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Kathleen's daughter Tricia has multiple disabilities caused by hypoxia during birth. Her younger sister, Barbara, is legally blind and has multiple disabilities. Both girls are adults and live in an intermediate care facility (ICF). Kathleen holds a Bachelor's degree in elementary education and the education of children whose primary disability is a visual impairment (TVI).

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Photo of Kathleen M. Cleaver holding a child.
Photo of Kathleen M. Cleaver holding a child.

During her thirty-year career as a teacher, Kathleen received the Penn-Del AER Elinor Long Award and the AER Membership Award for her service and contributions to the education of children with visual impairments. She also received the Elizabeth Nolan O'Donnell Achievement Award for years of dedicated service to St. Lucy Day School for Children with Visual Impairments.

Kathleen lives with her husband in Berks County, Pennsylvania. They have three grown daughters and two grandchildren.

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