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Health Care: Information by Country Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Health Care category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Health Care: Information by Country Publications

2016-12-14 : Californian People Of Color and Poor Benefited Most From Affordable Care Act : California Health Interview Survey data reveals those with low incomes and people of color benefited significantly from health coverage expansion policies under Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

2016-01-22 : Physician Bias: Information & Survey Results : Survey shows 40% of doctors admit to having some level of prejudice or bias towards specific types or populations of people.

2012-01-16 : Making the Most of Your Health Care Dollars : Lower your out of pocket health care costs by understanding what your health plan covers what it does not cover and how to make the most of every dollar spent on health care and health insurance.

2011-04-18 : High-deductible Health Plans Pose No Special Risks to Medically Vulnerable : Chronically ill were more likely to receive some preventive health care than others enrolled in high-deductible health plans.

2010-09-07 : An American's Experience with Canadian Health Care : Too many members of Congress persist in supporting the agenda of health insurance companies over the dire health needs of 60 to 90 million Americans.

2010-01-15 : Vital Role for Palliative Care in Health-care Reform : Public perception of palliative care to educate public and policymakers on how palliative medicine can contribute to improved quality and greater cost-effectiveness of health care.

2009-09-30 : Health Care System Understood by Less than Half of Medical Students : Less than half of graduating medical students in the U.S. say they received adequate training in understanding health care systems.

2009-03-21 : Problems with the Health Care System : The Western health care system falls well short of what is desired.

2009-03-14 : What is the Difference Between Medicaid and Medicare : Explains the difference between Medicare and Medicaid and what they cover.

2009-02-26 : Paying Your Hospital Bill : Helpful tips to avoid paying unexpected hospital bills and how to stay on top of your hospital bills.

2009-01-27 : Top Hospitals have 27 percent Lower Mortality : Medicare patients treated at top rated hospitals are 27 percent less likely to die than those admitted to other hospitals.

2009-01-11 : Affordable Healthcare Medical Discount Plans : Almost 50 million people including close to 9 million children have no health insurance coverage while 75 million are under insured.

2009-01-03 : Accessibility of Health Care in the United States : US Government control of socialized medicine as in Canada needs a lot of thought and consideration.

2009-01-02 : Health Care System Issues : For those who are uninsured and over dependent on things like dangerous medications.

2008-12-31 : Barack Obamas Health Care Plan : Barack Obamas health care plan seeks to dramatically increase the number of people that have health insurance.

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