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Detoxing Your Body of Harmful Toxins

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-09-27 (Revised/Updated 2015-04-19) - Detox Expert Shares Essential Advice on Ridding Your Body of Harmful Toxins - Better Health Publishing.

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Quote: "'s possible for everyone, including cancer and chronically ill patients, to detox with little or no side effects."

Respected pioneer in the field of natural chelation and detoxification, Dr. Isaac Eliaz is sharing his extensive experience and research on detoxification. From philosophy to practical applications, this essential advice is available to you, September 30th, during a free live interactive webinar, titled The Importance of Detoxification, and Integrative Approaches to Removing Toxins.

During this eye-opening webinar, Dr. Eliaz examines different modalities such as detox diets, integrative supplement formulas, lifestyle adjuncts, emotional release techniques, and detoxification therapies such as nutritional IVs, infrared saunas, and homeopathic trigger point therapies.

In depth discussion on the following topics will serve as the foundation for a more detailed understanding successful detoxification:

  • What is detoxification
  • What are we trying to detoxify and why
  • How to complete both short and long term detox programs safely and effectively Synchronizing detoxification with nature and the seasons
  • Detoxifying at home and at the clinic
  • What benefits and risks detoxification presents, and how to address them for optimization
  • The detoxification cycle: Ancient wisdom behind detoxifying from a Traditional Chinese Medical perspective

Gentle yet powerful techniques to prevent the dreaded "healing crisis"

Safe and effective removal of heavy metals and toxins is an evolving field of medical practice, and with the highly sophisticated and strategic therapies now available, it's possible for everyone, including cancer and chronically ill patients, to detox with little or no side effects.

Dr. Eliaz will present the research and methodology that he has utilized to safely and successfully help many of his own patients cleanse and detoxify without the risks associated with what's popularly known as a "healing crisis". Says Dr. Eliaz, "The goal is to design a detoxification program that will enhance the body's vitality, not deplete it." To receive a copy of Dr. Eliaz's free in depth health report on safe and effective chelation of heavy metals, click here. And don't miss your opportunity to participate in this free live webinar, as space is limited.

About Better Health Publishing: Better Health Publishing (BHP) focuses on the publication of key works promoting health and wellness. BHP believes that education and accessible information are the core components of a healthy and sustainable society.

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