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Dental: Teeth Facts and Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Dental and Teeth category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-02-28EPA Rejects Anti-Fluoridation Group's Request
2015-12-30Dental Work: When to Use Antibiotic Prophylaxis
2015-01-23Dental Care for Baby Teeth is Very Important
2014-10-17Strawberries and Baking Soda not the Answer for Teeth Whitening
2013-06-16Free Dental for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
2013-02-01Dispelling Dental Myths - One Tooth at a Time
2012-09-11Common Foods and Drinks that Stain Teeth
2012-07-29Difference Between Partial Dentures and Dental Implants
2012-07-29Partial Dentures: Information on Types of Partials
2012-07-21Cleaning and Whitening Dentures - Whiter False Teeth
2012-04-10Dental X-rays Linked to Brain Tumors
2011-10-08Sharing Utensils and Kisses Can Spread Dental Cavities to Babies
2011-08-23Dental Fillings Without the Dentist Drill
2011-08-15Lollipops May Reduce Tooth Decay Research Shows
2011-07-20Prosthodontists - Solutions for Tooth Loss
2011-07-19Public Health Surveillance of Dental Pain Twitter Study
2011-07-16Printing Your Own Teeth with 3D Printer
2011-06-15Cross Contamination Threat from Dental Bib Chains
2011-06-14Cutting Healing Time for Dental Implants
2011-04-26Straight Teeth in One Hour - An Alternative to Orthodontics
2011-03-25Root Canal Treatment Information and Awareness
2011-02-25Patients Try Super Glue and Other Self Treatments Before Visiting Dentist
2011-02-24Pain and Needle Free Dental Procedure for Preserving Teeth
2011-02-22How to Pull Out a Child's Loose Tooth
2011-02-12Fear of Dentist and Dental Care
2011-02-08Save Teeth in a Dental Emergency by Acting Fast
2011-01-31Preventing Tooth Decay in Children
2011-01-20Free Dental Services to Underserved Ohio Children
2011-01-20United Nations Urged to Ban Mercury Fillings
2011-01-18Dental Implants Restore Youth to Aging Population
2011-01-15Sleep Dentistry - Using Sedation when Afraid of the Dentist
2011-01-15Tooth Colored Fillings
2010-11-24Exposure to Mercury From Dental Fillings
2010-11-12Sealing Out Tooth Decay with Dental Sealants
2010-10-23Botox Can Optimize Cosmetic Appeal of Dental Implant Surgery
2010-09-10Wisdom Teeth: Information, Extraction & Dry Socket
2010-08-19Treatment for Tetracycline Stains on Teeth
2010-08-14Caring for Your Teeth After Dental Implant Procedure
2010-08-07When Do I Take My Child to the Dentist
2010-08-02Tongue Piercing May Cause Gapped Teeth
2010-07-31Teeth Whitening Tips for Stained or Yellow Teeth
2010-07-09Delaying Dental Care Will Cost You Plenty
2010-05-13Whiff of Local Anesthetic may Replace Dentist Needle
2010-03-31Dental Implants Information
2010-03-26Root Canal Awareness Week
2010-03-18Braces for Teeth Prices and Information
2010-03-10Now Accepting Medicaid and CHIP - 6 Day Dental and Orthodontics
2010-02-27Improved Access to Dental Care for Underserved Communities in California
2010-02-03Free Dental Treatment for Children
2010-01-20Children Should Use Fluoridated Toothpaste Studies Advise
2009-11-10New Type of Dental Filling
2009-08-14What is an Impacted Tooth
2009-04-14Home Teeth Whitening Reduces Tooth Enamel
2009-04-03Sports Drinks can Cause Tooth Erosion
2009-03-18Sinus Infections and Dental Oral Health
2009-03-17TMJ and Teeth Grinding at Night Pain
2009-03-17Tooth Abscess Pain and Causes
2009-03-17Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
2009-03-17Gum Disease Causes and Information
2009-03-17Bleeding Gums Causes and Information
2009-03-17Tooth Root Canal Treatment Saves Teeth
2009-03-17Cosmetic Dentistry Tooth Care and Whitening Teeth
2009-03-17Hydrogen Peroxide for Teeth Whitening
2009-03-16Teeth Whitening Kits - Do They Work
2009-03-16Tips for Sparkling White Teeth
2009-03-16Gold Teeth Fillings Pros and Cons
2009-03-16How to Care for Your Childs Teeth
2009-03-16Get Rid of Coffee Stains on Teeth
2009-03-16Best Teeth Whitening Products

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