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The Pain Whisperer Cures Un-treatable Painful Conditions

  • Published: 2012-11-28 : Author: The Pain Whisperer
  • Synopsis: Dr. Tom Chi known as The Pain Whisperer has cured over 80,000 failed surgery patients of painful conditions using an amazing cure technique.

September's outrageous "Guerrilla Therapy" Demonstration outside NY Columbia-Presbyterian hospital left administrators and surgeons in shock. The amazing results of the five hour treatment demonstration just 10 feet from the hospital's entrance were achieved with a breakthrough therapy that could revolutionize chronic pain treatment forever.

The Pain Whisperer - Tom Chi is a master acupuncturist with 30 years experience who has treated Oprah Winfrey, members of Congress and dozens medical doctors. He demonstrated acupuncture anesthesia for childbirth when on staff at Catskill Regional Hospital and is he also known for curing the facial paralysis of Mark Ruffalo who plays the Hulk in the new Avengers movie. He is in pre-production on his new reality series, The Pain Whisperer which features this amazing breakthrough therapy that permanently cures chronic pain with the proverbial snap of the fingers even after years of therapy and failed surgeries.

"We treated horribly suffering patients who've had years of therapy and failed surgeries as they emerged from the hospital," says Dr. Tom Chi, also known as The Pain Whisperer.

A recent study published in the journal Spine proves that NO spinal fusion surgery is much better than having the surgery! "We can no longer rely on physical therapy and surgery as they simply do not work for most conditions! It's time for a medical revolution."

Supertouch Therapy is the sophisticated mechanical therapy that doctors and patients say routinely cures these previously un-treatable painful conditions.

Chi is a Kung Fu master who used that training to super-sensitize his hands. For 3 decades he has been curing previously hopeless patients. He developed the remarkable ability to "see" injuries in the tissue with such clarity that he says it's like looking at a 3D exploded-view computer picture. Then he "reprocesses" the injuries with his Supertouch Therapy so that they no longer exist.

Dr. Umar Chaudry MD: "Tom cured my extreme chronic pain like it was nothing!"

Herniated discs, abdominal adhesions, vulvodynia, carpal tunnel and repetitive stress injuries share the same soft-tissue adhesions as the neck and back, conditions that mistakenly receive surgeries that fail. Yet with Chi's breakthrough therapy the pain is quickly gone for good. That is why they call him The Pain Whisperer.

Hip and knee replacements are often unnecessary says Chi and he recently demonstrated this for a Johns-Hopkins medical reporter. 3 patients who were scheduled for replacement surgery were accompanied by a nurse practitioner to Chi's facility. Chi treated their knees/hips while observed by the reporter. They left without their braces and canes and their orthopedic surgeon called off the replacement surgeries.

Chi explains that the pain is not from worn joints but from adhesions in the muscles and tendons. "Even with little or no cartilage our patients have no more pain and a year later they are still pain free. Arthritis is forever but the pain can be eliminated on the spot!"

He has done 80,000 treatments and cured scores of failed surgery patients using this amazing cure.

Dr. David Garrison MD: "Tom is the real deal!"

Director of the Supertouch Therapy program at The Pain Therapy Institute in S. Fallsburg, N.Y. is Pain Specialist Jared Freeland who tells us "We prove pain can be quickly eradicated. Our results are profound and this is the answer for most chronic pain. And now Dr. Chi is planning for an army of therapists to widely implement this treatment so the suffering can finally stop and this will coincidentally save huge sums for the healthcare system."

A top star of the Avengers movie said, "Tom saved my life and my career."

Chi treats patients who've had years of therapy and failed surgeries. They fly in from around the country and the globe, stay a few days, then leave with their lives transformed.

Patients can see amazing before and after video of Chi's results at

The new Supertouch Therapy school is selecting talented students to carry out this medical revolution. Most are already practicing therapists who are amazed at the results from this breakthrough therapy and want to deliver them to their own patients.

Chi has treated nearly 100 medical doctors, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Ruffalo, US Ambassadors and members of Congress. For most patients this is the last stop as they've often seen specialists from around the world with no results.

Chi plans to change how we treat pain. "Fast lasting results needs to be standard."

Student website:

Chi is a Doctor of Acupuncture and was on staff at Catskill Regional Hospital. He will be featured in the upcoming TV reality series: "The Pain Whisperer" - (See video preview below).

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