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Home Remedies for Oily or Greasy Skin

  • Published: 2009-02-20 (Revised/Updated 2014-03-14) : Kacy Carr.
  • Synopsis: Home remedies you can use at home for oily skin and greasy skin conditions including facial scrubs

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Quote: "Many treatments suggested will appear more appetizing to the palette than what is considered as solution to oily skin, however if you want to treat and cure oily skin you have to resist the urge to nibble on the ingredients."

Oily skin conditions come on a level par as a problem for both genders.

People the world over have at some time experienced patches of either dry or oily skin, and still do for them who haven't found a solution to treat the problem.

Not that the mature man/woman is not affected with oily skin, it is primarily an issue we connect towards the younger individual where it affects 1 of every 2 teenagers (girl and boy.)

Oily skin is more likely to bring blackheads, skin shine, and if you love cosmetics and like creating the perfect finish - then oily skin can prevent this from happening.

Acne is another result of greasy skin.

Sadly, just washing the face isn't enough, and over-washing is unhealthy. Remember, some specific oily skin treatments contain harsh chemicals so read the label carefully and follow instructions accordingly. Particular ingredients upset the delicate Ph balance of the skin or skin tone so take care, as we are here to treat oily skin "only" and not something derived as a result from using products that contained harsh substances. Un-agreeable elements used on your skin can cause serious skin concerns.

When looking for a solution for oily skin, then natural oils is naturally the best. There are women who cannot get there head round why, when you have oily skin how using "oils" is the answer. A lot of answers to our problems may not make sense or seem right; however the important thing is if it works and is safe then why on earth question them answers.

Blackheads and Oily Skin

Nearly every one of us at some time may have seen a blackhead on the nose, chin, ear, or even inside the lobe and they are not very nice, however unsightly they are you must never squeeze a blackhead with your fingernails as this is not healthy, there is a knack to ridding blackheads which is more hygienic and safe.

Blackhead reducer

Mix an oatmeal paste with unflavored oatmeal, lemon juice and olive oil, using just enough olive oil to wet the mixture. Warm the mix. Smooth over the face to draw oil from pores to help reduce blackheads. Rinse the face thoroughly with warm water. On your travels while you search for oily skin treatments you will face having to choose from a variety of beauty products and remedies. If you're in a dilemma and confused about what to select as the appropriate treatment ask an assistant for assistance, and always get a second opinion from your doctor on selected treatments.

Many treatments suggested will appear more appetizing to the palette than what is considered as solution to oily skin, however if you want to treat and cure oily skin you have to resist the urge to nibble on the ingredients.

Oily skin is the culprit behind what you are seeing and feeling and can be caused by a multitude of things. Depending upon your age and circumstances, you could have oily skin due to heredity, dietary choices, or the most likely reason of hormone changes. Shifting hormone levels tends to be the biggest reason for oily skin. These hormone shifts can be due to puberty, menstrual cycles, birth control pills, pregnancy, or menopause.

Whatever your specific reason for having oily skin is, there are ways you can tame your oily skin and turn it back to healthy looking manageable skin.

Solutions for Oily Skin

  • Citrus essential oils - Lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and orange, helps treat oily skin without the worry of harsh ingredients coming in contact with the skin. Find an all-natural herbal lotion base and add 3 to 4 drops per ounce of the citrus essential oil of choice to the base (herbal lotion, skin toner, aloe Vera gel, witch hazel). This remedy is best applied in the evening to help prevent oily skin. Wash the face thoroughly every morning with a mild antibacterial soap prior to facial applications.
  • Keep it clean. Though oily skin does not necessarily mean dirty skin, the extra oil can aid in trapping extra unwanted particles close to your skin, as well as dead skin cells that normally should just fall off.
  • These trapped components can lead to clogged pores which in turn mean acne and blackheads for you. Therefore you should keep your skin clean by washing it a certain amount every day.
  • Time it right. There is no definitive number of times you should wash your skin because each person has different skin types and thus have different skin needs. Washing too often will strip your skin of too many of its natural oils and it will only produce more, which does nothing for your problem. Try starting out by washing once a day and if you feel like you need to wash again, bump the number to twice a day and see how your skin reacts. Once you know the correct number, you can continue that routine in order to combat your oily skin.
  • Scrub it. Give your skin some exfoliation by scrubbing it with products made specifically for oily skin or other home remedies you find that work well. A good scrub can also help rid your skin of extra oil on its surface, but be warned, as just like dry skin, too much exfoliation will produce your skin into making more oil which again fails to help your problem.
  • Wear a mask. No, this is not to imply you should go out into the world disguised or with a bag over your head. Wearing a mask, such as clay, for a few minutes of your day can do wonders to help soothe your skin and absorb extra oil. You can either buy mask products or find proven methods of making your own.
  • Astringent. Wiping your face with a good astringent can also be a good tool against oily skin. The astringent will help remove the oil and also can come as individual wipes that you can carry with you in case you need a quick swipe later on in the day. Keep it blotted. If you do not have any astringent wipes with you, you should at least carry around tissues or special oil blotters to help soak up any extra oil your face produces during the day. This way if you notice your face becoming too oily a quick dab can put you back on track.
  • Forget the moisturizer. In case you have not already heard; do not use a moisturizer on your face! The oil your skin produces already acts as your skins natural way of keeping your skin moisturized. Adding any type of moisturizer, even those that claim to be oil free, is adding to your problem. You have no reason to put any extra moisture on your skin.
  • When it comes to putting any products on your skin for long periods of time, at most you should use a sunscreen to help prevent sun damage to your skin. Nothing more.
  • Ease up on the makeup. If you can go makeup free, then by all means do it. Makeup may only aid in the buildup of oil on your skin and become a clogging mess by the end of the day.
  • If you do have to wear makeup, find water based cosmetics or products made for oily skin. Start small and make sure the products you choose work well for your skin; they have to deliver and not just make promises. Use as little as possible and try using powders instead of liquids.
  • A crab apple concoction - Made into a paste which you smooth over the face and neck and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. It is a rich source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) which the benefits the skin by toning, softening and moisturizing dull oily skin.
  • Wheat germ oil - Has amazing qualities for perfecting the skin in a number of ways. Smooth wheat germ oil over your face in a massage type fashion. Leave it on for 60 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Natural vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant, this oil prevents skin damage caused by UV rays and environmental pollution. It's a fabulous method for softening the skin. Worth and all over body massage with the oil don`t you agree.
  • Milk - It is vitally important for people with oily skin to keep their skin clear otherwise it has a tendency to form acne lesions making the skin patchy, discolored and course. If oil is present the skin becomes tacky thus working like a magnet drawing dirt/grime towards the stickiness which then clogs the pores. Clogged pores increase development of oil secretion. Milk is an oil free cleanser which doesn't dry out the skin. Treat the face several times a day with a milk-wash to keep sebum/oil to a minimum. Clean the face thoroughly before going to bed. Make sure every trace of make-up is removed. Mix 2-3 drops of sandalwood or lavender oil with 2 tablespoon of milk. Massage with cotton wool swab to clean ingrained grime and makeup. Do not stretch or over-pull the skin around the eyes. Gentle massage improves blood circulation. If you have broken skin, avoid stretching in that area to prevent spread of infection.

Most women think that once they have given the skin the once over with soap and water that is the end of that. Think about it ladies, all women wash their face but still suffer problems and why, simply because washing is not enough for maintaining and achieving a radiant complexion.

Moisturizing the skin is a vital element that should be practiced at every possible convenience in a woman's beauty regime.

A beauty conquest is incomplete without moisturizer. The skin loses its natural moisture's throughout the day and needs replenishing, and if moisturizer is not used - you face skin issues like roughness and the skin becoming irritated. Facial and body skin needs regular moisturizing and from this you will see fewer fine lines, a smooth texture, and less surface flaking. Honey is a natural moisturizer. Anything natural is good. Apply a thin layer of honey over the face. Yes it`s messy and sticky, but hey if it's the answer to your problem, then what is the problem. The honey glaze is easily removed with warm water after it had been left on for about 15 minutes.

Judge the amount of oil in your skin and moisturize accordingly.

  • Following the moisturizing session you need to exfoliate. It is necessary to exfoliate with a mild facial scrub about 3-4 times per week to balance the skin's moisture. Rice powder is a natural exfoliating agent. It gives over-stressed oily skin a new vitality and a healthy glow.
  • Make a paste with 1 tablespoon rice powder, 1 tablespoon corn flour and a few drops of lemon juice. Add water if needed. Using an upward/outward circular motion massage the mix on the face. This particular blend actually rids dead cells that mass in the upper layer of the skin. Lemon citrus stimulates the nerves while the chemicals contained in the juice have a bleaching agent that treats dark spots left by the various outbreaks of the oily skin. Lemon fresh is how the skin will feel after you have finished.
  • Make a facial scrub with 2 tablespoons of almond meal, 1 tablespoon ground lemon rind and 3-4 tablespoon milk.
  • When bathing, add rose petals and 3-4 drops of chamomile oil to the water and 1 drop of geranium oil. The chemicals in the petals and the oils act as a unique toner for oily skin.

It`s funny how when we age we find ourselves trying to understand how over the years that what we battled against, is now what we battle for, meaning, the treatments involved for ridding oil is now a reverse treatment where we look to put oil back into the skin because oil production decreases with age.

With age, skin starts to wrinkle making it necessary to supply the skin with oils. Oily skin has its perks because it generally ages the skin "slowly," so look on the bright side because maybe, just maybe, you may warm to the idea of the glossy look in comparison to the look of a dried prune.


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