Kelley A Pasmanick Biography

Writer and Article Contributor for Disabled World

Kelley A Pasmanick is a 36-year-old woman from Atlanta, Georgia. Pasmanick's work has appeared in Wordgathering, Squawk Back, Praxis Magazine, The Mighty, Loud Zoo, The Jewish Literary Journal, Umbrella Factory Magazine, Breath & Shadow, Kaleidoscope, and Tiny Tim Literary Review. Pasmanick is a repeat contributor to The Handy, Uncapped Pen and Disabled World. Her work has also been reprinted in Queen Mob's Teahouse and Disabled World.

"As a person writing about disability, who also has personal experience with disability, I am attempting to make it visible. My goal is to write about the humanity of disability, to strip the subject of disability from only being spoken about in unattached, unaffected medical jargon. I want to show the culture of disability—its laughter, sadness, angst, beauty, face, and most of all, its voice. I would like to undo, in a small way through my writing, the marginalization of a group, but to do it in a manner in which others who are not directly exposed to disability can connect and relate. I hope to make disability universal, and therefore, accepted by society."

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