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Tips for Healthy Feet

  • Publish Date : 2011/05/19 - (Rev. 2013/12/06)
  • Author : Amy Leigh

Synopsis: Hints and tips including home remedies to help relieve sweaty and smelly foot odor.

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The human foot is an amazing part of the body, yet it is often the most neglected. The average person is said to be able to walk twice around the world in their lifetime.

Without healthy feet, the chance to see and experience everything would not be possible. Here are 10 simple yet fail-safe ways to maintain healthy feet:

  • 1. Inspect your feet regularly -It is important to observe your feet in a daily basis: every morning when you wake up, and every night when you are about to sleep. Any changes in the general appearance of the foot, like the color and the texture, should not be ignored. Unusual swelling and changes in the toenails should not be neglected either.
  • 2. Practice strict foot hygiene -The feet are favorite breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. Athlete's foot is a common fungal infection that occurs because of poor foot hygiene. Make sure you wash your feet well, and dry them thoroughly afterwards.
  • 3. Moisturize the skin in your feet -Warm days can make the feet lose all their natural oils, making them extremely dry. Thus, it is important to hydrate the skin in your feet to replenish all the lost moisture, otherwise fissures can develop. You can apply lotions and creams that are specially formulated for foot use.
  • 4. Wear appropriate footwear -Always purchase the right size of footwear. Shoes that are too tight tend to bruise or tear the skin surrounding the pressure points of the feet, such as the ankle and the smallest toe. Comfort should never be substituted for style. Furthermore, buy different shoes that are appropriate for every season. Boots and closed shoes are perfect for winter days as you may experience frostbite from the extremely cold weather.
  • 5. Trim your toenails straight across -Always cut your nails straight across, and never too defined at the sides. This practice will lead to an ingrown toenail, and neglecting this will only cause you an infection. Because the feet make good grounds for bacterial and fungal growth, the infection may spread to surrounding structures.
  • 6. Swap shoes daily -It is important to avoid wearing the same shoes everyday. Your feet have a lot of sweat glands, and wearing shoes will only absorb the moisture released from these glands. Make it a point to dry your shoes after each and every use. Many shoe products are also available that help clean and deodorize your footwear.
  • 7. Exercise regularly -Running exercises are great for your feet, but make sure to wear running shoes to make the most out of your exercise routines. Simple exercises can also be done at home, such as walking on a treadmill. Foot exercises improve good pedal circulation, preventing many disorders of the heart and blood vessels.
  • 8. Do not walk barefoot -Even when at home, always wear the appropriate footwear. There are a lot of harmful microorganisms found on the floor, road, or on any surface for that matter. Although such microbes are invisible to the naked eye, they can easily enter the bloodstream through the feet especially if there are any open wounds that make great entry points.
  • 9. Apply sunblock during hot days -Even your feet need occasional pampering, especially during warm and humid days. Applying sunblock with a considerable amount of SPF will prevent painful sunburns and blisters.
  • 10. See a podiatrist regularly -It is always best to consult a specialist for professional medical help. A podiatrist is a doctor that treats disorders of the foot. If you notice or feel anything unusual in your feet, do not hesitate to see a podiatrist immediately.

With these helpful tips, you can achieve healthy and great-looking feet. Moreover, the risks of developing other disorders, such as infection and foot trauma, can be significantly prevented.

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