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Copper Sulfate (Bluestone): Uses and Remedies

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  • Synopsis: A list of uses for Copper Sulfate, also known as Bluestone, including historical home remedies, medical cures, and industrial use.

Quote: "Bluestone is frequently encountered as an ingredient in mojo hands made by African-American hoodoo doctors, especially those for gamblers' luck and protection from evil."

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Copper Sulphate is a widely used chemical compound comprised of Copper, Sulphur and Oxygen whose formula is CuSO4. Crystals of Copper Sulphate are often bright blue and the substance was known once as blue vitriol, Salzburg vitriol, Roman vitriol, blue copperas, and bluestone.

Other names include; Blue Vitriol, Bluestone, Salzburg vitriol, Roman vitriol, and Blue copperas. Chemical formula CuSO4.

Copper sulfate is a naturally occurring odorless crystalline substance that is electric blue in color, highly toxic, and not safe to work with. It is produced industrially by treating copper metal with hot concentrated sulfuric acid or its oxides with dilute sulfuric acid. For laboratory use, copper sulfate is usually purchased.

The anhydrous form occurs as a rare mineral known as chalcocyanite.

The hydrated copper sulfate occurs in nature as chalcanthite (pentahydrate), and two other rare ones: bonattite (trihydrate) and boothite (heptahydrate).

Copper sulfate was used in the past as an emetic, (An agent that induces vomiting). It is now considered too toxic for this use, however, it is still listed as an antidote in the World Health Organization's Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

NOTE: In some countries, this substance may only be approved for veterinary use.

Magnified picture of Bluestone crystals
About This Image: Magnified picture of Bluestone crystals

Some Uses for Copper Sulfate (Bluestone)

Medical and Home Remedies:

Caution: Many of these home cures using Bluestone come from old medical texts and home remedy books. Some of the suggestions are also found on the Internet. We have NOT tried any of the cures listed below and suggest you don't either, they are listed purely for historical and entertainment purposes. Always consult a doctor before using any home remedy, especially if you are taking medication of any sort. (See Warnings and Precautions Further Down This Page)

Know of a Bluestone "Cure"?

Do you know of any other "Grandmother" home cures using Bluestone? If so you can leave a comment below or contact us so we can add to the list.

My doctor gave me a bit of bluestone (copper sulphate) to gently rub onto the proud flesh of my little finger after I had squashed it in a door. It had, of course, begun to heal before that. I rubbed the stone on the proud flesh quite vigorously and often, and told him that he hadn't informed me how much it would hurt. He said "I was afraid if I told you it would hurt you might not use it." The treatment worked fine and quite quickly. I am using it again for the same reason after knocking that same finger with an axe. - Submitted by Wolfe

My mother related the following information from her childhood. In the early 1900's, my grandmother used Bluestone to treat poison ivy reactions. Bluestone was expensive (for a farm family) and was stocked by the local general store. No one was allowed to touch the Bluestone except Grandmother. She was concerned it may be poison. The application method was to dip the Bluestone in water. The damp stone was gently rubbed over the area, applying blue liquid. It burned a little but provided relief from the horrible itching. Only one application was required. - Submitted by Mary J.

Warnings and Precautions:

Also See: Chemical Fact Sheet for Copper Sulfate -


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