Allergy Drops an Alternative to Shots

Author: Dr. Michael R. Menachof
Published: 2011/03/05
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Synopsis: Allergy drops are a lesser-known therapy for people who wish to avoid the discomfort of allergy shots.

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Colorado Allergy Specialist Suggests Drops as Alternative to Shots - As the allergy season gets underway, Dr. Michael R. Menachof, a board-certified otolaryngologist serving Denver, suggests allergy drops as a more comfortable alternative to traditional allergy shots.

With spring just around the corner, allergy season will be in full bloom in no time. Many people are already taking steps to prepare for the onset of their allergies. In preparation for the allergy season, Colorado allergy specialist Dr. Michael R. Menachof ( is recommending allergy drops, a lesser-known therapy, for people who would rather avoid the discomfort of allergy shots.

"Allergy shots are a traditional method for treating allergies," explains Dr. Menachof. "However, not every person with allergies is a good candidate for shots. In such cases, I suggest patients consider allergy drops to reduce symptoms and desensitize them from their allergens."

Allergy drops, which are placed under the tongue, are similar to shots in the way they deliver slowly increasing amounts of antigens. Known as immunotherapy, this treatment builds the body's tolerance to allergens. Because some patients cannot tolerate shots, Dr. Menachof uses drops as a safe and effective alternative.

"Allergy drops often prove more advantageous than traditional allergy shots for certain patients," says Dr. Menachof. "Because drops require fewer clinic visits, they are less expensive and more convenient, as patients can take the drops daily at home. Drops provide an excellent alternative for my Colorado asthma and allergy patients."

As an ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr. Menachof specializes in treating allergies but also offers services for patients who need help with snoring or fitting for hearing aids in Colorado. In contrast to old-fashioned bulky hearing aids, new technological advances have resulted in small, almost invisible hearing devices that are both comfortable and discreet.

"Due to my extensive training, my staff and I can help patients with balance problems, hearing issues, allergies, snoring, and sleep apnea," notes Dr. Menachof. "We offer a variety of treatment methods for these health and wellness concerns."

Michael R. Menachof, MD ( received his Medical Doctorate degree from the University of California at San Francisco, consistently ranked as one of the top five medical schools in the country. He graduated in the top 5% of his class and was awarded placement in the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. Dr. Menachof remained at the University of California Hospitals to pursue his training in Head and Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery. He has served the Denver metro area from his practice, The Center for Aesthetic Facial Surgery, since 1992. He is board-certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology.

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