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Bones and Joints Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
How Bone Cells Respond to Forces - Repairing and Preventing Future InjuriesYes2018/12/142023/09/16
Plantar Fasciitis Information: Symptoms Facts and Treatment OptionsN/A2018/10/03
Muscle Cramps: How to Prevent CrampingN/A2018/09/182020/10/07
Important New Biology Leading to Improved Healing for Bone FracturesYes2018/07/262023/10/06
Dripping Candle Wax Bone Disease (Melorheostosis) Cause SolvedN/A2018/04/13
Research Helps Explain Why People Experience Muscle Loss in Old AgeN/A2018/03/13
Tendinitis and Bursitis: Staying Active While HealingN/A2016/03/072021/06/19
Hip Impingement: Symptoms, Causes, TreatmentN/A2015/07/292021/08/07
Difference Between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tarsal Tunnel SyndromeN/A2015/06/232020/09/17
Degenerative Joint Disease: Climbing and Descending StairsN/A2015/04/142021/08/20
Treatment for Muscle Cramps and SpasmsN/A2015/02/192021/09/01
Tendon and Ligaments: Injuries and HealingN/A2015/02/162021/09/07
Open Bone Breaks in Children Can Heal Without SurgeryN/A2014/12/132020/11/07
Ball Pitchers and Shoulder PainN/A2014/12/10
How Muscles Work Study Show Insight into Muscle DisordersN/A2014/11/282021/03/15
Arthrofibrosis: Information, Prevention and Treatment of Excessive Scar TissueN/A2014/11/182020/11/21
Males Weaker When it Comes to Bone HealthN/A2014/10/092021/05/05
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS): Signs, Symptoms, Prevention, CopingN/A2014/08/302021/02/23
Effective Exercise for Golfer's Elbow Reduces PainN/A2014/08/202018/05/01
Hammer or Contracted Toes: Symptoms, Prevention, SurgeryN/A2014/07/022021/08/30
Using Ocean Coral for Bone Grafting ProceduresYes2013/11/302023/09/27
DePuy Hip Implants and Chromium Metal DangersN/A2013/01/152022/02/25
Bariatric Surgery and Bone LossN/A2012/11/122016/04/06
Repetitive Stress Injuries: Types and PreventionN/A2012/06/262021/09/01
Cold Weather Can Cause Broken Bones and SprainsN/A2011/12/242021/11/07
Knee Braces - An Experience with an OrthotistN/A2011/08/262019/01/12
Gout Prevalence in AmericaN/A2011/07/282022/01/09
Detecting Warning Signs of Joint Replacement FailureN/A2011/04/29
Heterotopic Ossification: Potential Effective TreatmentN/A2011/04/042022/04/27
Overweight People Really Are Big-BonedN/A2011/03/22
How to Heal an Injured JointN/A2011/03/18
Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Joint Pain in ChildrenN/A2011/03/022022/05/20
Tendon Injuries - New InsightsN/A2011/03/01
Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Treating Aging Knees as OrgansN/A2011/02/162022/06/01
Shoulder Dislocation ExercisesN/A2011/02/112012/09/21
HyProCure Key in Treatment and Prevention of Foot and Ankle NeuropathyN/A2010/11/262015/05/25
Treatment for Biceps InjuriesN/A2010/11/05
Arthrogryposis: Facts, Causes and TreatmentN/A2010/11/042017/06/03
Pain Relief Tips When Standing in LineYes2010/11/032023/10/05
Fluoride from Tea and Toothpaste Weakens BonesN/A2010/11/01
HyProCure Stent to Fix Foot PainN/A2010/10/282018/10/07
Is Your Foot Fracture an Early Sign of OsteoporosisN/A2010/10/062015/05/25
Exercise Associated with Lower Rate of Fractures in Senior FemalesN/A2010/09/28
The Achilles' Heel of TendonsN/A2010/09/21
Hip Replacement Surgery Reducing your Risk of Blood ClotsN/A2010/09/17
Early Surgery After Hip Fractures Reduces FatalityN/A2010/09/13
Joint Replacement Infections of Hip and KneeN/A2010/09/09
Joint Replacement Surgery InformationN/A2010/08/01
Zsa Zsa Gabor Fell Into Hip Replacement SurgeryN/A2010/07/21
R.I.C.E. for Tennis Elbow Pain TreatmentN/A2010/07/022016/03/07
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms and TreatmentN/A2010/06/062018/10/07
Hip Exercises Effective at Reducing Knee PainN/A2010/06/042016/05/20
Effective Alternative Treatments Available for Chronic Ankle DisabilityN/A2010/06/02
Types of Hip Replacement ImplantsN/A2010/04/232010/09/17
Knee Replacement in Seniors Improves BalanceN/A2010/03/11
Shoulder Function Not Fully Restored After Rotator Cuff SurgeryN/A2010/03/07
Biceps Injury - Surgical Treatment Improves RecoveryN/A2010/03/03
Over Doing Exercise May Lead to Arthritis in Later YearsN/A2009/11/302010/06/25
Arthritis Affects 1 in 6 Adults in CanadaN/A2009/10/212010/06/25
Knee Pain - Try Exercise TherapyN/A2009/10/20
Hormone Keeps Joint Injuries from Causing OsteoarthritisN/A2009/09/12
Arthritis Awareness Month - ExerciseN/A2009/09/012010/01/17
Frozen Shoulder and How to Treat ItN/A2009/08/262022/01/07
Vertebroplasty for Osteoporotic Spinal Compression FracturesN/A2009/08/132018/04/05
Strength Training Exercise May Help Treat Tennis Elbow PainN/A2009/07/112016/03/07
Study Identifies Potential Fix for Damaged KneesN/A2009/07/092010/06/26
Ankle Talus Injury RepairsN/A2009/07/012013/07/15
Tendonitis Relief with Rotator Cuff TreatmentN/A2009/06/302016/03/07
Knee Replacement Surgery TechniquesN/A2009/04/22
Polyarthralgia: Joint Pain and FibromyalgiaN/A2009/04/222019/08/31
Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Types, Facts, InformationN/A2009/04/042023/01/31
Tendon Rupture: Signs, Symptoms, TreatmentN/A2009/02/212022/01/09
Chronic Tendonitis Causes and TreatmentN/A2009/02/212020/12/02
Shoulder Rotator Cuff Pain: Information and ExercisesN/A2009/02/202022/01/10
Multiple Hereditary Exostoses InformationN/A2009/01/232017/06/25

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