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Periodontal Disease Treatments Help Prevent the Development of Breast Cancer

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-02-03 - By preventing the irreversible damage of advanced periodontal disease female patients can also decrease their chances for developing breast cancer - Dental Implant 90210 Public Relations.

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Dr. Mahnaz Rashti D.D.S. Provides Beverly Hills Patients With Periodontal Disease Treatments That Help Prevent the Development of Breast Cancer - By preventing the irreversible damage of advanced periodontal disease, female patients can also decrease their chances for developing breast cancer.

While many people assume that dental hygiene is only important for oral health, it has actually been well established that oral hygiene almost directly correlates to overall health. This is because a large number of bacteria, both good and bad, thrive in the moist, warm environment of the oral cavity.

Recently studies have shown a correlation between periodontal disease and a number of other health problems, including cardiovascular disease, pre-term babies, prostate cancer, stroke, diabetes, and even breast cancer. Fortunately, regular checkups and screenings with a periodontist are an instrumental tool in preventing damage to the gums and ultimately decreasing the chances for developing breast cancer, as well as the other aforementioned health conditions. Dr. Mahnaz Rashti D.D.S. is a Beverly Hills periodontist who provides life changing periodontal treatments for patients who exhibit everything from mild to severe periodontal disease.

In severe cases of periodontal disease, the bone that serves as the foundation for the teeth begins rapidly deteriorating, making teeth prone to becoming loose and falling out.

Studies have shown that chances for developing breast cancer increase when molars begin falling out. Scientists in the medical field speculate that the reason for this is that by the time molars begin falling out, the periodontal disease has already severely progressed and infested the body's blood supply with bacteria.

With Dr. Rashti's periodontal treatments, the progression of periodontal disease can be thwarted if timely screening takes place. In cases where teeth have already been lost due to periodontal disease, Dr. Rashti is able to adeptly fit the patient with dental implants that perfectly restore teeth functionality and beauty. Dr. Rashti's extensive experience and skill as an implant dentist in Beverly Hills has made her a premier periodontist for patients who need quality and efficient dental care. By working closely with the patient's general dentist, orthodontist, and/or prosthodontist, Dr. Rashti is able to create an approach to the periodontal treatment that is thorough and successful.

With a long list of consistently satisfied patients, Dr. Rashti is a top contender for Best of LA's 2010 voter poll for Best Implant Dentist in Los Angeles. All patients undergo treatment that is individually catered to their unique needs.

To learn more about Dr. Rashti's periodontal treatments, please visit

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