17National Child and Youth TBI Injury
2011-03-02Symptoms That Constitute a Traumatic Brain Injury
2011-02-18Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury
2011-01-29Concussion - Signs, Symptoms and Treatment
2011-01-29Risks of Concussions - Safety Conference
2011-01-16Traumatic Brain Injuries in Texas
2010-12-04Concussion Management in High School Sports
2010-11-02What Happens After Traumatic Brain Injury Occurs
2010-11-02Treatment Hope for Long Term Effects of Brain Trauma
2010-10-31Brain and Head Injuries in Nursing Homes
2010-10-08Youth Basketball and Brain Injuries: A Disturbing Upward Trend
2010-09-27Rewiring a Damaged Brain
2010-09-19Drug Combination May Treat Traumatic Brain Injury
2010-08-26Economic Toll of Traumatic Brain Injury - $6.8 Billion a Year in Texas
2010-07-17Traumatic Brain Injuries - Prevention and Treatment
2010-06-05New Treatment for Headaches, Dizziness and Anxiety Caused by TBI Appears Promising
2010-05-31Traumatic Brain Injury: No Longer a Death Sentence
2010-05-10Can a Mother's Voice Spur Recovery From a Coma
2010-03-31Brain Contusion Consequences
2010-02-26Brain Injury in Nursing Homes
2010-01-19TBI Motor Deficits can Persist After What Appears to be Full Recovery
2009-10-16Blast Induced Traumatic Brain Injury and Vestibular Pathology in US Military
2009-09-03Brain Tissue Regenerated in Traumatic Brain Injuries
2009-08-26Traumatic Brain Injuries and Dependencies
2009-05-04Role of Glutamate in Traumatic Brain Injury
2009-03-31Blood Test for Brain Injuries
2009-03-22Relationships Following a Brain Injury
2009-02-27Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Story
2009-02-27Treating a Traumatic Brain Injury
2009-02-27Traumatic Brain Injury in the Military
2009-02-27Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries

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