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The Langtree's: The Family Behind Disabled World

Published: 2008-01-01 - Updated: 2019-07-12
Author: Thomas C. Weiss | Contact: Disabled World (
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Synopsis: An article about Ian and Lynn Langtree - Original founders of the Disabled World website.

The Langtree family enjoy gardening, boating, fishing, and many of the things that other families do. The Langtree's have a home that includes a swimming pool for them to enjoy, a yard for them to relax in when the weather is nice, and is situated in a neighborhood that is much like the one's you would find many other homes in across both Canada and America. They enjoy a life of daily living and caring for their children.


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The Langtree family enjoy gardening, boating, fishing, and many of the things that other families do. The Langtree's have a home that includes a swimming pool for them to enjoy, a yard for them to relax in when the weather is nice, and is situated in a neighborhood that is much like the one's you would find many other homes in across both Canada and America. They enjoy a life of daily living and caring for their children.

This article is from our digest of publications relating to Disabled World Information that also includes:

Discussions of the Disabled World website can only include Lynn and Ian; but who are these two people who are doing so much to keep this magnificent community website flourishing?

The Disabled World website offers an incredible amount of information. Health and information articles flow through the site providing people who visit with both timely and useful items.

News from around the world is available every day of the week. The community at Disabled World continues to grow on a seemingly daily basis, filled with people from across the world. There is news and information related to Veterans - there is so much available on this site.

There is plainly a lot of hard work being done by Lynn and Ian

When I first started writing articles for them, it involved a certain amount of interaction with Ian. Through my interactions with Ian I got to know him a bit better. What I found is that he is a very dedicated, patient, experienced and kind person. Lynn Langtree is equally wonderful as a person I am finding out, she is someone that Ian is very fortunate to be married to.

As Lynn stated through the quick commenting capability available through personal profiles at Disabled World, she is, 'Watching her husband work, work, work..."

I imagine that a good portion of the work that goes into Disabled World involves Lynn and efforts on her part to contribute in any way that she can. Lynn Langtree is an essential part of what is happening with Disabled World because she is doing a great deal of, 'behind the scenes,' activities that keep the site going. With four children in the picture, running a website of this magnitude is clearly a team effort. Lynn is clearly one strong woman who is dedicated to her family and the people at Disabled World. In addition she owns and operates Montreal Cat Adoptions, a labor of love cat rescue service, So if you are in the Montreal area, and are looking for a cat or kitten, check her website at Montreal Cat Adoptions (, and/or her latest additions of felines ready to be adopted at (

Ian is originally from Darwin, Australia which is located in the Northern Territory

Snow during Canadian winter at the Langtree residence.
Snow during Canadian winter at the Langtree residence.

He grew up in Ensay, Australia, although he has lived in Broome W.A., Darwin N.T. and Cairns, Queensland as well.

In a comment about his move from Australia to Canada Ian stated, "Coming from tropical Darwin in the north of Australia to Canada was both a cultural shock and huge climatic change. In Darwin the temperature ranges from around 25 to 36 degrees C most of the year, but in Montreal it ranges from about 36 above to minus 40 degrees in winter."

For people who understand Fahrenheit temperatures instead of Celsius, that temperature range is about 75 degrees to 98.6 degrees most of the year, and from 98.6 degrees to minus 49 degrees during the winter.

When Ian lived in Darwin he was a mechanic. He worked fitting hand-controls and additional forms of adaptive equipment on vehicles. Through my interactions with Ian I have found him to be filled with an entrepreneurial spirit that is very strong. He has pursued knowledge related to computer technologies that range from individualized studies of hardware, software, HTML, PHP, Internet-related knowledge, and many other forms of technology than he is often too humble to give himself credit for.

"From site design, script coding, to article research, Disabled World is run entirely by my wife and myself," says Ian. "I created the Disabled World website as a hobby in May 2004 to provide interesting articles on disability. Over time the website has expanded into an international disability community for people with disabilities and health conditions." Ian and Lyn Langtree were aware of the need for an interactive website for people with disabilities of all ages, from all walks of life."

The Disabled World website of today includes areas that cover a wide-variety of services. The site is family-friendly and is a member of The Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA), an independent, non-profit organization whose main goal is to empower parents to protect their children from potentially harmful content on the Internet.

Disabled World presents news from nations all over the planet that is related to people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and more. Stories related to advancements in the field of medicine, science, and articles on medical breakthroughs are available as well.

The Disability community that continues to grow on the site is well-presented and developed

The Disabled World website that Lynn and Ian began in 2004 as a hobby has grown into a site that presents a vast variety of information and disability community news, while providing an array of services aimed at its users.

There are a number of sites on the Internet that provide information related to people with disabilities - none of them has the the expansive amount of content and services available at Disabled World.

The family-oriented, entrepreneurial approach of the Langtree's has produced a site that is serving millions of people around the world. Accessibility has been enhanced as well as a new feature giving users the ability to adjust the font size on any page throughout the entire Disabled World website.

The question of what drives the Langtree's might appear in the minds of some

Lynn and Ian believe in the Social Model of Disability, a belief developed by disabled people in the 1970's.

The social model changes the focus away from people's impairments and towards removing the barriers that disabled people face in every day life. There are more than fifty-four million people with disabilities in America alone; the Langtree's are aware of this and perceived the need for a website where people with disabilities from all age groups and walks of life could meet on common ground, free of charge, in order to read information, experiences, and tips.

Lynn and Ian truly care about the people who come to Disabled World. If there is a subject that you are interested in that is related to People with Disabilities, Seniors, Family Members, Friends, or Veterans that is not already in their extensive collection of information, they are more than willing to research items. Disabled World respects the contributions of its members as well.

Driven by a deep sense of humanity, the understanding that there is a great need for information and community where people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and others with health issues are concerned, as well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the Langtree's have created a website that is sure to thrive for many years to come. With the knowledge and capabilities that Ian possesses, the site itself is masterfully developed and maintained.

No matter what you are looking for related to the areas presented on the site, you can be sure that the quality of your experience at Disabled World will be the best you can find on the Internet.

Author Credentials:

Thomas C. Weiss is a researcher and editor for Disabled World. Thomas attended college and university courses earning a Masters, Bachelors and two Associate degrees, as well as pursing Disability Studies. As a Nursing Assistant Thomas has assisted people from a variety of racial, religious, gender, class, and age groups by providing care for people with all forms of disabilities from Multiple Sclerosis to Parkinson's; para and quadriplegia to Spina Bifida.

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