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Chronic & Acute Pain: General Information & Treatment News Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Pain - Acute & Chronic category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-02-06Determining the Origin of Hip and/or Spine Pain
2016-07-11Effective and Safe Options to Treat Pain
2016-05-20Pain Scale Chart - 1 to 10 Levels
2016-03-25Pain Described As Multi-layered Gradual Event
2016-03-22Spinal Cord Stimulation Reduces Chronic Pain Emotional Aspect
2016-02-15Crowdfunded Research Into Phantom Limb Pain Treatment
2016-01-08Dry Eye & Chronic Pain Syndrome Link
2015-12-28New Drug Therapy May End Chronic Pain
2015-12-04High-frequency Electrical Stimulation to Spinal Cord Eases Chronic Pain
2015-09-10Children & Pain: Overview of Pediatric Pain
2015-02-07Tackling Chronic Amputee Pain for Veterans and Civilians
2015-01-15Postherpetic Neuralgia: Causes and Treatment
2014-12-05Scientists Map Spinal Circuitry Responsible for Chronic Pain
2014-11-29Off Switch for Pain - Activating Adenosine A3 Receptor Subtype Key to Powerful Pain Relief
2014-10-2920% of U.S. Adults Have Persistent Pain
2014-06-17Caffeine Can Help Reduce Joint and Other Pain
2014-03-10Interdisciplinary Care Best for Chronic Pain However Insurance Coverage Falls Short
2014-02-24Insomnia: Sleeping Disorders and Chronic Pain Conditions
2014-01-19Everybody Feels Pain Differently - Who is Most Sensitive to Pain
2014-01-03Chinese Corydalis Herb Relieves Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain
2013-01-07Why Does Morphine Increase Pain in Some People
2012-12-30Scientists Map Sensory Nerves
2012-11-28The Pain Whisperer Cures Un-treatable Painful Conditions
2012-10-12Love, Disability, and Chronic Pain
2012-01-31Chronic Pain - A New Understanding
2012-01-09Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: General Overview
2011-05-23Myofascial Pain syndrome (MPS) or Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP)
2011-05-20How to Survive Grief
2011-05-19Easing Physical and Psychological Burden of Chronic Pain
2011-05-02Itchiness and Pain Connected
2011-02-10Simply Looking at Your Body May Reduce Pain
2010-12-17It's a Pain to Take Care of Pain
2010-11-18Lower Back and Foot Pain Associated with Knee Osteoarthritis
2010-09-23Anger Amplifies Clinical Pain in Women with and without Fibromyalgia
2010-09-23Inflammation Causes Some Post-surgical Neuropathies
2010-09-21No Pain in Hospital - Wishful Thinking or Reality
2010-08-25Painkilling System in the Human Brain
2010-08-17Biomedical Diagnosis of Pain
2010-05-07Chronic Pain Gene Culprits Found
2010-04-27Blocking Pain at its Source
2010-04-26Pain Free Treatment of Children and Adolescents
2010-03-30Can Words Hurt
2010-03-05Non-drug Techniques Reduce Pain in Patients
2010-02-04New, Targeted Pain Medicine Delivery Systems
2009-12-30Device for Pain Therapy not Recommended for Chronic Lower Back Pain
2009-11-24Chronic Pain in Older Adults
2009-10-27Ineffective Pain Care Costing Over $100 Billion Annually
2009-09-30Less Chronic Pain when Taking Combined Drugs
2009-09-17Relieving Pain Meeting in Australia
2009-09-16Pain Increases Signs of Aging by 2 to 3 Decades in Middle Aged Adults
2009-06-25Kidney Pain in Lower Back
2009-06-25Pain Treatment for Cancer Patients
2009-05-29Pain Effects the Economy and Workplace
2009-04-21Anxiety Increases Pain Intensity and Disability
2009-04-07Pain in the ICU Report Suggests Comprehensive Approach
2009-04-07Bedside Test Improves Diagnosis of Chronic Back Pain
2009-03-20Chronic Pain Sufferers May Need to Assess Vitamin D Status
2009-01-28I Feel Your Pain: Neural Mechanisms of Empathy
2009-01-14Pain Treatment Reports Often Cannot be Trusted
2009-01-13Painful Joints: Arthralgia
2008-12-19Pain Manipulation Under Anesthesia


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