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Twitter Accessibility Information

Published 2008-01-01 16:08:04 - (12 years ago). Last updated 2018-04-19 10:32:01 - (2 years ago).

Author: Disabled World - Contact :

Outline: Facts about Twitter including accessibility information and accessible tweets for persons with disabilities.

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Facts about Twitter including accessibility information and accessible tweets for persons with disabilities.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a short message service or SMS where people from around the world type in explanations for what they are doing at the moment. These statuses are known as "tweets" and have to be 140 characters or less.

Millions of people now have Twitter accounts and the number of users is growing all the time. Most of these people enjoy being able to know what their friends and family members are doing.

Twitter messages ("tweets") are not sent indiscriminately; they are only distributed to recipients who have elected to become followers.

Messages can also be sent via instant messaging, the Twitter Web site or a third-party Twitter application.

Twitter is ranked as one of the 50 most popular websites worldwide by Alexa's web traffic analysis.

Is Twitter accessible to people with vision impairments?

If you are a Twitter user with a disability, blind, or have a hearing impairment, you should try Easy Chirp which is designed to be easier to use and is optimized for disabled users as an alternative to the main website.


Tweet without typing a single thing.

VoiceForTwitter is a service that enables users to call into a phone number and interact with their twitter account.

After a one-time registration, callers can submit audio tweets by simply calling 650-273-4286.

Any phone, cell, landline, or a smart device, can be used for the interaction. Posts to twitter will appear in twitter as links to audio that users over the web can click on and listen to -

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