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Medical: Health & Disability Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Medical category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2018-03-21 : How Often Do Medical Problems Lead to Bankruptcy? : Study: Poor health is a less common cause of bankruptcy than commonly thought, but it brings other economic woes.
2018-03-01 : More Diversity Needed in Medical School Textbooks : Depictions of race and skin tone in anatomy textbooks widely used in North American medical schools could be contributing to racial bias in medical treatment.
2017-11-07 : Electric Bandages Can Fight Biofilm Infection, Antimicrobial Resistance : Bandages using weak electric fields to disrupt bacterial biofilm infection can prevent infections, combat antibiotic resistance and enable healing in infected burn wounds.
2017-06-04 : Reflex Test: Understanding the Knee-jerk Response and What the Test Can Tell You : Reflex tests help assess the integrity of nerve circuits and are performed to confirm the integrity of the spinal cord, or specific nerve root function.
2017-06-01 : Is Using Hot Water for Washing Hands More Effective Than Using Cold Water : Study reveals that when washing hands cool water removes the same amount of harmful bacteria as warm or hot water.
2017-04-04 : When Should You Seek Emergency Medical Care : Listening to your symptoms will alert you as to when you should seek emergency care.
2017-02-27 : List of Bacteria For Which New Antibiotics Are Urgently Needed : WHO publishes list of antibiotic resistant priority pathogens of 12 families of bacteria that pose greatest threat to human health.
2016-04-28 : Call for Paradigm Shift in Approach of Health-care System : As the U.S. population ages, nursing scholar calls for paradigm shift in approach of health-care system.
2016-04-05 : Nurses and Industry: Conflict or Collaboration? : Need for evidence-based investigation to understand in what ways nurse-industry relationships affect the ethical conduct of nurses.
2016-02-28 : Blood Pressure Reading Difference Between Arms : Study reveals large arm-to-arm difference in blood pressure linked to higher heart attack risk and some diseases.
2016-02-25 : Chronic Diseases: Progress Report Over the Last Decade : A Decade of Innovation in Chronic Diseases highlights medical advances that have helped patients avoid serious disease complications, hospitalizations, and improved quality of life.
2016-02-25 : U.S. Concerns Regarding Zika Virus : Survey finds 50% of Americans are concerned that the Zika virus will likely spread to their neighborhoods.
2015-12-28 : Human Anatomy: Primary Body Systems : Outline of Human Body Systems - Immune, Urinary, Musculoskeletal, Circulatory, Endocrine, Respiratory, Nervous, Digestive, Integumentary, Reproductive and Lymphatic Systems.
2015-11-18 : Documentary Exposes Water Fluoridation Poison On Tap : Documentary video explores science behind water fluoridation, one of the most controversial health practices of the 20th - 21st centuries.
2015-11-16 : Antibiotic Resistance: WHO Survey Reveals Confusion & Misunderstanding : World Health Organization (WHO) multi-country survey reveals widespread public misunderstanding about antibiotic resistance.
2015-10-08 : Ostomy: Concerns, Adapting and Psychosocial Issues : Changes in appearance and functional ability may change the way a person with an ostomy internalizes their body image and self-concept.
2015-06-17 : Vaping: Information on Electronic Cigarette Use : Information regarding vaping, inhalation of vapor from e-cigarettes or electronic cigarette devices.
2015-06-11 : Fascinating and Amazing Human Body Facts and Trivia : Over 500 strange, weird and fascinating list of unusual facts and trivia regarding parts of the amazing human body.
2015-05-13 : Spore-forming Bacteria and Illegal Drug Use : Information regarding spore forming bacteria and the increase in illness and death among people who inject drugs.
2015-05-08 : Importance of Maintaining Personal Body Hygiene : Tips and reasons why it is important to practice good personal hygiene.
2015-04-01 : Antibiotic Resistance: Universities & Industry : Over the last years introduction of new antibiotics has slowed to a near halt and a dangerous increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria has been observed.
2014-09-05 : Using Plant Cells to Help Treat Hemophilia : Researchers develop a way to use plant cells to teach the immune system to tolerate rather than attack blood clotting factors.
2014-08-20 : Health Workers Exposed to Unsafe Triclosan Levels in Antibacterial Soap : Hand-washing with antibacterial soap exposes hospital workers to significant and potentially unsafe levels of triclosan.
2014-03-16 : Honey: A New Approach to Fight Antibiotic Resistance : According to researchers honey could be a solution to the serious problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics.
2014-01-10 : Human Microbiome Role in Health and Obesity : Report answers questions about the human microbiome, the collection of trillions of microbes living in and on the human body, and its role in health.
2013-08-25 : What Do Red and White Blood Cell Counts Mean : Article provides information regarding red and white blood cell count used to identify diseases and to monitor human health problems.
2013-06-18 : Social Media Sites Like Facebook Dramatically Increase Organ Donor Registration : Researchers find social media is an effective tool to boost registrations of organ donors during the shortage in the United States.
2013-06-07 : Ozone and How it Can Affect Your Health : Ozone irritates the respiratory system and can cause health issues by damaging lung tissue and making the lungs more sensitive to other types of irritants.
2012-09-14 : FMLA: The Family and Medical Leave Act : Information regarding The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) which entitles eligible employees to take unpaid leave while protecting their jobs for family and medical reasons.
2012-07-22 : Call for Universal Coverage for Bariatric Surgery and Obesity Treatments : House of Delegates votes to urge federal state policymakers and health insurers to cover treatments for severe obesity including bariatric surgical procedures.
2012-07-12 : Accessible Prescription Drug Label Bill Signed by President Obama : The Act includes provisions that establish best practices for pharmacies providing accessible prescription drug labeling to customers with vision loss.
2011-11-14 : Diabetes and Non-communicable diseases Now Leading Cause of Global Deaths : World citizen number 7 billion is more likely to grow up in an urban setting, which increases their risk of getting diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cancer and heart disease.
2011-07-30 : Decreasing Unnecessary Antibiotic Use : Following an outbreak of Clostridium difficile infections health care professionals in Quebec targeted physicians and pharmacists with an education campaign that reduced outpatient antibiotic use.
2011-06-10 : MyCare Medical Information Card Could Save Your Life : The MyCare Card stores personal medical data and information on existing medical conditions such as allergies and medication being taken.
2011-04-05 : Infants Endure Unnecessary X-Ray Radiation : Parents may be unaware of the potential for excess radiation from improper management of the X-ray.
2011-01-31 : Blocked Neck Arteries Test : Carotid endarterectomy and carotid stenting are reasonable and effective ways to treat blocked neck arteries.
2010-12-30 : Medical Errors: Costly Compromises of Quality Care : The SOA used insurance claims data to provide the measurement of the price of preventable medical errors.
2010-11-18 : US Adults Forgo Care Due to Cost and Medical Bill Expense : United States stands out for highest out-of-pocket costs and most complex health insurance.
2010-11-10 : Desktop Medicine will Transform the Practice of Medicine : Desktop Medicine emphasis shifts from diagnosing diseases and treating symptoms to identifying risk-factors for medical conditions such as hypertension and osteoporosis and intervening before they develop.
2010-11-01 : Medicare Will Pay for Services at DR Doctor On-Premises Walk-In Medical Care Facilities : New York seniors have a new choice for receiving medical care as government has certified New York Walk In Medical Group PC to receive payments for services under the Medicare program.
2010-10-12 : Nurses Critical in Assuring Health Needs of LGBTIQ Youth : American teenagers bullied because they were gay have committed suicide over the past few weeks.
2010-10-08 : Report: Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health : Media Statement From Amedisys on IOM Report on the Future of Nursing.
2010-09-27 : Medical Profession Needs Special Training to Handle Self-harm : Healthcare professionals are still not receiving the appropriate training and support they need to help people who self-harm.
2010-09-25 : The Costs of Medical Errors : A study confirmed a rise in medical errors during the month of July when new residents fresh out of medical school report to their teaching hospitals.
2010-09-23 : Gains in Public Health Preparedness : DC Report notes advances in preparedness and response and challenges ahead.
2010-09-22 : Immunization Key to Achieving Child Survival : Health and development leaders warn that children in poorest nations will die of vaccine-preventable diarrhea and pneumonia.
2010-09-21 : Individual Cost of Obesity Report : Calculated the startlingly high individual costs of obesity to Americans.
2010-09-03 : Effect of Patients Reading Their Doctor's Notes : OpenNotes Project is studying the effect of patients reviewing their doctors notes.
2010-09-01 : Sharing Genetic Data - People Want to be Asked First : Deciding whether to let researchers share your genetic information in a federal database.
2010-08-22 : Bar Codes Helpful in Reducing Medication Errors : Medication errors are one of the most serious and easily preventable errors committed in hospitals around the country.
2010-08-22 : World Isotope Shortage for Medical Imaging : Worldwide shortage of isotopes for medical imaging could threaten quality of patient care.
2010-08-17 : Disclosure of Medical Errors Decreased Claims : U-Ms efforts to encourage disclosure of medical errors decreased claims.
2010-08-16 : Henry Schein Cares Promotes Prevention and Wellness in Cities Across the United States : Healthy Communities will provide free medical and dental services to more than 5,000 children and their caregivers.
2010-07-17 : Information on Anesthesia Risks and Complications : Anesthesiology is still commonly regarded as a high risk activity and it can result in life altering injuries.
2010-07-02 : Much Internet-based Sports Medicine Information Incorrect : Quality of online information about the most common sports medicine diagnoses varies widely.
2010-06-29 : What Will Medicaid Pay For : Information regarding medical services and products that Medicaid will reimburse or pay for.
2010-06-17 : Whole Body MRI Scans : New areas in which whole body magnetic resonance imaging (WB-MRI) can be used.
2010-06-15 : Americans are Not Guinea Pigs : New campaign empowers all Americans to demand a new chemicals policy that protects human health.
2010-05-20 : General Anesthesia Concerns : Misconceptions and anxiety about general anesthesia as 1 in 5 are very anxious about waking up during surgery.
2010-05-18 : Survey Shows Most People Don't Plan to Die : Far fewer people than previously thought are inclined to preplan their funerals.
2010-05-18 : Mental Health IQ Test to Raise Money for Mental Health America : Take the online mental health quiz and help raise $10,000 for Mental Health America.
2010-05-11 : CVS/pharmacy Launches ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes : ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes program for savings and rewards on purchase of diabetes products and wellness education benefits.
2010-05-10 : Standardizing Prescription Container Labeling : Promoting establishment of universal standards for prescription medication labels.
2010-05-06 : 360 Degree View of Factors Affecting Human Health - IBM : IBM Launches Research Effort to Build 360 Degree View of Factors Affecting Human Health.
2010-05-01 : Medicaid Renewal Application - Reading Levels too High : Simplifying Medicaid renewal applications may help families keep their children enrolled in the government health insurance program.
2010-04-22 : Health Program Targets Walking Wounded : FirstPath Advantage combines voluntary biometric and on-line health risk screenings.
2010-03-24 : People are Living Longer and Healthier, But... : Not because aging has been slowed or reversed but because they are staying healthy to a more advanced age.
2010-03-16 : Minimally Invasive Medicine - Interventional Radiology Innovators : Modern medicine devices and drugs that advance minimally invasive treatments.
2010-03-08 : Better Doctor-Pharmacist Collaboration Needed : Greater collaboration between family physicians and community pharmacists.
2010-03-04 : Interventional Radiology Treatment : Interventional radiology treats health problems including cancer cardiovascular and venous disease spine fractures stroke and uterine fibroids.
2010-03-03 : Antibiotic Resistance Increasing Evidence : Soil microbes have become progressively more resistant to antibiotics over the last 60 years.
2010-03-01 : Predicting Early Death or Hospital Readmission : Physicians predict likelihood of death or readmission to hospital for patients within 30 days of discharge from hospital.
2010-02-27 : Is the Person Exposing You to Radiation Qualified : Patients are exposed to ionizing radiation through radiation therapy, CT scans, x rays, mammograms, and other medical imaging.
2010-02-26 : Most Frequent Error in Medicine : The most frequent error in medicine seems to occur nearly one out of three times a patient is referred to a specialist.
2010-02-20 : Americans Living Longer and Healthier Lives : Cancer patients live three years longer on average than in 1980 83 percent of that gain is the result of new treatments.
2010-02-05 : Health Articles by Experts more Credible than Personal Blogs : Importance of different online sources to people who seek health information on the Internet.
2010-02-03 : How Much Will Your Surgery Cost with Health Care Reform : Proposed health care reform will not help patients find out how much health care costs before they get care.
2010-01-27 : Increased Co-payments for Doctor Visits Boost Health Care Costs for Seniors : Increasing co-payments for outpatient visits for seniors may make care more expensive.
2010-01-25 : Pregnant Women do Not Look Like Olives : A pregnant woman does not look like an olive - simplifying dangerous confusing warnings on prescription bottles.
2009-12-29 : Cardiovascular Devices often Approved Without Quality Studies : Pre-market approval by the FDA of cardiovascular devices is often based on studies that lack adequate strength.
2009-12-28 : Overuse of Disinfectants May Be Promoting Superbugs : Disinfectants could cause bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics as well as the disinfectant itself.
2009-12-17 : Breakthrough for Therapeutic Vaccines : Therapeutic vaccines to create both cheap and effective drugs for diseases like cancer and allergies.
2009-12-11 : National Vaccine Plan - IOM Report : Lack immunization protection against several serious illnesses.
2009-10-03 : Community Health Centers - Primary Care : Medical education must become a core part of the community health center mission.
2009-09-25 : Managing Hypertension and High Cholesterol Website : Mayo Clinic Health Manager a free online application designed to help people organize and better manage their health.
2009-09-11 : Lowering Sodium Consumption Could Save US $18 billion Annually in Health Costs : Reducing intake of sodium could save $18 billion annually in avoided health care costs and improve quality of life for millions.
2009-08-07 : Mayo Clinic Recognized for Implementing Quality Heart Disease and Stroke Care : Get With The GuidelinesSM is the American Heart Association/American Stroke Associations hospital based quality improvement program.
2009-06-02 : People With Mental Health Problems Receive Inadequate Medical Care : Review led by Leicester psychiatrist raises concern over treatment of patients with past mental health issues.
2009-04-26 : To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate : Vaccination for diphtheria measles mumps and rubella still remains one of the most controversial issues facing medicine today.
2009-04-21 : Mayo Clinic Health Manager for Managing Medical Information : Free online application providing a place to store medical information and receive real-time individualized health guidance and recommendations.
2009-03-17 : 1 in 4 Americans Lack Access to Care During Medical Emergencies : 1 in 4 Americans lacks timely access to optimal care during time-sensitive medical emergencies.
2009-02-08 : New Guideline for Prescribing Opioid Pain Drugs : Researchers provide evidence to support first published guideline for treating chronic non-cancer pain with opioid medications.
2009-01-23 : Australia Grants Final Approval for Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine : Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) granted product approval for the companies vaccine to prevent Japanese Encephalitis.
2009-01-18 : Get the Best Medical Care for You and Your Family : One of my pet peeves is the field of medicine and doctors with people getting screwed over so bad by the medical profession.
2008-12-31 : Barack Obamas Health Care Plan : Barack Obamas health care plan seeks to dramatically increase the number of people that have health insurance.

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