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Disability Medical and Health Category List

Our A to Z category index is a handy navigational and informational tool that helps you quickly find and retrieve specific information from the Disabled World website.

Main Category Topics and RSS Feeds
3D PrintingRSS Feed
AARP Health InsuranceRSS Feed
AccessibilityRSS Feed
Accessible CruisesRSS Feed
Accessible GamesRSS Feed
Accessible Home DesignRSS Feed
Accessible Website DesignRSS Feed
Accidents & DisabilityRSS Feed
Acute & Chronic PainRSS Feed
Acne Types, & TreatmentRSS Feed
Aerobic ExercisesRSS Feed
Africa Disability NewsRSS Feed
Aging Associated DiseasesRSS Feed
Air Ambulance ServicesRSS Feed
Alabama Disability NewsRSS Feed
Alaska Disability NewsRSS Feed
Alberta Disability NewsRSS Feed
AllergiesRSS Feed
All Terrain WheelchairsRSS Feed
Alternative MedicineRSS Feed
Alzheimer's DiseaseRSS Feed
American Disability Act ADARSS Feed
Adaptive SkiingRSS Feed
Adaptive SnowboardingRSS Feed
Adaptive Snow SportsRSS Feed
Anthropology and DisabilityRSS Feed
AntioxidantsRSS Feed
Anorexia NervosaRSS Feed
Apps - Health & DisabilityRSS Feed
Arizona Disability NewsRSS Feed
Arkansas Disability NewsRSS Feed
Aromatherapy InformationRSS Feed
ArthritisRSS Feed
Asian Disability NewsRSS Feed
Assistive Computer DevicesRSS Feed
Assistive Household ProductsRSS Feed
Assistive Listening DevicesRSS Feed
Assistive TechnologyRSS Feed
Asthma InformationRSS Feed
AstronomyRSS Feed
Athens 2011 Special OlympicsRSS Feed
Australian Discrimination ActRSS Feed
Australian EmploymentRSS Feed
Australian MedicareRSS Feed
Australia NZ Disability NewsRSS Feed
AutismRSS Feed
Autoimmune DiseasesRSS Feed
Avian Bird FluRSS Feed
Ayurveda MedicineRSS Feed
Back Pain & SciaticaRSS Feed
Berries for HealthRSS Feed
Biofeedback NeurofeedbackRSS Feed
Biometrics TechnologyRSS Feed
Bipolar DisorderRSS Feed
Blind SportsRSS Feed
Bodybuilding Weight TrainingRSS Feed
Books & PublicationsRSS Feed
Brain InformationRSS Feed
Brain CancerRSS Feed
Breast CancerRSS Feed
British Columbia Disability NewsRSS Feed
Broadcasting - Radio & TVRSS Feed
BT Paralympic World CupRSS Feed
Bulimia NervosaRSS Feed
California Disability NewsRSS Feed
Calculators & ChartsRSS Feed
Canada Disability NewsRSS Feed
Canada Pension DisabilityRSS Feed
Canada MedicareRSS Feed
Cancer InformationRSS Feed
Cancer TreatmentsRSS Feed
Cardiovascular DiseasesRSS Feed
CaregiversRSS Feed
Central America & MexicoRSS Feed
Cerebral PalsyRSS Feed
Child Disability InformationRSS Feed
Childhood ObesityRSS Feed
China Disability NewsRSS Feed
CholesterolRSS Feed
Chronic Fatigue SyndromeRSS Feed
Clinical TrialsRSS Feed
Cognitive DisabilitiesRSS Feed
Colorado Disability NewsRSS Feed
Colorectal CancerRSS Feed
Commonwealth GamesRSS Feed
Communication ProgramsRSS Feed
Competitions & ContestsRSS Feed
Compact Mobility ScootersRSS Feed
Connecticut Disability NewsRSS Feed
Consumer Electronics ShowRSS Feed
Coverage of Disability EventsRSS Feed
Crohn's DiseaseRSS Feed
Cystic FibrosisRSS Feed
Dating Tips & AdviceRSS Feed
DeaflympicsRSS Feed
Delaware Disability NewsRSS Feed
Dementia InformationRSS Feed
Dental & TeethRSS Feed
Dental InsuranceRSS Feed
DepressionRSS Feed
Dermatology ConditionsRSS Feed
Detoxification & Detox DietsRSS Feed
DiabetesRSS Feed
Diets & DietingRSS Feed
Digestive SystemRSS Feed
Disability Air TravelRSS Feed
Disability ArtRSS Feed
Disability ArticlesRSS Feed
Disability AwarenessRSS Feed
Disability AwardsRSS Feed
Disability BlogsRSS Feed
Disability CampsRSS Feed
Disability Chat RoomsRSS Feed
Disability CommunitiesRSS Feed
Disability Cooking TipsRSS Feed
Disability DiscriminationRSS Feed
Disability EmploymentRSS Feed
Disability Employment UKRSS Feed
Disability Employment USARSS Feed
Disability Events CalendarRSS Feed
Disability FishingRSS Feed
Disability FootballRSS Feed
Disability GardeningRSS Feed
Disability Housing & HomesRSS Feed
Disability InsuranceRSS Feed
Disability Insurance ClaimsRSS Feed
Disability NewsRSS Feed
Disability Pension AustraliaRSS Feed
Disability Product InvestorsRSS Feed
Disability Sports NewsRSS Feed
Disability SportsRSS Feed
Disability Tax InformationRSS Feed
Disability Transport ServicesRSS Feed
Disability Travel USARSS Feed
Disaster & Emergency PlanningRSS Feed
Disasters WarningsRSS Feed
Disabled DatingRSS Feed
Donations, Charities & CausesRSS Feed
Drug AddictionRSS Feed
DyslexiaRSS Feed
Eating DisordersRSS Feed
Ebola Virus DiseaseRSS Feed
Eczema InformationRSS Feed
EditorialsRSS Feed
EducationRSS Feed
Electric ScootersRSS Feed
Electric WheelchairsRSS Feed
End of Life Palliative CareRSS Feed
EntertainmentRSS Feed
EnzymesRSS Feed
EpilepsyRSS Feed
Erectile DysfunctionRSS Feed
ExercisesRSS Feed
Facts & StatisticsRSS Feed
Fats & OilsRSS Feed
FDA Products & Drug ApprovalsRSS Feed
Female Health IssuesRSS Feed
FibromyalgiaRSS Feed
Fingernails ToenailsRSS Feed
First AidRSS Feed
Fitness & NutritionRSS Feed
Florida Disability NewsRSS Feed
Food Allergies/IntoleranceRSS Feed
Food SecurityRSS Feed
Foundations - Health/DisabilityRSS Feed
Four Wheel ScootersRSS Feed
Fruits & VegetablesRSS Feed
Georgia Disability NewsRSS Feed
GERD - HeatburnRSS Feed
GlaucomaRSS Feed
Glossary & DefinitionsRSS Feed
Hair & ScalpRSS Feed
Hand Controls DrivingRSS Feed
Handy Home Tips & IdeasRSS Feed
Hawaii Disability NewsRSS Feed
Health CareRSS Feed
Health Care ReformRSS Feed
Health Conditions & DiseasesRSS Feed
Health SupplementsRSS Feed
Hearing ImpairmentsRSS Feed
HepatitisRSS Feed
Hernia InformationRSS Feed
Herpes Simplex VirusRSS Feed
HIV & AidsRSS Feed
Hobbies for DisabledRSS Feed
Hodgkin's DiseaseRSS Feed
Hoists & LiftsRSS Feed
Home Health MonitorsRSS Feed
Herbal MedicineRSS Feed
Holistic MedicineRSS Feed
Homeopathy HealingRSS Feed
Home RemediesRSS Feed
HR 3101 Accessibility ActRSS Feed
HypnotherapyRSS Feed
HypertensionRSS Feed
Idaho Disability NewsRSS Feed
Illinois Disability NewsRSS Feed
Immunization & VaccinesRSS Feed
Independant LivingRSS Feed
India Disability NewsRSS Feed
Indiana Disability NewsRSS Feed
Iowa Disability NewsRSS Feed
Ireland Disability NewsRSS Feed
Influenza & ColdsRSS Feed
InsomniaRSS Feed
Instant MessengersRSS Feed
Invisible DisabilitiesRSS Feed
Japan Disability NewsRSS Feed
Job DescriptionsRSS Feed
Kansas Disability NewsRSS Feed
Kentucky Disability NewsRSS Feed
Kidney CancerRSS Feed
Legal & LawyersRSS Feed
LeukemiaRSS Feed
Life InsuranceRSS Feed
Lift Chairs & SeatingRSS Feed
Longevity Life ExpectancyRSS Feed
Liver CancerRSS Feed
Loans Grants & FinanceRSS Feed
Losing Body FatRSS Feed
Louisiana Disability NewsRSS Feed
Lung CancerRSS Feed
LupusRSS Feed
Lyme DiseaseRSS Feed
Maine Disability NewsRSS Feed
Male Health IssuesRSS Feed
Manitoba Disability NewsRSS Feed
Manual WheelchairsRSS Feed
Market Research: Health, Medical and DisabilityRSS Feed
Maryland Disability NewsRSS Feed
Massachusetts Disability NewsRSS Feed
Medical InformationRSS Feed
Medical MarijuanaRSS Feed
Medical Printing 3-DRSS Feed
Medical ProductsRSS Feed
Medical Research NewsRSS Feed
Medical Product SuppliersRSS Feed
Medical ResearchRSS Feed
Medical TourismRSS Feed
Mesothelioma InformationRSS Feed
MetabolismRSS Feed
Michigan Disability NewsRSS Feed
Migraines & HeadachesRSS Feed
Minnesota Disability NewsRSS Feed
Mississippi Disability NewsRSS Feed
Missouri Disability NewsRSS Feed
Mobility AidsRSS Feed
Montana Disability NewsRSS Feed
Mobility Walking AidsRSS Feed
Motivational & InspirationalRSS Feed
Multiple SclerosisRSS Feed
Muscular dystrophyRSS Feed
NanotechnologyRSS Feed
NarcolepsyRSS Feed
Nebraska Disability NewsRSS Feed
NeurodiversityRSS Feed
Neurological DisordersRSS Feed
Nevada Disability NewsRSS Feed
New Brunswick Disability NewsRSS Feed
Newfoundland LabradorRSS Feed
New Hampshire Disability NewsRSS Feed
New Jersey Disability NewsRSS Feed
New Mexico Disability NewsRSS Feed
New South Wales RSS Feed
New York Disability NewsRSS Feed
New Zealand Disability NewsRSS Feed
NHS - U.K. HealthcareRSS Feed
North Carolina Disability NewsRSS Feed
North Dakota Disability NewsRSS Feed
Northern Territory Disability NewsRSS Feed
Northwest Territories Disability NewsRSS Feed
Nova Scotia Disability NewsRSS Feed
Nunavut Disability NewsRSS Feed
NutritionRSS Feed
Nuts & SeedsRSS Feed
Offbeat NewsRSS Feed
Ohio Disability NewsRSS Feed
Oklahoma Disability NewsRSS Feed
Ontario Disability NewsRSS Feed
Oral HealthRSS Feed
Oregon Disability NewsRSS Feed
Orthopedics Bones & JointsRSS Feed
OsteoarthritisRSS Feed
OsteoporosisRSS Feed
Ovarian CancerRSS Feed
Pancreatic CancerRSS Feed
ParalympicsRSS Feed
2008 Summer ParalympicsRSS Feed
2010 Winter ParalympicsRSS Feed
2012 Summer ParalympicsRSS Feed
2014 Winter ParalympicsRSS Feed
2016 Summer ParalympicsRSS Feed
2018 - Winter ParalympicsRSS Feed
2020 Summer ParalympicsRSS Feed
2022 Winter ParalympicsRSS Feed
Parkinson's DiseaseRSS Feed
Pediatric HealthRSS Feed
Pennsylvania Disability NewsRSS Feed
Personalized MedicineRSS Feed
Petitions - Disability RelatedRSS Feed
PharmaceuticalRSS Feed
Phobias & FearsRSS Feed
PhotographyRSS Feed
Physical & MobilityRSS Feed
Physical TherapyRSS Feed
Pilates ExercisesRSS Feed
Plastic & Cosmetic SurgeryRSS Feed
PneumoniaRSS Feed
Poetry, DisabilityRSS Feed
Political EditorialsRSS Feed
PregnancyRSS Feed
Press ReleasesRSS Feed
Prince Edward Island Disability NewsRSS Feed
Private Disability TransportRSS Feed
Probiotics InformationRSS Feed
ProsthesisRSS Feed
Prostate CancerRSS Feed
PsoriasisRSS Feed
Psychological DisordersRSS Feed
Public Disability TransportRSS Feed
Quebec Disability NewsRSS Feed
Queensland Disability NewsRSS Feed
Recalls Warning AdvisoriesRSS Feed
Reflexology InformationRSS Feed
Regenerative MedicineRSS Feed
Rehabilitation & HospitalsRSS Feed
Reiki TherapyRSS Feed
Respite Care ServicesRSS Feed
Respiratory DisordersRSS Feed
Restless Legs SyndromeRSS Feed
Retirement InformationRSS Feed
Rheumatoid ArthritisRSS Feed
Rhode Island Disability NewsRSS Feed
Saskatchewan Disability NewsRSS Feed
Scrapbooking HobbyRSS Feed
ScholarshipsRSS Feed
Scooter AccessoriesRSS Feed
Seniors NewsRSS Feed
Service AnimalsRSS Feed
Sexuality & DisabilityRSS Feed
Sign LanguageRSS Feed
Skin CancerRSS Feed
Skin DiseasesRSS Feed
Sledge HockeyRSS Feed
Sleep ApneaRSS Feed
Sleep DisordersRSS Feed
Snoring InformationRSS Feed
Social Security DisabilityRSS Feed
Social Security CheatsRSS Feed
South AmericaRSS Feed
South Australia Disability NewsRSS Feed
South Carolina Disability NewsRSS Feed
South Dakota Disability NewsRSS Feed
Special DietsRSS Feed
Special EducationRSS Feed
Special OlympicsRSS Feed
Special Olympics - 2009RSS Feed
Spina BifidaRSS Feed
Spinal Cord InjuryRSS Feed
Standing WheelchairsRSS Feed
Stem Cells & Cord BloodRSS Feed
Stomach CancerRSS Feed
Strains & SprainsRSS Feed
Stroke InformationRSS Feed
Surgery & OperationsRSS Feed
Swine FluRSS Feed
Tasmania Disability NewsRSS Feed
Technology EditorialsRSS Feed
Telemedicine - eHealthRSS Feed
Tennessee Disability NewsRSS Feed
Texas Disability NewsRSS Feed
Three Wheel ScootersRSS Feed
Tinnitus InformationRSS Feed
Traditional Chinese MedicineRSS Feed
Traumatic Brain InjuryRSS Feed
TravelRSS Feed
Travel AustraliaRSS Feed
Travel CanadaRSS Feed
Travel EuropeRSS Feed
Two Wheel Electric ScootersRSS Feed
Types of DisabilitiesRSS Feed
UK Disability Discrimination ActRSS Feed
UK Disability NewsRSS Feed
UK Disability PensionRSS Feed
Universal DesignRSS Feed
US Disability NewsRSS Feed
U.S. MedicareRSS Feed
US Social Security DisabilityRSS Feed
Utah Disability NewsRSS Feed
Varicose VeinsRSS Feed
Vegetarian & VeganRSS Feed
Vermont Disability NewsRSS Feed
Vertigo & Balance DisordersRSS Feed
Veterans EditorialsRSS Feed
Veterans NewsRSS Feed
Victoria Disability NewsRSS Feed
Virginia Disability NewsRSS Feed
Visual AidsRSS Feed
Vision DisabilitiesRSS Feed
VitaminsRSS Feed
VOIP Voice Chat RoomsRSS Feed
Washington Disability NewsRSS Feed
WatersportsRSS Feed
Weight Loss ExercisesRSS Feed
West Virginia Disability NewsRSS Feed
WheelchairsRSS Feed
Wheelchair AccessoriesRSS Feed
Wheelchair RampsRSS Feed
Wheelchair SportsRSS Feed
Wisconsin Disability NewsRSS Feed
Work from Home EmploymentRSS Feed
Wyoming Disability NewsRSS Feed
Yoga ExercisesRSS Feed
Your Disability StoriesRSS Feed
Yukon Disability NewsRSS Feed
Other Information
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     What will I receive?

Loan Information for low income singles, families, seniors and disabled. Includes home, vehicle and personal loans.

Famous People with Disabilities - Well known people with disabilities and conditions who contributed to society.

List of awareness ribbon colors and their meaning. Also see our calendar of awareness dates.

Blood Pressure Chart - What should your blood pressure be. Also see information on blood group types and compatibility.

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