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Orthopedics: Bones, Joints, Ligaments & Tendons Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Bones & Joints - Conditions category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Orthopedics: Bones, Joints, Ligaments & Tendons Publications

2018-04-13 : Dripping Candle Wax Bone Disease (Melorheostosis) Cause Solved : National Institutes of Health research study finds gene mutations that cause Melorheostosis or dripping candle wax bone disease.

2018-03-13 : Research Helps Explain Why People Experience Muscle Loss in Old Age : New research published helps explain why people experience muscle loss in old age, increasing the prospects of reversing the condition in the future.

2016-03-07 : Tendinitis and Bursitis: Staying Active While Healing : Expert advice and tips from Physical Therapy specialist on staying active while healing from Tendinitis or Bursitis and avoiding further injury.

2015-07-29 : Hip Impingement: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment : Information regarding hip impingement syndrome, symptoms include stiffness in the groin or front of thigh, and loss of full range of hip motion.

2015-06-23 : Difference Between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome : Explains the difference between Tarsal Tunnel and Carpal Tunnel Syndromes including symptoms and treatments of each.

2015-04-14 : Degenerative Joint Disease: Climbing & Descending Stairs : One of the main issues people with DJD experience is difficulties with climbing or descending stairs.

2015-02-19 : New Treatment for Muscle Cramps and Spasms : Treatment is based on research showing cramps are caused by excessive firing of neurons in the spinal cord that control muscle contraction.

2015-02-16 : Tendon and Ligaments: Injuries and Healing : Information regarding tendon and ligament Injuries, includes healing and treatment methods.

2014-12-13 : Open Bone Breaks in Children Can Heal Without Surgery : Many children who sustain open bone fractures in the forearm or lower leg can and do heal safely without surgery.

2014-12-10 : Ball Pitchers and Shoulder Pain : Shoulder pain occurs in athletes who play sports that require rapid acceleration and deceleration of the throwing arm.

2014-11-28 : How Human Muscles Work - Findings Show Insight into Muscle Disorders : New findings allow unprecedented insights into actinin protein mode of action and its role in muscle disorders.

2014-11-18 : Arthrofibrosis: Information, Prevention and Treatment of Excessive Scar Tissue : Information regarding Arthrofibrosis, a complication of injury or trauma where excessive scar tissue leads to painful restriction of joint motion.

2014-10-09 : When it Comes to Bone Health Males are the Weaker Sex : Report shows men are not being adequately diagnosed or treated for osteoporosis, and those with a hip fracture twice as likely to die compared to women.

2014-08-30 : Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS): Signs, Symptoms, Prevention and Coping : Information regarding Ehlers-Danlos syndrome a group of inherited disorders that affects the connective tissues, joints, skin and walls of blood vessels.

2014-08-20 : Effective Exercise for Golfer's Elbow Reduces Pain : Simple exercise using inexpensive rubber bar effective at reducing pain associated with medial epicondylosis, or golfers elbow.

2014-07-02 : Hammer or Contracted Toes: Symptoms, Prevention and Surgery Information : Information regarding hammer toes also referred to as contracted toes a deformity of the 2nd 3rd and 4th toe when bent at the joints.

2013-11-30 : Using Ocean Coral for Bone Grafting Procedures : Sea coral may soon be used in bone grafting procedures thanks to new research that has made it more compatible with natural bone.

2013-01-15 : DePuy Hip Implants and Chromium Metal Dangers : Information regarding DePuy Hip Implants and the dangers of elevated levels of chromium in the blood.

2012-11-12 : Bariatric Surgery and Bone Loss : Some types of bariatric surgery can cause bone loss particularly when carried out on young people who have not yet reached their peak bone mass.

2012-06-26 : Repetitive Stress Injuries - Types and Prevention : Repetitive stress injuries are not a disease they are a response to repetitive and excessive demands placed on the body.

2011-12-24 : Cold Weather Can Cause Broken Bones and Sprains : Information on how snowy and icy weather conditions can increase the number of sprains and bone fractures from falls.

2011-08-26 : Knee Braces - An Experience with an Orthotist : Information on visiting an orthotist to obtain knee braces for osteoarthritis and bone degeneration.

2011-07-28 : Gout Prevalence in America : New study shows the prevalence of gout in the U.S. has risen over the last twenty years and now affects 8.3 million (4%) of Americans.

2011-04-29 : Detecting Warning Signs of Joint Replacement Failure : A new test shows promise for detecting the early stages of a major cause of failure in joint replacement implants.

2011-04-04 : Potential Effective Treatment for Heterotopic Ossification : New research reveals potentially highly effective treatment for heterotopic ossification (HO) a painful debilitating abnormal buildup of bone tissue.

2011-03-22 : Overweight People Really Are Big-Boned : Researchers found that the heavier an individual was the wider the shaft of that persons femur bone.

2011-03-18 : How to Heal an Injured Joint : The time it takes for the knee to heal is directly related to how well it reacts to the chosen treatment.

2011-03-02 : Joint Pain in Children May be Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis : Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects nearly 300,000 children in the United States.

2011-03-01 : Tendon Injuries - New Insights : Study of tendon adhesions shows that the integrity of the surface of a tissue is critical in preventing adhesions.

2011-02-16 : Osteoarthritis of the Knee - Treating the Aging Knee as an Organ : Osteoarthritis of the knee is a leading cause of disability and loss of independence.

2011-02-11 : Shoulder Dislocation Exercises : Shoulder dislocation exercises strengthen the rotator cuff to full functionality and help prevent future injuries.

2010-11-26 : HyProCure Key in Treatment and Prevention of Foot and Ankle Neuropathy : Minimally invasive foot implant offers new treatment option for tarsal tunnel syndrome.

2010-11-05 : Treatment for Biceps Injuries : Because a torn tendon can no longer keep the biceps muscle tight a bulge in the upper arm above the elbow may appear.

2010-11-04 : Stretching Exercise for Plantar Fasciitis Heel Pain : Patients with acute plantar fasciitis who perform manual stretching exercises had superior results and higher patient satisfaction.

2010-11-04 : Arthrogryposis: Facts, Causes and Treatment : Information regarding Arthrogryposis, a condition that means curved joint which implies the joint is fixed in a curved position.

2010-11-03 : The Pain of Standing in Line: Relief Tips : Tips from the American Chiropractic Association to help avoid muscle cramps neck stiffness and back pain while waiting in line.

2010-11-01 : Fluoride from Tea and Toothpaste Weakens Bones : Fluoride added to water intending to reduce tooth decay accumulates in and can weaken bones.

2010-10-28 : HyProCure Stent to Fix Foot Pain : Many people with talotarsal dislocation syndrome suffer before finding out about their foot condition and how to fix it HyProCure is restoring quality of life in patients who receive the implant.

2010-10-06 : Is Your Foot Fracture an Early Sign of Osteoporosis : Unexplained foot fractures may be the first sign of osteoporosis, a bone thinning disease.

2010-09-28 : Exercise Associated with Lower Rate of Fractures in Senior Females : Home-based exercises followed by voluntary home training seem to be associated with long-term effects on balance and gait.

2010-09-21 : The Achilles' Heel of Tendons : Tendons are the body's marionette strings, connecting bones to muscles that raise an eyebrow or propel us into a full run.

2010-09-17 : Hip Replacement Surgery Reducing your Risk of Blood Clots : New study identifies risk factors for the complications of a dangerous blood clot.

2010-09-13 : Early Surgery After Hip Fractures Reduces Fatality : Performing early surgery on elderly hip fracture patients reduces the risk of death by 19%.

2010-09-09 : Joint Replacement Infections of Hip and Knee : Clinical practice guideline on the diagnosis of peri-prosthetic joint infections of the hip and knee.

2010-08-01 : Joint Replacement Surgery Information : Joint replacement surgery involves the surgical removal of a damaged joint and putting in a new one.

2010-07-21 : Zsa Zsa Gabor Fell Into Hip Replacement Surgery : 93-year-old actress Zsa Zsa Gabor fell out of bed and broke her hip requiring hip replacement surgery.

2010-07-02 : R.I.C.E. for Tennis Elbow Pain Treatment : R.I.C.E. principle to treat muscle related tears swelling and inflammation such as tennis elbow pain.

2010-06-06 : Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms and Treatment : Information including symptoms and treatment options for Tarsal Tunnel of the foot or ankle.

2010-06-04 : Hip Exercises Effective at Reducing Knee Pain : Reducing and eliminating knee pain referred to as patellofemoral pain (PFP) in female runners.

2010-06-02 : Effective Alternative Treatments Available for Chronic Ankle Disability : Total ankle replacement surgery is a safe and effective treatment option for select patients with end-stage ankle arthritis.

2010-04-23 : Types of Hip Replacement Implants : Total joint replacement is thought to be among the most valued developments in the history of orthopedics.

2010-03-11 : Knee Replacement in Seniors Improves Balance : Knee surgery also significantly improves dynamic balance among elderly patients.

2010-03-07 : Shoulder Function Not Fully Restored After Rotator Cuff Surgery : The rotator cuff can be torn from a single injury but most tears result from overuse of muscles and tendons over years.

2010-03-03 : Biceps Injury - Surgical Treatment Improves Recovery : People who suffer from injuries to the distal biceps tendon may benefit from earlier surgical intervention and new surgical techniques.

2009-11-30 : Over Doing Exercise May Lead to Arthritis in Later Years : Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that causes pain, swelling and stiffness.

2009-10-21 : Arthritis Affects 1 in 6 Adults in Canada : Arthritis is one of the top three chronic diseases in Canada affecting one out of six Canadian adults.

2009-10-20 : Knee Pain - Try Exercise Therapy : For patients with severe knee pain supervised exercise therapy is more effective at reducing pain and improving function.

2009-09-12 : Hormone Keeps Joint Injuries from Causing Osteoarthritis : Osteoporosis drug is the first ever found to prevent cartilage loss from osteoarthritis following injury to a joint.

2009-09-01 : Plantar Fasciitis: Symptoms Facts & Treatment : Plantar Fasciitis accounts for eleven to fifteen percent of all foot pain treatment.

2009-09-01 : Arthritis Awareness Month - Exercise : While there is currently no cure for arthritis, exercise plays an important role in treating the disease and minimizing damage to the joints.

2009-08-26 : Frozen Shoulder and How to Treat It : A Frozen Shoulder is one of the most common shoulder conditions and one of the most disabling.

2009-08-13 : Vertebroplasty for Osteoporotic Spinal Compression Fractures : Vertebroplasty is a procedure where medical cement is injected into the spine to relieve pain and improve function in patients who have osteoporotic fractures.

2009-07-11 : Strength Training Exercise May Help Treat Tennis Elbow Pain : Bar and strengthening exercise may alleviate tennis elbow pain from everyday activities.

2009-07-09 : Study Identifies Potential Fix for Damaged Knees : Biodegradable scaffold or plug can be used to treat patients with damaged knee cartilage.

2009-07-01 : Ankle Talus Injury Repairs : New techniques put a new twist on talus ankle repair using cells grown in a lab new treatments eliminate risks of traditional procedures.

2009-06-30 : Tendonitis Relief with Rotator Cuff Treatment : Calcific tendonitis is a condition that causes the formation of small calcium deposits within the tendons of the rotator cuff in the shoulder.

2009-04-22 : Knee Replacement Surgery Techniques : Knee replacement restores mobility and physical functioning of the knee and relieves irrepressible pain and restrictions on quality of life caused by osteoarthritis.

2009-04-22 : Polyarthralgia: Joint Pain & Fibromyalgia : Information and definition of Polyarthralgia usually used to describe aches and pain affecting five or more joints.

2009-04-04 : Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Facts & Information : Information regarding Osteogenesis Imperfecta OI a group of genetic disorders that mainly affect the bones.

2009-02-21 : Tendon Rupture Signs and Symptoms : Achilles tendon rupture occurs when an individual tears the tendon.

2009-02-21 : Chronic Tendonitis Causes and Treatment : Chronic tendonitis can affect the tendons in many different parts of the body Tendons are the elastic tissue that connects the muscle to the bone.

2009-02-20 : Shoulder Rotator Cuff Pain: Information and Exercises : Shoulder rotator cuff injury symptoms and how to treat the pain including exercises.

2009-01-23 : Multiple Hereditary Exostoses Information : Information on Multiple Hereditary Exostoses also called Osteochondromatosis Cartilaginous Exostoses Hereditary Multiple Osteochondromata Diaphyseal Aclasis.

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