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Do you have an interesting disability news story, coming event, unique (not published elsewhere) informative article, or a new assistive product or disability-related service that will benefit our readers? While it is free to have your information published on Disabled World, submissions must follow our guidelines below.

We DO NOT publish information on online pharmacies, or any article containing affiliate links, guest posts, or press releases of little to no value. In addition, we do not publish organization administrative news, such as appointments or changes in leadership or faculty; new buildings, facilities, or equipment; new programs or institutes; and ranking announcements.

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While we do not promise to publish all pictures received, we will do our best to create a well-laid-out informative page for you or your company. If you are submitting pictures to go with your publication please be aware that we cannot use any images without permission of the copyright holder. For us to use your content please reply with an email authorising us to use the image(s), including details of who holds the copyright and what attribution should be credited beside the image(s). Without this, we cannot publish your image(s). Pictures can be included as email attachments along with your article.

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