Disabled World Chat Room Rules

Terms of Service Regarding the Use of Disabled World Chat

These Terms of Service are a guide regarding your use of Disabled World Chat.

The Disabled World chat rooms are provided as a free service. As such, there are no guarantees given or implied. Use of the chat rooms is at your own risk. Your use of the chat rooms constitutes an agreement that you will not hold disabled-world.com or its affiliates liable for anything said or done in the service to anyone at anytime.

To safeguard our chat environment if we have reason to think that a user tends toward or conduces to illegal activity, including but not limited to threats, hacking etc., we will take action (which may range from chatting with the person in question to banning the user from our website and/or seeking prosecution). In addition the users Internet service provider (ISP) will be sent an email with a log, ip address, and time stamp of said incident seeking termination of the offenders Internet service under their ISP's acceptable use policy.

Chat room Freedom of speech can be taken too far and some people think they can say whatever they want, whenever they want, and about whoever they want. There appears to be a fairly common mis-perception that freedom equals license; that being free to do something means you possess an irrevocable license to do it. Freedom of expression has never meant that a person could use language however she or he sees fit.

If you are asked to stop discussing objectionable subject matter and you continue to discuss it. It is no longer chatting it is harassing.

By using the Disabled World FREE chat rooms, you agree that Disabled World will not be held liable in any case and for any reason. You also agree, that if you do for any reason attempt to take legal action against disabled-world.com or its affiliates, to pay any lawyer fees and other costs to us regardless of outcome.

Use of the chat room signifies that you are in total agreement to the terms contained here within. If you disagree with any of these terms, then please do not use the chat rooms. If you use the chat room and do not agree to these terms disabled-world.com will not be held responsible.

Disabled-world.com and its affiliates reserve the right to ban anyone from using Disabled World chat rooms at any time, and for any reason they deem necessary. In addition we reserve the right to seek all remedies available at law and in equity for violations of these Terms of Use, including the right to block access from a particular Internet address to our web site.

Chat Etiquette

Remember when in the Disabled World Chat Rooms you aren't talking to other computers; you are talking to real, live people with feelings, moods, and interests who happen to be communicating via computers. As in real life, some people may seem rude or offensive. Humor works better at diffusing potential problems than anger does. Ignoring them works even better. If you don't get along with another chat user try one of our other chat rooms. Remember, you are responsible for anything you say or post in the Disabled World Chats.


We require all chat users to be over the age of 18 to participate in chat conversations.

Disclosing Personal Details

You ARE permitted, but strongly advised NOT to give out personal details such as yahoo, MSN id's, or email addresses in the chat. If you divulge your email or any other form of id you do so at your own risk.


Contact us if you need to change your username. One name change per month is permitted.


No advertising, this includes posting links to other websites and chat rooms. The only links permitted to be posted in chat are links that may help answer users questions on disability or medical conditions.

Typing in All Capitals

We ask you do >NOT type with caps lock on or in capitals as it can prevent screen readers reading the text. The occasionally use of capitals will not result in a ban, but continued and excessive use may. We also request you no longer use the scrolling text code. Also in regards to screen-readers we request you keep unnecessary punctuation such as ((((()))))) or !!!!! to a minimum. Normal capitalized abbreviations such as "SCI" are ok to use.

No Fighting or Name Calling

You may sometimes disagree with a member, but calling them names or flaming their character is not allowed. If you have a personal issue to discuss with a member, please take it private and discuss via Private Message.

No Flooding or Unnecessary Repetition

Interrupting the flow of the chat sessions with the use of large fonts, repetitive typing or other forms of flooding makes it hard for other chatters to continue their conversation.


Do not interrogate new users when they enter the chat. When you join a room full of people in the "real" world you do not immediately start to question them on their personal affairs, consider the chat rooms as you would consider a get together in real life and welcome all new users to the chat and treat other chatters the way you would like to be treated.


Disabled World reserves the right to amend or change these rules at any time without notice. You agree to periodically review this document to ensure you are complying with our chat rules. For the full terms and conditions that govern your use of the Disabled World website see our Terms of Service

Disabled World provides general information only. Materials presented are never meant to substitute for qualified medical care. Any 3rd party offering or advertising does not constitute an endorsement.