The Man Who Revolutionizes Psychoanalytical Therapy

Author: Nadine Aurel
Published: 2010/05/16 - Updated: 2010/06/30
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Synopsis: Interview with Luca Bosurgi a defining voice in the emerging field of mind-spirit therapy transforms psychoanalysis to spiritual evolution.

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Interview with Luca Bosurgi - Luca Bosurgi, a defining voice in the emerging field of mind-spirit therapy, transforms psychoanalysis to spiritual evolution.

Luca, you and Nadine Aurel are the founders of the Cognitive OS Hypnosis Institute and the initiators of the Hunab-Ku People philosophy. Your friends call you "powerful master" and your clients rave about the miracles you perform. Luca, what is all this about

The medicine to conquer our own miracles is in each and every one of us. We all have the tools to gain power, love, success and spiritual advancement using our own resources. I am not a master, I am a teacher who helps to prepare and trigger conditions where miracles can happen - and then miracles happen.

The CognitiveOS Institute is a recently formed institution established by Nadine and I to host my 20 years clinical experience and the Hunab-Ku philosophy. Nadine is a young Medicine Woman and has deeply contributed to the development of the Hunab-Ku concept.

What is a mind coach

In order to understand mind coaching, we first need to agree on a few philosophical concepts:

"The purpose of our life on earth is to develop our spiritual awareness: this is primarily done by acquiring new knowledge through our life's experiences.

"In order to gather experiences and transform them into spiritual evolution, we have a sophisticated, robotic system, our tool of life, which are our body and mind. They are powerful pieces of equipment that allow our spirit to live and operate on earth.

"Good control and management of this equipment provides us with balance and efficient lives.

"Bad control of this equipment results in depression, addictions, lack of self-esteem, eating disorders, pain and confusion among many other problems. The first step is to help my clients gain control over their mind and body by eliminating past psychological traumas and unhealthy conditional behaviors. I then train their minds to live a more effective life by developing their personal powers to enhance their professional, artistic, social and healing skills. This translates into balance, success, love and spiritual advancement: It changes lives. This is what I do and this is why I am successful.

You founded a new school in mind therapies, the CognitiveOS Hypnosis. How does CognitiveOS Hypnosis compare to the traditional psychotherapy

CognitiveOS Hypnosis is a way to teach the meaning of life. It explains the value of and how to perform our life journey more efficiently by learning how to manage our body and mind. CognitiveOS Hypnosis is the next step in psychotherapy. It is a mind-spirit therapy that grants permanent and effective results much faster than any classical psychoanalysis. Within a few months I am able to coach my clients to take full control over their mind, clearing past psychological traumas, fear and pain. Most of the teaching is done with guided meditation in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is generally used to quit smoking and for pain management; to many it's a scary word. What are hypnotism and CognitiveOS Hypnosis in fact

The word hypnosis is often associated with a process where the hypnotist uses mysterious powers to take control of a person's mind. This appears to render the patient helpless similar to a marionette. However, that is far from the truth; hypnosis is one of the most powerful and safe mind teaching techniques. During a hypnotherapy session the patient is mentally awake, in full control, and afterwards will remember each moment of the therapy.

Milton Erickson, the MD psychiatrist, father of the clinical hypnosis, was the first to give a medical connotation to hypnotism introducing the concept of a valid alternative to traditional psychotherapy. Unfortunately, he was ahead of his time and his voice remains limited. Traditional hypnosis is a symptom driven therapy and only used to clear specific conditions.

CognitiveOS Hypnosis, instead, is a method of teaching that uses tailor-made, guided meditations within a natural theta trance stage of the mind. CognitiveOS Hypnosis can be divided into two main elements:

Meditation: a natural sensorial language effortlessly absorbed by the mind. CognitiveOS Hypnosis uses this ancient language to teach clients how to take control over body and mind. This is accomplished by clearing past issues and psychological traumas while developing personal powers.

Theta-trance: a natural stage of the mind positioned between awake and asleep. A 'magic mind's place' that happens naturally when we fall asleep or we wake up. We often experience it before getting up in the morning; our mind is awake but our body is still asleep. Our thoughts are similar to dreams but perfectly managed; crisp, brave and incredibly creative. While in this state, everything is still possible as in dreams, but it doesn't last long because as soon as our body awakens the magic is gone. Hypnosis is the way to artificially open and maintain that 'magic mind's place' for the period of a session.

Is CognitiveOS Hypnosis the only way to do that

It is the fastest way. The alternative is training, but it takes many years; consider the difficult and demanding process of the eastern meditation schools.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, during one of his teachings, talked about an experiment organized by his team together with a team of hypnotherapists. He personally witnessed untrained minds able to produce similar EEG theta waves under hypnosis like highly trained monks during deep meditation. He found it fascinating that hypnosis could produce the same level of meditation in untrained minds in just a few seconds which his monks achieved after livelong training.

What does CognitiveOS mean

The Cognitive Operating System is the interface connecting our spirit to our life's tool, a super structure that we use 24/7 to manage our mind, body, and energies. Imagine a space shuttle, the CognitiveOS would be the interface that the astronaut uses to drive the ship.

In the western world we are rediscovering that each one of our cells has it's own intelligence and energetic interaction with the rest of the body. Each cell makes mini decisions that affect the balance of the entire system. Therefore, it becomes obvious that the mind is only a part of the decision making process. CognitiveOS is the frame, the co-coordinator and the conductor of the global intelligence that regulates, motivates and develops our life.

Eastern ancient disciplines such as Kundalini Yoga have been designed to awaken, master and regulate the CognitiveOS. The CognitiveOS Hypnosis is the first psychotherapy school that operates at the CognitiveOS level.

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung warned that Kundalini Yoga could lead to dissociation in which the mind purposely attempts to separate from its bodily restrictions, which in certain unstable individuals might easily lead to a real psychosis... what you think about that

Jung was the first psychiatrist that understood the importance of integrating spirituality in our life, therefore he deserves respect. However his theories were developed before the mind revolution that took the western world by storm during the second half of the last century. Prior to the mind revolution, the ability to have free thought and the power to make independent decisions was very limited. Roles imposed by culture, religions, and states were strictly regulating life. Modern life with its many choices, freedom of movement and new technology required people to think and make choices. The focus shifted from physical strength to using our intellect. This shift created, among many others, the women's movement, one of the most important developments of the last millennium.

To summarize, in my opinion, Jung's worries are unjustified. I value Kundalini Yoga as a powerful CognitiveOS training and I recommend it to all my clients.

Is this why you opened one of your practices in a Kundalini Yoga center

Absolutely. Working with the correct energetic environment is important plus it enhances the effects of the CognitiveOS therapy. The Golden Bridge Yoga center in Los Angeles, where I recently opened my new practice, is a sanctuary of vital energy. The owner and lead teacher Gurmukh, her husband, their team and all the Goldenbridge Community constantly create an environment full of light. It is a joy to operate there.

What is the Hunab-Ku and who are the Hunab-ku people

Hunab-Ku is a powerful Mayan symbol which signifies the God of the Gods, the purest representation of the Big Creator above every religion. We adopted the Hunab-Ku symbol after a dream, as sign of our total commitment to the army of God. An army with no flags or structure, just people working in the name of love.

We are using the Hunab-Ku to define the coming generations who will bring the Earth to the next level. People trained to master their CognitiveOS, "life's professionals", working to restore and upgrade our wonderful, however seriously wounded world.

You are also a Medicine Man known as Red Cougar, do you perform shamanic sessions

No, I integrated my Medicine Man powers within the CognitiveOS therapies. It's one of the powerful tools that I use in my sessions. I have spent most of my life gathering teachings and techniques around the world and assembling the tools that make CognitiveOS Hypnosis. I remember how excited I was twenty years ago when I first discovered the tremendous healing power of hypnosis; it's from that point that everything started to make sense.

Does CognitiveOS Hypnosis work for everybody

Every person can benefit from it, but at this stage I only work with a limited number of clients who demonstrate powerful minds as well as a desire to change.

If I understand correctly, hypnosis only positions the client's mind in a specific place, but the real therapy is the meditation that you create for them. Consequently, the success of your therapies comes from years of clinical and philosophical studies combined with your natural gifts. Will CognitiveOS Hypnosis become a main stream therapy

My work defines the new way of healing by managing minds and spirits. It works because the conditions in our society are ready for it. People want to have control over their bodies and mind instead of the other way around.

Imagine that you are riding a horse that is out of control. You need that horse in order to travel your life's journey; how would you feel? Would you feel afraid, depressed, confused, angry, even hate for the horse? In order to keep you in the saddle and to keep the animal going you might come up with all types of harsh or kind strategies or follow foolish advice. Perhaps you would drug the horse or tire it with endless exercise. What a nightmare! Well, this is the battle most western people are enduring daily.

Imagine the opposite situation. You know and love your horse. Your horse is well trained and responds with joy to all your commands and requests. How would you feel? You would feel happy, safe, relaxed and empowered, knowing that your journey will be efficient, enjoyable and successful.

After a century of preparations we are now ready for the big change. The era of the Aquarius, characterized by the newly balanced male/female mind allows us to take advantage of all the efforts and achievements and learn from the mistakes made by past generations during the "revolution of the mind" and the "new age" movements. We are finally ready to move to the next level, to reassess our priorities, to identify ourselves with our spirit and to allow our spirit to take full control over body and mind. The CognitiveOS is a universal and natural concept that will spread fast and will be taught in schools.

What about mind altering substances like Prozac, alcohol, drugs

We all have the tools to achieve a powerful life and to defeat addictions, depression, pain and confusion. We all are powerful spirits driving perfect and intelligent mind/body robotics. We need to face our issues and work hard to allow the change to take place by taking charge and learning how to control and trust our tools of life. Life is a gift of God and it is our duty and responsibility to capitalize on each and every moment.

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