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Herbalism and Herbs Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
Aloe Vera: History and Medicinal UsesN/A2018/05/032023/04/21
Ginger: Facts, Health Benefits, Growing at HomeN/A2017/12/212023/05/01
What is Ginseng?N/A2017/12/212017/12/28
Garlic Facts, Remedies, and Health BenefitsN/A2017/12/202020/04/20
Indian Herbal Medicine: Cures for ConstipationN/A2015/03/192015/03/30
Improving Health with Herbs and SpicesN/A2014/10/312021/10/28
Ginseng Helps Prevent Flu, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and ColdsN/A2014/04/222021/08/01
Berberine Herb as Type 2 Diabetes TreatmentN/A2013/12/022021/08/30
Zyflamend Herbal Product Has Anti-Inflammatory and Other PotentialN/A2013/03/232021/05/10
Arnica Herb Uses in Herbal MedicineN/A2013/03/222021/12/02
Data to be Released on Genetic Blueprint of Medicinal Plants and Their Beneficial PropertiesN/A2011/12/232014/03/14
Stevia: Sugar Sweetener SubstituteN/A2011/07/212022/08/19
Frankincense a Possible Arthritis TreatmentN/A2011/06/232022/02/27
Synthetic Conolidine May be as Effective as Morphine for Pain ReliefN/A2011/05/232019/04/29
Garlic May Reduce Risk of ArthritisN/A2010/12/20
Pine Bark Naturally Improves TinnitusN/A2010/10/13
Rare Herb of Patalkot: Tylophora indica - Tylophora asthmaticaN/A2010/07/162017/06/25
Abrus Precatorius Herb from Patalkot, IndiaN/A2010/07/012016/06/13
Coffee and Tea for Heart BenefitsN/A2010/06/192011/02/14
Patients Taking Herbal Remedies and Cardiovascular Medications at RiskN/A2010/02/022018/03/15
Thyme Oil can Suppress Inflammation and Inhibit COX2N/A2010/01/13
St. John's Wort Not Helpful for Irritable Bowel SyndromeN/A2010/01/052015/03/31
Using Ginkgo Biloba for Cognitive DeclineN/A2009/12/29
Green Tea EGCG May Preserve Stored Platelets and TissuesN/A2009/09/14
Manuka Honey Helps Fight InfectionN/A2009/09/072010/07/14
American Mayapple Found to Have Anticancer CompoundN/A2009/09/042010/07/05
Healing Power of Devil's Claw PlantN/A2009/08/16
Freshly Crushed Garlic Better than ProcessedN/A2009/07/29
Aloe Vera Beneficial for Teeth and GumsN/A2009/07/182019/05/03
Herbal medicine for Arthritis and RheumatismN/A2009/06/222016/06/13
Herbal Remedies Vs Prescription MedicationN/A2009/06/012023/06/01
Modern Medicine and Herbal Remedies DebateN/A2009/04/232018/03/15
Toxic Herbs that Should not be IngestedN/A2009/03/222013/06/14
Camphor for Pain ReliefN/A2009/03/03
About Herbal MedicineN/A2009/01/15
Exploring Choices in Herbal MedicineN/A2009/01/152012/09/19
Indian Herbal Treatment for Hair Loss Dandruff and BaldnessN/A2008/04/212011/11/17

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