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Traumatic Brain Injury: TBI & Concussion Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Traumatic Brain Injury category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. Playing Football Among Leading Causes of Concussion
    Concussion in sports compounded due to repeated head injuries more likely to cause lasting damage when the brain is not given sufficient time to heal between incidents - Published: 2017-03-05
  2. Studies Uncover Long-term Effects of TBI
    What will my child be like 10 years from now? Researchers present on long-term effects of TBI - an average of 7 years after injury - Published: 2017-02-10
  3. ADHD Drug Plus Therapy Improves Cognitive Outcomes In TBI Patients
    Study reveals combination of methylphenidate with cognitive-behavioral rehabilitation a promising option for people with persistent cognitive problems following traumatic brain injury - Published: 2016-11-25
  4. Canadian Government National Guidelines for Concussion Management
    These guidelines will help to make sport and recreation safer for children and athletes, and to reduce the health risks associated with this serious head injury - Published: 2016-10-30
  5. Neural Stem Cell Transplants Aid TBI Recovery
    Treating traumatic brain injury with human neural stem cells increases M2 microglial proteins and contributes to anti-inflammatory effects - Published: 2016-04-22
  6. Videos Inspire Veterans & Service Members with TBI to Seek Help
    U.S. Defense Department A Head for the Future videos inspire service members and veterans with brain injuries to seek help - Published: 2016-01-05
  7. Jury Verdict Highlights Dangers of Abusive Head Trauma Like Shaken Baby Syndrome
    Abusive Head Trauma, also known as Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), is a serious threat to health and safety of infants and small children - Published: 2015-11-15
  8. Research into Brain's Ability to Heal Itself Offers Hope for TBI
    Pioneering work underway seeks to understand and repair brain function at the molecular level - Published: 2015-03-23
  9. Concussion Awareness Facts and Information
    Information regarding concussions and TBI and the potential side-effects that they can entail - Published: 2015-01-20
  10. Teens with TBI History 400% More Likely to Have Used Crystal Meth
    Teenagers with history of TBI at least twice as likely as classmates without brain injury to drink alcohol, use cannabis or abuse other drugs - Published: 2014-11-27
  11. Think and Protect Your Brain from TBI
    Information and helpful tips on helping to prevent traumatic brain injury including concussion - Published: 2014-03-06
  12. Explanation of Coma and Persistent Vegetative State
    Information regarding coma and vegetative state when a person has the ability to be awake yet is completely unaware of their surroundings - Published: 2013-12-11
  13. Research on Traumatic Brain Injury in Seniors
    The incidence of TBI in older adults poses special diagnostic, management and treatment challenges - Published: 2013-05-12
  14. Children and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is the federal law guiding how schools provide special education and related services to children with disabilities - Published: 2013-03-07
  15. New Hope for Traumatic Brain Injury and Stroke Survivors
    Positive effects from the drug etanercept represents therapeutic possibilities for stroke and TBI patients - Published: 2012-11-01
  16. The Realities of a Brain Injury
    Informative article examines TBI including signs symptoms and importance of seeking medical aid as soon as possible - Published: 2012-10-07
  17. Preventing Secondary Damage After Traumatic Brain Injury - Targeted Oxidation-blocker
    Researchers developed agent XJB-5-131 which can cross the blood-brain barrier and prevent oxidation of cardiolipin - Published: 2012-08-26
  18. Revolutionizing Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis
    MRI based scan known as High Definition Fiber Tracking could reveal broken neural connections deep inside the brain - Published: 2012-04-21
  19. Traumatic Brain Injury - Accidents a Common Cause
    Learn about traumatic brain injury and how to reduce risk during your favorite summer activities - Published: 2011-08-07
  20. Veterans Benefits Act Increases Coverage for Traumatic Brain Injury
    The TSGLI program has paid more than $550 million in benefit payments to members of the armed forces for a range of traumatic injuries and disabilities - Published: 2011-07-30
  21. Traumatic Brain Injury and Recent State Legislation
    Recent developments among U.S. states dealing with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) - Published: 2011-07-20
  22. NeuroRestorative Offers Hope and Help to Veterans with TBI
    NeuroRestorative programs integrate multidisciplinary individual and group therapeutic interventions as well as vocational activities and social experiences - Published: 2011-06-12
  23. Traumatic Brain Injuries Highest in Construction Industry
    Construction transportation and agriculture - forestry - fishing industries record nearly half of all TBI fatalities - Published: 2011-06-07
  24. CT Scans Often Unnecessary After Head Injury in Children
    Large study finds CT scans are frequently unnecessary after head injury in children - Published: 2011-05-09
  25. Brain Injuries to Teen Athletes in High Schools
    Study of concussions has led to the awareness that they are indeed traumatic brain injuries - Published: 2011-04-11
  26. Protecting Brains of Young Football Players
    The concussion rate for young athletes has doubled in the past decade - Published: 2011-03-22
  27. National Child and Youth TBI Injury
    Traumatic brain and spinal cord incidents are preventable injuries that can lead to death and disability - Published: 2011-03-17
  28. Symptoms That Constitute a Traumatic Brain Injury
    A TBI can be classified as either mild or severe and include a wide range of symptoms - Published: 2011-03-02
  29. Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury
    There are many ways to receive a traumatic brain injury and complications from a TBI and living with the effects can be complicated - Published: 2011-02-18
  30. Concussion - Signs, Symptoms and Treatment
    Symptoms and treatment of concussion and post-concussive syndrome the most common type of traumatic brain injury - Published: 2011-01-29
  31. Risks of Concussions - Safety Conference
    Concussion can be suffered as a result of motor vehicle accidents sports or other events causing impact to the head - Published: 2011-01-29
  32. Traumatic Brain Injuries in Texas
    Common causes and symptoms of TBI as well as legal recourse available when caused through the fault of another party - Published: 2011-01-16
  33. Concussion Management in High School Sports
    High school athletes assessed with computerized neuropsychological testing less likely to return to play within 1 week of being diagnosed with a concussion - Published: 2010-12-04
  34. What Happens After Traumatic Brain Injury Occurs
    Molecular imaging technique pinpoints critical changes that take place in the injured brain - Published: 2010-11-02
  35. Treatment Hope for Long Term Effects of Brain Trauma
    Brain damage continues to develop and evolve for months after traumatic brain injury revealing potential target for treatments to improve brain trauma - Published: 2010-11-02
  36. Brain and Head Injuries in Nursing Homes
    Brain injuries disability and death among nursing home residents can occur with oxygen deprivation due to choking or smothering drug overdose or a lack of supplemental oxygen - Published: 2010-10-31
  37. Youth Basketball and Brain Injuries: A Disturbing Upward Trend
    Rise in brain injuries among youth basketball players points to growing risk and awareness of concussions in teen sports - Published: 2010-10-08
  38. Rewiring a Damaged Brain
    Microelectronic circuitry to guide the growth of axons in a brain damaged by an exploding bomb car crash or stroke - Published: 2010-09-27
  39. Drug Combination May Treat Traumatic Brain Injury
    Researchers at SUNY Downstate find drug combination may treat traumatic brain injury - Published: 2010-09-19
  40. Economic Toll of Traumatic Brain Injury - $6.8 Billion a Year in Texas
    Study commissioned by CORE Health Foundation tallies TBI costs related to deaths ER visits hospitalizations and disability - Published: 2010-08-26
  41. Traumatic Brain Injuries - Prevention and Treatment
    Traumatic brain injuries and what can be done to prevent and treat them - Published: 2010-07-17
  42. New Treatment for Headaches, Dizziness and Anxiety Caused by TBI Appears Promising
    Evidence symptoms of headache, dizziness and anxiety in patients with traumatic brain injury could be alleviated with eyeglass lenses containing prisms - Published: 2010-06-05
  43. Traumatic Brain Injury: No Longer a Death Sentence
    Two innovative treatments one involving hormone therapy and the other a popular video game - Published: 2010-05-31
  44. Can a Mother's Voice Spur Recovery From a Coma
    Study tests if familiar voices can heal traumatic brain injuries - Published: 2010-05-10
  45. Brain Contusion Consequences
    Loss of physical and psychological function after traumatic brain injury related to injuries in brain structures - Published: 2010-03-31
  46. Brain Injury in Nursing Homes
    For seniors residing in nursing homes brain injuries can be life threatening - Published: 2010-02-26
  47. TBI Motor Deficits can Persist After What Appears to be Full Recovery
    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims have not necessarily recovered all their locomotor functions - Published: 2010-01-19
  48. Blast Induced Traumatic Brain Injury and Vestibular Pathology in US Military
    Definitive vestibular screenings and assessment measures for US military with blast-induced traumatic brain injuries - Published: 2009-10-16
  49. Brain Tissue Regenerated in Traumatic Brain Injuries
    An injectable biomaterial gel may help brain tissue grow at the site of a traumatic brain injury - Published: 2009-09-03
  50. Traumatic Brain Injuries and Dependencies
    Following a traumatic brain injury the survivor may become dependent upon those close to them - Published: 2009-08-26
  51. Role of Glutamate in Traumatic Brain Injury
    Approximately 5.3 million people live with a TBI-related disability and an additional 60000 people die annually from TBI - Published: 2009-05-04
  52. Blood Test for Brain Injuries
    Blood test that can help predict the seriousness of a head injury and detect status of blood-brain barrier a step closer to reality - Published: 2009-03-31
  53. Relationships Following a Brain Injury
    Following a brain injury dynamics change the relationship is no longer equal in the same sense you were before the injury - Published: 2009-03-22
  54. Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Story
    They were told that due to the extent of my traumatic brain injury I would probably not be able to succeed beyond high school - Published: 2009-02-27
  55. Treating a Traumatic Brain Injury
    Side effects of TBI are severe and can range from a coma or death to cognitive disorders to social and behavioral issues to mental and physical disability - Published: 2009-02-27
  56. Traumatic Brain Injury in the Military
    Men and women who serve in the military run a higher risk of incurring a traumatic brain injury than civilians - Published: 2009-02-27
  57. Preventing Traumatic Brain Injuries
    Statistical information could play a part into whether an individual is more or less at risk for preventing a traumatic brain injury - Published: 2009-02-27


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