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Born in Liverpool, United Kingdom, I'm a seasoned social researcher, campaigner and activist. From the age of 16 onwards I've taken a keen interest in equality and environmental issues, and have been involved in many anti-racist, anti-sexist and environmental campaigns over the years.

Paul Dodenhoff
Paul Dodenhoff

I've also had a long interest in Sociology and Psychology, completing a part-time Open University Bachelor of Science degree in Social Problems, Health and Social Welfare in 1997; graduating at the Guild Hall, Preston, United Kingdom. I went on to gain a part- time Master of Arts degree in Research Methodology in 2003, again with the Open University; graduating at the UNESCO headquarters, Paris.

I spent many years working for Royal Mail, working firstly on the 'shop floor' then gradually moving into an administrative role before the 'research bug' finally got the better of me, leaving in 2011 to undertake a small number of independent research projects. These include 'The factoryization of the NHS hospital Ward' and 'Gender Differences in Health & Safety Motivation'.

Although I am 'able-bodied' I have always taken an interest in disability issues, an interest gained primarily during my first degree where I found the area of disability studies to be extremely challenging and exciting, giving me a completely different 'angle' on the social world. An interest that naturally came to rest upon 'disability hate crime' in 2012 after reading many horrific media reports of abuse, harassment and violence towards mentally and physically disabled people within the UK. I was shocked not only by an apparent and repeated failure in tackling this social problem, but also about the lack of academic knowledge surrounding it. Taking a 'Structuration/Social Action' approach, I therefore began to develop a possible explanation concerning disability hate crime. In 2013, I was also accepted as a part-time, self-funded PhD student at Lancaster University's School of Law, in order to develop the theory more fully and more formally. I put this PhD on hold in 2014 due to a shortage of funds, but carry on the research in my own spare time.

I've worked with a community teaching group, becoming Research and Development director for the enterprise until Oct 2014. Since I have been working with a number of local charities, including working with the homelessness, those with debt problems, drug & alcohol abuse, as well as working with disability itself. I have been writing for Disabled-World for some time now, trying to highlight issues that don't always get a great deal of attention from Britain's popular media. Unfortunately, Britain is regressing on the way it treats 'disability' and slowly rolling back to the 1700's, so it is highly important that such issues get worldwide attention.

Published Works by Paul Dodenhoff Include: