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Medical: Health & Disability Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Medical category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-07Electric Bandages Can Fight Biofilm Infection, Antimicrobial Resistance
2017-06-04Reflex Test: Understanding the Knee-jerk Response and What the Test Can Tell You
2017-06-01Is Using Hot Water for Washing Hands More Effective Than Using Cold Water
2017-04-04When Should You Seek Emergency Medical Care
2017-02-27List of Bacteria For Which New Antibiotics Are Urgently Needed
2016-04-28Call for Paradigm Shift in Approach of Health-care System
2016-04-05Nurses and Industry: Conflict or Collaboration?
2016-02-28Blood Pressure Reading Difference Between Arms
2016-02-25Chronic Diseases: Progress Report Over the Last Decade
2016-02-25U.S. Concerns Regarding Zika Virus
2015-12-28Human Anatomy: Primary Body Systems
2015-11-18Documentary Exposes Water Fluoridation Poison On Tap
2015-11-16Antibiotic Resistance: WHO Survey Reveals Confusion & Misunderstanding
2015-10-08Ostomy: Concerns, Adapting and Psychosocial Issues
2015-06-17Vaping: Information on Electronic Cigarette Use
2015-06-11500+ Amazing Human Body Facts and Trivia
2015-05-13Spore-forming Bacteria and Illegal Drug Use
2015-05-08Importance of Maintaining Personal Body Hygiene
2015-04-01Antibiotic Resistance: Universities & Industry
2014-09-05Using Plant Cells to Help Treat Hemophilia
2014-08-20Health Workers Exposed to Unsafe Triclosan Levels in Antibacterial Soap
2014-03-16Honey: A New Approach to Fight Antibiotic Resistance
2014-01-10Human Microbiome Role in Health and Obesity
2013-08-25What Do Red and White Blood Cell Counts Mean
2013-06-18Social Media Sites Like Facebook Dramatically Increase Organ Donor Registration
2013-06-07Ozone and How it Can Affect Your Health
2012-09-14FMLA: The Family and Medical Leave Act
2012-07-22Call for Universal Coverage for Bariatric Surgery and Obesity Treatments
2012-07-12Accessible Prescription Drug Label Bill Signed by President Obama
2011-11-14Diabetes and Non-communicable diseases Now Leading Cause of Global Deaths
2011-07-30Decreasing Unnecessary Antibiotic Use
2011-06-10MyCare Medical Information Card Could Save Your Life
2011-04-05Infants Endure Unnecessary X-Ray Radiation
2011-01-31Blocked Neck Arteries Test
2010-12-30Medical Errors: Costly Compromises of Quality Care
2010-11-18US Adults Forgo Care Due to Cost and Medical Bill Expense
2010-11-10Desktop Medicine will Transform the Practice of Medicine
2010-11-01Medicare Will Pay for Services at DR Doctor On-Premises Walk-In Medical Care Facilities
2010-10-12Nurses Critical in Assuring Health Needs of LGBTIQ Youth
2010-10-08Report: Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health
2010-09-27Medical Profession Needs Special Training to Handle Self-harm
2010-09-25The Costs of Medical Errors
2010-09-23Gains in Public Health Preparedness
2010-09-22Immunization Key to Achieving Child Survival
2010-09-21Individual Cost of Obesity Report
2010-09-03Effect of Patients Reading Their Doctor's Notes
2010-09-01Sharing Genetic Data - People Want to be Asked First
2010-08-22Bar Codes Helpful in Reducing Medication Errors
2010-08-22World Isotope Shortage for Medical Imaging
2010-08-17Disclosure of Medical Errors Decreased Claims
2010-08-16Henry Schein Cares Promotes Prevention and Wellness in Cities Across the United States
2010-07-17Information on Anesthesia Risks and Complications
2010-07-02Much Internet-based Sports Medicine Information Incorrect
2010-06-29What Will Medicaid Pay For
2010-06-17Whole Body MRI Scans
2010-06-15Americans are Not Guinea Pigs
2010-05-20General Anesthesia Concerns
2010-05-18Survey Shows Most People Don't Plan to Die
2010-05-18Mental Health IQ Test to Raise Money for Mental Health America
2010-05-11CVS/pharmacy Launches ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes
2010-05-10Standardizing Prescription Container Labeling
2010-05-06360 Degree View of Factors Affecting Human Health - IBM
2010-05-01Medicaid Renewal Application - Reading Levels too High
2010-04-22Health Program Targets Walking Wounded
2010-03-24People are Living Longer and Healthier, But...
2010-03-16Minimally Invasive Medicine - Interventional Radiology Innovators
2010-03-08Better Doctor-Pharmacist Collaboration Needed
2010-03-04Interventional Radiology Treatment
2010-03-03Antibiotic Resistance Increasing Evidence
2010-03-01Predicting Early Death or Hospital Readmission
2010-02-27Is the Person Exposing You to Radiation Qualified
2010-02-26Most Frequent Error in Medicine
2010-02-20Americans Living Longer and Healthier Lives
2010-02-05Health Articles by Experts more Credible than Personal Blogs
2010-02-03How Much Will Your Surgery Cost with Health Care Reform
2010-01-27Increased Co-payments for Doctor Visits Boost Health Care Costs for Seniors
2010-01-25Pregnant Women do Not Look Like Olives
2009-12-29Cardiovascular Devices often Approved Without Quality Studies
2009-12-28Using Disinfectants may Promote Superbugs
2009-12-17Breakthrough for Therapeutic Vaccines
2009-12-11National Vaccine Plan - IOM Report
2009-10-03Community Health Centers - Primary Care
2009-09-25Managing Hypertension and High Cholesterol Website
2009-09-11Lowering Sodium Consumption Could Save US $18 billion Annually in Health Costs
2009-08-07Mayo Clinic Recognized for Implementing Quality Heart Disease and Stroke Care
2009-06-02People With Mental Health Problems Receive Inadequate Medical Care
2009-04-26To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate
2009-04-21Mayo Clinic Health Manager for Managing Medical Information
2009-03-171 in 4 Americans Lack Access to Care During Medical Emergencies
2009-02-08New Guideline for Prescribing Opioid Pain Drugs
2009-01-23Australia Grants Final Approval for Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine
2009-01-18Get the Best Medical Care for You and Your Family
2008-12-31Barack Obamas Health Care Plan

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