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Medical: Health and Disability Information

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Revised/Updated: Thursday, 14th November 2019


The Disabled World medical category covers drugs and medical news including recent health and medical research information.

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Medicine is defined as the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. The word medicine is derived from the Latin ars medicina, meaning the art of healing. Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.

Early records on medicine have been discovered from early Ayurvedic medicine in the Indian subcontinent, ancient Egyptian medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, the Americas, and ancient Greek medicine. Early Grecian doctors Hippocrates, who is also called the Father of Modern Medicine, and Galen laid a foundation for later developments in a rational approach to medicine.

The modern scientific biomedical research (where results are testable and reproducible) began to replace early Western traditions of medicine, based on herbalism, the Greek "four humors" and other pre-modern theories. As science and technology developed, medicine became more reliant upon medications. Pharmacology developed from herbalism and many drugs are still derived from plants (atropine, ephedrine, warfarin, aspirin, digoxin, vinca alkaloids, taxol, hyoscine, etc).

The practice of modern medicine combines both science as the evidence base and art in the application of this medical knowledge in combination with intuition and clinical judgment to determine the treatment plan for each individual patient.

Contemporary medicine applies health science, biomedical research, and medical technology to diagnose and treat injury and disease, typically through medication, surgery, or some other form of therapy.

Medical Care Classification

Fig 1. Medical depiction of a female body showing internal organs.
Fig 1. Medical depiction of a female body showing internal organs.

Provision of medical care is classified into 3 main categories:

Biomedical Literature Sources

Fig 2. Medical depiction of a male body showing internal organs.
Fig 2. Medical depiction of a male body showing internal organs.

The three types of biomedical literature include the tertiary, secondary, and primary literature resources. Sources are classified depending on both the originality of the information presented and their proximity or how close they are to the source of information.

Regular Medical Checkups are Very Important

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