The Disabled World Website is Eco Friendly

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Unlike most websites that rely on data centers with powerful computers (servers) continuously running in air conditioned specialized buildings, Disabled World's server is different. The Disabled World website is committed to being environmentally friendly. It operates solely on 100% renewable energy, which has a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions and contributes to a healthier planet for both current and future generations.

With over 400 million active websites globally, data centers currently produce more carbon emissions than the entire airline industry. The energy demands of servers are significant, and they often require continuous cooling to prevent overheating. Unfortunately, in many cases, this electricity is generated from burning coal and other fossil fuels, leading to emissions that exacerbate climate change.

However, Disabled World takes a different approach. Our server operates on hydroelectricity, a clean and sustainable energy source. This choice of power ensures that our website's operations have minimal impact on the environment. Additionally, our server's temperature is regulated using outside air and water cooling technology, which is much more energy-efficient than conventional and power-intensive air conditioning systems.

By adopting eco-friendly practices and utilizing renewable energy sources, Disabled World strives to set an example for promoting a greener and more sustainable internet landscape.

Green Hosting Badge

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