Ian Langtree: The Face Behind Disabled World

Background Information Regarding the Establishment of Disabled World

Head shot of Ian LangtreeIan Langtree grew up in Ensay, Australia, although he has lived in Broome W.A., Darwin N.T., and Cairns, Queensland as well. Over twenty years ago he immigrated to Montreal Canada. In a comment about his move from Australia to Canada, Ian stated;

"Coming from tropical Darwin in the north of Australia to Canada was both a cultural shock and huge climatic change. In Darwin, the temperature ranges from around 25 to 36 degrees C most of the year, but in Montreal, it ranges from about 36 above to minus 40 degrees in winter."

For people who understand Fahrenheit temperatures instead of Celsius, that temperature range is about 75 degrees to 98.6 degrees most of the year and from 98.6 degrees to minus 49 degrees during the winter.

When Ian lived in Darwin, he was a mechanic, fitting hand-controls and additional forms of adaptive equipment on vehicles. He has pursued knowledge related to computer technologies that range from individualized studies of hardware, software, HTML, PHP, Internet-related knowledge, and many other forms of technology.

In America alone, there are over fifty-four million individuals with disabilities. Recognizing this, Ian saw the need for a platform where people with disabilities, regardless of age or background, could come together free of charge. Thus, in 2004, he established the Disabled World website.

Since its humble beginnings, Disabled World has evolved into a comprehensive platform, offering a diverse range of information, disability community news, and an array of services tailored to its users' needs. It serves as a meeting point where individuals can access valuable resources, personal experiences, and helpful tips, fostering a sense of unity within the disability community.

Ian believes in the Social Model of Disability, a belief developed by disabled people in the 1970s. The social model changes the focus away from people's impairments and towards removing the barriers that disabled people face daily.

Ian truly cares about the people who come to Disabled World. If there is a subject that you are interested in that is related to People with Disabilities, Seniors, Family Members, Friends, or Veterans that are not already in the extensive collection of information, he is more than willing to research items.

You can contact Ian through the Disabled World contact page, or via his LinkedIn profile.

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