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Get Rid of Dandruff Home Remedies

  • Published: 2009-03-29 : Author: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Explains what dandruff is and provides home remedies and other tips to get rid of dandruff.

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Dandruff is an itchy, annoying and persistent skin disorder of the scalp and can cause either an overly dry scalp with itchy white flakes that may be waxy or greasy or dandruff can manifest as an oily greasy scalp with scales.

Dandruff is an itchy, annoying and persistent skin disorder of the scalp and can cause either an overly dry scalp with itchy white flakes that may be waxy or greasy or dandruff can manifest as an oily greasy scalp with scales.

Below you will find a list of some home remedies to cure dandruff problems.

Shedding of skin is a natural phenomenon. The skin of your scalp replenishes every month. The dead cells that previously formed your scalp now make up what we call dandruff. The presence of negligible dandruff is inevitable. The problem arises only when the presence of dead cells in the form of flakes suddenly increases.

Dandruff is unlikely to be the cause of hair loss. Dandruff is a global phenomenon and many people find that dandruff can cause social or self esteem problems.

Factors like emotional and physical stress are no less important in triggering dandruff growth. Stress management also improves the scalp condition. Dandruff growth increases during winter months compared to summer for most people.

Seborrheic dermatitis.

This condition, a frequent cause of dandruff, is marked by red, greasy skin covered with flaky white or yellow scales. Seborrheic dermatitis affects not only your scalp but also other areas rich in oil glands, such as your eyebrows, the sides of your nose and the backs of your ears, your breastbone, your groin area, and sometimes your armpits.

Home Remedies, Tips and ways to treat Dandruff

Natural remedies take time to show any visible results and need consistent use but they are effective in addressing the cause of dandruff.

If you want a speedy control, use shampoos containing ketaconazole such as Nizoral Shampoo anti-fungal/anti-dandruff shampoos. Zinc pyrithione shampoos also contain the antibacterial and anti-fungal agent zinc pyrithione, which has been shown to reduce the fungus that causes dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

The best dandruff shampoo for men is either Pert, Head and Shoulders, and a shampoo called Z-tar.

The best dandruff shampoo for women is AG Dandruff Shampoo, L'Oreal Elvive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, and Selsun Blue containing selenium sulfide.

Coal tar shampoos and those with salicylic acid may also be beneficial. If one works for a while, then loses its effectiveness, switch to another one with a different main ingredient.

Sun exposure is good for dandruff because direct ultraviolet light has an anti-inflammatory effect on scaly skin conditions. This may explain why dandruff tends to be less severe in summer than winter months.

Take Garlic or Oil of oregano capsules is known to be an excellent way of combating a dandruff problem.

Get plenty of Vitamin B6 by eating things such as eggs, cabbage, and yeast. These also help provide sulfur, which is vital to your scalp.

If you suffer from mild dandruff, wash your scalp regularly to remove the excess flakes. If you suffer from stubborn flakes, treatment through a medicated shampoo is the answer.

A mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice is equally effective as treatment with apple cider vinegar.

Studies have shown washing your hair in hot water, then again in cold water can help with circulation throughout your scalp.

Washing hair with rubbing alcohol gets rid of the dandruff and leaves hair feeling soft and clean.

Use Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo containing active ingredient Zinc pyrithione.

Avoid spicy and greasy foods as they help dandruff to increase and spread. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet.

Use Nizoral Shampoo anti-fungal/anti-dandruff shampoo containing active ingredient Ketoconazole.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Oil) have been reported as useful in the treatment of dandruff.

Selenium sulfide been reported as the most effective of the tested shampoos at treating dandruff.

Oral anti-fungals and oral antibiotics if your scalp becomes infected.

Topical corticosteroids to reduce inflammation, keratolytics to remove thick scaly patches.

Washing hair with rubbing alcohol gets rid of the dandruff and leaves hair feeling soft and clean.

Rub rosemary oil or a mix of olive oil and crushed rosemary leaves into your scalp and leave on for 15 minutes.

Rub some pure coconut oil in your hair daily. The dandruff will be gone in a few days.

Boiling 4 large teaspoons of dried thyme in two cups of water for ten minutes; strain and allow to cool. Massage into clean, damp hair but do not rinse.

Rub a gel of aloe vera leaves into the scalp and leave overnight. Shampoo your hair first thing in the morning.

Apply apple cider vinegar diluted 50 - 50 with water to the scalp and let dry.

Combine olive oil and ginger root and apply to your scalp 5 minutes before shampooing.

For mild cases of dandruff use the mouthwash Listerine. It has antiseptic properties.

Whenever you wash your hair be sure to soak your hair brushes and combs in very hot water containing some antiseptic.

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