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Caring for Your Teeth After Dental Implant Procedure

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-08-14 - Article explaining how to properly care for your teeth after receiving dental implants - Caring Dentistry of San Rafael.

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Caring Dentistry of San Rafael Explain Caring For Your Teeth After Undergoing A Dental Implant Procedure.

Dr. Tim Miller of Caring Dentistry of San Rafael has published an article explaining how to properly care for your teeth after receiving dental implants.

In an effort to educate Americans on dental implants Dr. Miller of Caring Dentistry is offering free advice on caring for your teeth after undergoing a dental implant procedure.

"Dental implants have a very high success rate, and the procedure is performed across the country by thousands of dentists every day," notes Dr. Tim Miller, DDS. "At Caring Dentistry we want our patients to know all there is to know about a procedure, including what to expect after the procedure is complete. To assist anyone thinking about getting dental implants, we have put together the following article on how to care for your teeth after undergoing the procedure."

Icing and Rest

Your dentist may ask you to ice the area you received treatment, immediately after the surgery. Depending on the amount of work done, your dentist or oral surgeon may recommend you take the rest of the day off to rest. Ice should be used to comfort the area and reduce swelling. After 48 hours, use a warm towel to soothe the area instead of an ice pack if you experience any discomfort.


If you experience pain that does not fade with an ice or hot pack, then you can use over the counter painkillers to reduce the pain. Your dentist may prescribe you a more severe medication such as Codeine or Vicodin just in case you do experience pain that cannot be controlled with over the counter medication.


To make the healing process faster and more comfortable, you will need to take antibiotics after surgery. They will help your gums recover from the surgery.

Mouth Rinse

To prevent infection and lessen discomfort, you may also be asked to use a mouth rinse in the hours and days following surgery. If your dentist does prescribe an antibiotic, you should use caution when spitting your rinse, so as not to harm your healing gums. Additionally, you should not eat or drink for 30 minutes prior to rinsing.


In order to keep your implants in good shape, you should brush and floss your teeth (including the implants) at least twice a day. Your dentist will also show you some new cleaning aids, which can be used to properly clean your abutments. Failing to clean your teeth and abutments regularly will lower your dental implants success rate, so make sure you keep up with your routine.

Food and Drink

It is very important that you drink plenty of water or juice the week following your implant surgery. Try to limit the food you eat to soft foods like soup, yogurt and smoothies. Drink only clear liquids at first, avoid hot drinks, and never use a straw. Alcohol should be avoided completely when taking the prescribed prescriptions. Smoking cigarettes should also be avoided.


The first two nights following surgery, you should do your best to rest with your head elevated. Although this may be uncomfortable for you now, it will help your implants heal correctly and will have you feeling healthier sooner.

We know going to the dentist isn't your favorite thing, but at Caring Dentistry of San Rafael we make visiting a more pleasant experience than you've ever imagined!

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