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Pain: Acute and Chronic Publications
Title of
Autistics Not Indifferent Nor Hypo-sensitive to Pain2022/11/302023/06/03
How We Experience Pain of Others2022/11/122023/01/04
Treating Chronic Pain with Sound and Electrical StimulationPaper / Essay2022/08/142023/09/27
Dissolving Device Relieves Pain Without Drugs2022/07/012023/01/04
DVPRS 2.0 Pain Scale Chart for Service Personnel and VeteransCharts / Graphs / Tables2020/03/122023/09/19
Relieving Kidney Stone Pain2018/07/01
iPad Use and Incorrect Posture Can Cause Neck Pain2018/06/21
Treating Neuropathic Pain - A New Approach2018/05/04
Virtual Reality Reduces Phantom Pain in Paraplegics2017/10/302023/05/18
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Study Insights2017/07/102020/07/20
Determining Origin of Hip and Spine Pain2017/02/062021/04/03
Effective and Safe Options to Treat Pain2016/07/11
Pain Scale Chart: 1 to 10 LevelsCharts / Graphs / Tables2016/05/202023/08/31
Pain: A Multi-layered Gradual EventResearch Study Analysis2016/03/252023/12/13
Spinal Cord Stimulation Reduces Chronic Pain Emotional Aspect2016/03/222020/11/02
Crowdfunded Research Into Phantom Limb Pain Treatment2016/02/152023/05/18
Dry Eye and Chronic Pain Syndrome2016/01/082020/11/22
New Drug Therapy May End Chronic Pain2015/12/28
High-frequency Electrical Stimulation to Spinal Cord Eases Chronic Pain2015/12/042020/12/02
Children and Pain: Overview of Pediatric Pain2015/09/102021/07/30
Tackling Chronic Amputee Pain for Veterans and Civilians2015/02/072021/09/07
Postherpetic Neuralgia: Causes and Treatment2015/01/152018/03/16
Spinal Circuitry Map Responsible for Chronic Pain2014/12/052021/10/05
Adenosine: A Switch to Turn Off Pain2014/11/292020/11/15
20% of U.S. Adults Have Persistent Pain2014/10/29
Caffeine Can Help Reduce Joint and Other Pain2014/06/172021/08/30
Interdisciplinary Care Best for Chronic Pain However Insurance Coverage Falls Short2014/03/10
Insomnia: Sleeping Disorders and Chronic Pain Conditions2014/02/242021/08/30
People Feel Pain Differently - Who is Most Sensitive to Pain?2014/01/192021/09/16
Chinese Corydalis Herb Relieves Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain2014/01/03
Why Morphine Increases Pain in Some Patients2013/01/072021/06/11
Scientists Map Sensory Nerves2012/12/302016/03/25
The Pain Whisperer Cures Un-treatable Painful ConditionsInformative2012/11/282023/09/17
Love, Disability, and Chronic Pain2012/10/122021/07/14
Chronic Pain - A New Understanding2012/01/312018/02/15
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: General Overview2012/01/092019/01/07
Myofascial Pain Syndrome - Chronic Myofascial Pain2011/05/232022/03/26
Coping with Loss: How to Survive Grief2011/05/202022/03/29
Easing Physical and Psychological Burden of Chronic Pain2011/05/19
Itchiness and Pain Connected2011/05/022018/01/26
Simply Looking at Your Body May Reduce Pain2011/02/102022/06/12
It's a Pain to Take Care of Pain2010/12/172016/05/20
Lower Back and Foot Pain Associated with Knee OsteoarthritisStudy2010/11/182023/09/19
Anger Amplifies Clinical Pain in Women with and without Fibromyalgia2010/09/23
Inflammation Causes Some Post-surgical Neuropathies2010/09/232018/03/16
No Pain in Hospital - Wishful Thinking or Reality2010/09/21
Painkilling System in the Human Brain2010/08/252015/09/09
Biomedical Diagnosis of Pain2010/08/17
Chronic Pain Gene Culprits Found2010/05/07
Blocking Pain at its Source2010/04/27
Pain Free Treatment of Children and Adolescents2010/04/26
Can Words Hurt? Verbal Stimuli Can Activate Pain MatrixResearch Study Analysis2010/03/302023/09/26
Non-drug Techniques Reduce Pain in Patients2010/03/05
New, Targeted Pain Medicine Delivery Systems2010/02/04
Device for Pain Therapy not Recommended for Chronic Lower Back Pain2009/12/302011/08/28
Chronic Pain in Older Adults2009/11/24
Ineffective Pain Care Costing Over $100 Billion Annually2009/10/272010/01/17
Less Chronic Pain when Taking Combined Drugs2009/09/30
Relieving Pain Meeting in Australia2009/09/172010/07/03
Pain Increases Signs of Aging by 2 to 3 Decades in Middle Aged Adults2009/09/16
Kidney's or Lower Back Pain?2009/06/252022/08/18
Pain Treatment for Cancer Patients2009/06/25
Pain Effects the Economy and Workplace2009/05/292018/01/26
Anxiety Increases Pain Intensity and Disability2009/04/21
Pain in the ICU Report Suggests Comprehensive Approach2009/04/072016/05/20
Bedside Test Improves Diagnosis of Chronic Back Pain2009/04/07
Chronic Pain Sufferers May Need to Assess Vitamin D Status2009/03/20
I Feel Your Pain: Neural Mechanisms of Empathy2009/01/282015/09/09
Pain Treatment Reports Often Cannot be Trusted2009/01/142014/03/14
Painful Joints: Arthralgia2009/01/132012/08/23
Pain Manipulation Under Anesthesia2008/12/192014/12/14

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