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Natural Menopause Cure for Menopause Symptoms

Published: 2010-09-20
Author: ANTIAGING Institute of California
Peer-Reviewed Publication: N/A

Synopsis: Natural menopause cure proven to be beneficial in relieving symptoms of menopause including night sweats hot flashes and fatigue. Natural Menopause Cure for 34 Menopause Symptoms, Released By Dr. Ershadi, Director of the ANTI-AGING Institute of California.


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Natural Menopause Cure for 34 Menopause Symptoms, Released By Dr. Ershadi, Director of the ANTI-AGING Institute of California.

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Dr. Shoreh Ershadi, director of the ANTI-AGING Institute of California, has introduced a natural menopause cure that has proven to be beneficial in relieving 34 symptoms of menopause, including the most common ones of night sweats, hot flashes and fatigue. This product is a natural menopause treatment and can be taken without a doctor's prescription.

Menopause occurs when a woman's hormone levels start to change and her periods eventually come to a halt. During this time in a woman's life, disturbing symptoms begin to develop that can interfere with day-to-day activities. Symptoms may vary with each individual but can include mood swings, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, forgetfulness, itchy skin and headaches. A list of 34 menopause symptoms is provided on Dr. Ershadi's website for your reference.

There are about 34 symptoms in all that can occur at this time, and it would be beneficial to a woman's health and well-being to find a menopause treatment that will not harm the body in any way. Prescription drugs are very often used by doctors, but they have side effects. Natural menopause solutions are a way that women can experience relief from menopause symptoms without the need for prescription medication.

When taking a natural menopause remedy, such as DON'T PAUSE, developed by Dr. Ershadi, women have no need to worry about side effects. Such natural menopause relief products have natural ingredients that will help to relieve menopause symptoms without the need for drugs. Menopause natural cures are safe to take. Depending on the product, there may even be some added benefits besides obtaining relief from the most common symptoms. DON'T PAUSE can help to prevent osteoporosis and muscle weakness and have been found to be good for the skin and hair. Such a remedy will be of benefit to women in various ways, making it a substance that women will feel comfortable taking as they are not using harmful drugs.

Menopause is a time in a woman's life when the body is going through a transition, as the child-bearing years are ending. It is no surprise that this process can create so many varied and annoying symptoms that women may find perplexing. With a natural remedy to help bring relief of these symptoms along with added benefits, women do not have to suffer through menopause, eagerly awaiting the day when they will feel like themselves again. A natural treatment for menopause may very well bring the relief that is sought without disturbing side effects.


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