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Thomas C. Weiss Biography

  • Published: 2014-08-01 (Revised/Updated 2017-01-15) : Author: Thomas C. Weiss : Contact: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Biography and information regarding Thomas C. Weiss, a writer and editor at

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"When I am not writing or spending time with my girlfriend Kathleen, I enjoy computer technology, operating systems and software."

The year 2008 found me looking for a community of People with Disabilities to join and I encountered on the Internet.

After joining the community, Ian and Lynn Langtree read some articles I had posted through another site and contacted me. They asked if I would like to write for Disabled World and I very happily agreed. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to write for this site, there are people from all over the world who experience many forms of disabilities who come here and I have yet to find a better site for People with Disabilities, Seniors, Veterans and others who experience health conditions on the Internet today.

At the age of 18 I joined the military and ended up experiencing a heat stroke while on base. The heat stroke left me with epilepsy for the remainder of my life. After more than two years I finally gained control of the seizure activity. For many years after my discharge from the service I served as a C.N.A., assisting others with disabilities through in-home care.

Image of Tom and KathleenWhile I worked as a nursing assistant I also attended college and university courses. Over a period of several years I earned a Masters, Bachelors and two Associate degrees. The Masters I achieved is in Systems Theory and Design; I nearly minored in Organizational Psychology. Through both graduate and undergraduate universities I also pursued Disability Studies. One of my Associate degrees is in Computer Information Systems, the other is in Electronics C.A.D.D.

The epilepsy I experience is service-connected, but life is life and I also experience other forms of disabilities. The other forms of disabilities I experience include osteoarthritis and sensorineural hearing loss. An, 'incident,' with a friend of mine who uses a power wheelchair spelled the end of my efforts as a nursing assistant. I tore the cartilage in both knees while assisting him and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. A surgery to repair the damage followed and I have not assisted others in any major way as an aide since that time.

When I am not writing or spending time with my girlfriend Kathleen, I enjoy computer technology, operating systems and software. At times the computer I work on has more than one operating system on it, simply out of interest and preference. The world of electronics and computer technology has much to offer People with Disabilities.

After a major wildfire in Colorado Springs I moved to Pueblo, CO. where I live in a small home with my pets and hearing assistant dog. The move was a good one; Pueblo is very family-oriented, has wonderful wildlife and some of the best peppers in the world are grown right here. The neighborhood I live in is quiet, has mature trees and while the lawn is a challenge, there are plenty of friendly people in the area who are willing to help.

The opportunity to present articles to you through Disabled World is one I cherish. As the world continues to examine how we, as People with Disabilities, Seniors, Veterans and others with health conditions are included in society, the articles you will find at Disabled World will only become increasingly relevant. I appreciate the fact that you visit Disabled World, we are all a part of the human family.

Thomas C. Weiss

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