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Delaying Dental Care Will Cost You Plenty

  • Published: 2010-07-09 : Author: Aspen Dental
  • Synopsis: Practicing good oral hygiene and receiving regular dental exams are critical to good oral health.

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Delaying Dental Care Can Prove Costly - Aspen Dental Dentist Reminds Patients About Importance of Regular Dental Treatment.

Practicing good oral hygiene and receiving regular dental exams are critical to good oral health, yet many Aspen Dental dentists report that patients continue to delay care, a decision that can prove costly down the road.

"The current economic environment has forced many Americans to delay seeking dental care, cutting back on everything from cleanings to dentures to treatment of gum disease," said Dr. Arwinder Judge, vice president of clinical support at Aspen Dental Management, Inc. "Considering the link between gum disease and certain health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and stroke, patients should try to make regular visits to the dentist just as much of a priority as regular visits to their primary care physician."

Adds Dr. Judge, "Ultimately, seeking preventative care and taking care of small dental problems before they become big problems pays off."

According to a report by Oral Health America, early dental treatment is cost effective. In fact, the cost of providing preventive dental treatment is estimated to be 10 times less than the cost of managing symptoms of dental disease in a hospital emergency room. Moreover, the report notes that improving oral health by multiple preventative approaches, including periodontal (gum) disease management, saves more than $4 billion per year in treatment costs.

Advice for Denture Patients

Regular oral care is just as important for the nearly 50 million Americans who wear full or partial dentures. Even patients who have no natural teeth should have their mouth examined annually not only for signs of oral cancer, but also for proper denture fit. The tissues in the mouth change over time, and bone and gum ridges shrink, which can result in ill-fitting dentures that make eating uncomfortable or downright painful. While the American Dental Association recommends that dentures be replaced every five to seven years, many people keep the same set of dentures for much longer.

Another key concern for people with dentures is the use of denture adhesives. While adhesives can help dentures feel more stable and secure, long-term excessive use can potentially pose health risks. Patients should closely follow labeling instructions for denture adhesive products. If dentures feel loose or cause discomfort, it is important to contact your dentist as soon as possible about an adjustment or replacement.

Making Dental Care Accessible

Doctors and staff at Aspen Dental work to help break down the barriers that keep patients from getting the oral care they need, offering convenient locations, extended hours including select Saturdays, affordable fees, and a wide range of flexible payment plan options. Aspen Dental practices work with all insurance plans. Walk-in patients and those with emergencies are welcome.

To help encourage patients to take the first step toward good oral health, Aspen Dental offers free new-patient exams to patients who do not have the benefit of insurance; free denture consultations for all denture patients; special promotions and senior discounts. Patients can learn about what to expect during their first visit to Aspen Dental at

One of the largest and fastest-growing networks of denture and dental care providers in the U.S., Aspen Dental practices are committed to providing patients with affordable, high-quality care under the Aspen Dental brand.

Aspen Dental practices are nationally accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintain an A+ rating with the BBB's Reliability Report.

The Aspen Dental network currently has more than 250 locations in 20 states. In 2009, Aspen Dental doctors recorded more than 1.5 million patient visits, including visits from more than 340,000 new patients.

Aspen Dental doctors and staff help meet the demand for high-quality, yet affordable denture and dental services by offering convenient retail locations, extended hours, affordable fees and a wide range of payment plan options. The offices work with all insurance plans.

For more information about Aspen Dental practices and services, please visit To learn more about careers at Aspen Dental, please visit

To make an appointment, call 800-ASPEN DENTAL or visit to schedule online.

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