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U.S. Medicare Health Insurance Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World U.S. Medicare category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. How TrumpCare Will Change The Healthcare Industry
    List of TrumpCare likely developments that will dramatically affect the U.S. current healthcare landscape - Published: 2017-01-12
  2. Medicare and Medicaid Services Not to Go Forward With Part B Payment Proposal
    Medicare beneficiaries living with rheumatic diseases are able to continue receiving therapies to manage their chronic conditions and avoid pain and disability - Published: 2016-12-17
  3. Medicaid Wait List: Many Adults With Disabilities Likely to Have Unmet Service Needs
    Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities on Medicaid wait list who are minorities, in poor health or unable to speak are more likely to have unmet service needs - Published: 2016-10-08
  4. Medicare May Cost a Lot More in 2017
    According to some projections there may be an increase as high as 22% for the Medicare Part B premium - Published: 2016-09-17
  5. Amputees Being Denied Coverage By Private Insurers Based On Unfinalized Medicare Rule
    Medicare rule is being exploited by private health care insurers to deny coverage to amputees for previously approved medical care and devices - Published: 2016-04-21
  6. Obamacare Saps Enthusiasm for Gov. Health-care Spending
    Changes in General Social Survey respondents who indicate that too little is spent by the federal government on health care - Published: 2015-09-21
  7. Medicare Eyeing Significant Setback in Care for 2 Million U.S. Amputees
    Proposed changes to U.S. Medicare reimbursement for lower limb prosthetic care would create unjustified hurdles to amputees - Published: 2015-08-20
  8. Medicare Part D Popular Plans Face Final Hurdle in CMS Part D Call Letter
    Saga over Medicare Part D regulations expected to end when Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issues Part D Call Letter for 2016 - Published: 2015-02-19
  9. Addressing Biggest Flaw in Medicare Competitive Bidding Program - House, Senate
    It is clear that disability advocates, economists and auction experts have all been correct in criticizing the bidding program - Published: 2015-01-13
  10. Danger of Copayment on Medicare Home Health Services
    New Commonwealth fund study findings underscore danger of a copayment on medicare home health services - Published: 2014-11-26
  11. Flaws in Medicare Program Compromise Quality of Care of Patients
    A review by AAHomecare found some comments state outright that the bid program is devastating to Medicare patients and providers in rural communities - Published: 2014-04-21
  12. Medicare Open Enrollment Period Begins Oct. 15, 2013
    Information regarding the 2014 U.S. Medicare annual open enrollment period which begins October 15 to December 7 2013 - Published: 2013-09-01
  13. A New Perspective on Medicare and Rehabilitation
    Proposed agreement would permit people on Medicare to continue receiving physical and occupational therapy and services at home or in a long-term care facility - Published: 2012-11-05
  14. Medicare, Medicaid and the Costs of Residential Care
    Article examines ways to help finance residential care costs including insurance policies and personal means - Published: 2012-10-08
  15. Medicare: An Election Issue that Worries Caregivers
    How to restructure Medicare for long-term viability has been a major point of contention between Republicans and Democrats - Published: 2012-09-12
  16. Medicare Annual 2012 Open Enrollment Period
    Information regarding 2012 Medicare annual enrollment period Oct 15 to Dec 7 when all Medicare beneficiaries may change their coverage for the coming year - Published: 2012-09-06
  17. Hurdles Remain for People with Disabilities and Seniors After Supreme Court Ruling on Healthcare Reform, Says Allsup
    Explanation on ruling for people with disabilities awaiting SSDI benefits and those relying on Medicare - Published: 2012-06-29
  18. Affordable Care Act - U.S. Supreme Court Decision
    Decision is monumental for disability community and 22 million families who have loved ones living with significant disabilities and chronic diseases - Published: 2012-06-28
  19. Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage Ends Dec 7
    Plans change from year to year so people with Medicare should act now and review their current coverage shop for plan options and make any changes by December 7 - Published: 2011-11-29
  20. 79% of Seniors Oppose Deficit-Linked Medicare Cuts
    Seniors concerned about potential impact to health coverage if federal deficit reduction plan includes changes to Medicare benefits - Published: 2011-07-28
  21. People With MS Caught in Medicare Donut Hole
    People living with MS face high out of pocket costs even when covered by health insurance - Published: 2011-05-30
  22. Helping Consumers Get the Most Out of Medicare
    Medicare offers a wide range of benefits and services to help older adults and individuals with disabilities live a healthier life - Published: 2011-05-28
  23. Medicare Supplements a Safe Haven With the Future of Medicare Uncertain
    Medicare Supplement Insurance covers the gaps in traditional Medicare with no provider networks or restrictions - Published: 2011-05-23
  24. Medicare Reimbursement Payment for Medically Necessary Services
    Information on reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid for medically necessary services - Published: 2011-05-15
  25. Reformed Medicaid Must Put Coordinated Care at Forefront of Efforts
    Medicaid and Health Care Reform highlights how primary care physicians will assume a major role in providing care to Medicaid beneficiaries - Published: 2011-04-10
  26. Medicaid Cuts Assault on America's Most Vulnerable Seniors
    For many Americans, the moral measure of our society is how we treat the least among us - Published: 2011-04-07
  27. Focus on Patients Not Profits in Medicaid Pharmacy - PCMA
    Medicaid can no longer afford to spend more on pharmacy benefits than Medicare and commercial payers - Published: 2011-02-09
  28. Ineffective Medicare Regulations for Home-Based Care
    American Association for Home-care asked President Obama to review the onerous and outdated regulations that hamper job creation and threaten access to quality home medical equipment and services under the Medicare program - Published: 2011-01-22
  29. State of the Medicare Mobility Benefit
    Policies and regulations limiting the effectiveness of the Medicare benefit that is used by senior citizens and people living with disabilities - Published: 2011-01-20
  30. Seniors With Medicare Advantage Should Check Options and Coverage
    Health Plan One urges seniors with Part C Medicare Advantage plans to review their options during the Medicare Advantage Dis-enrollment Period - Published: 2011-01-19
  31. New Medicare Requirement for Face-to-Face Encounters
    New federal regulation issued by Medicare will create crisis for approximately 4.5 million home health and hospice service patients - Published: 2010-12-18
  32. Things Medicare Will Not Pay For
    New policy to stop paying for medical care needed to correct medical mistakes that occur while patients stay in hospitals - Published: 2010-12-18
  33. Medicare Wheelchair Policy Will Hurt Access to Care in Rural Areas
    Concerns elimination of first month purchase option for Medicare beneficiaries requiring power wheelchairs will prevent patients in rural areas from receiving prescribed mobility assistance - Published: 2010-12-04
  34. Congress Urged to Delay New Medicare Wheelchair Rental Policy
    The Medicare mobility benefit allows beneficiaries to receive power wheelchairs to help perform the daily necessities of living in their homes - Published: 2010-11-09
  35. Stopping the Medicare Physician Cut That Hurts Seniors
    94 percent of Americans are concerned about a looming Medicare cut to doctors - Published: 2010-11-08
  36. Unnecessary Care After Medicare Reimbursement Cut
    Financial reform of health care can reduce unnecessary care without impacting care to those patients most likely to benefit from a treatment - Published: 2010-11-05
  37. Health Plan One Launches Medicare Quoting Tool
    New tool helps brokers compare Medicare quotes and aid in the enrollment process for seniors - Published: 2010-10-21
  38. Medicare Set-Asides and Work Comp Settlements
    A Medicare Set-Aside or Medicare Set-Aside Trust allocates a portion of a workers compensation or other settlement for future medical expenses - Published: 2010-10-18
  39. Anthem's 'Online Store' Caters to Baby Boomers Looking for Medicare Plans
    The first of the Boomers are now becoming Medicare eligible - Published: 2010-10-05
  40. Payments Begin in Landmark $16 Million Medicaid Class Action
    Violations of federal and state law by overcharging Medicaid recipients for co-payments for nursing home care - Published: 2010-08-19
  41. What Does Medicare Pay For
    Medicare covers a wide array of medical needs very well including long term care - Published: 2010-06-29
  42. US Ranks Last for Health System Performance
    US ranks last among 7 countries on health system performance but affordable Care Act holds promise for US performance - Published: 2010-06-23
  43. Congress Fails Seniors with 21% Medicare Cut
    Medicare begins processing physician payments with cut Congress failed to stop - Published: 2010-06-21
  44. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Must Implement Payment Reforms Rapidly
    The new Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMI) must be inclusive and flexible in developing and implementing payment initiatives - Published: 2010-06-08
  45. Is There Any Escape From Medicare
    Some Medicare patients can not find a doctor willing to see them at all - Published: 2010-06-02
  46. Changes in Medigap Plans May Reduce Monthly Bills for Seniors
    The changes are extensive as Supplemental Plan M and Plan N are now available Plans E H I and J are no longer available - Published: 2010-06-02
  47. Affordable Medigap Plans M and N
    Information on new Medicare Supplement Plan M and Medicare Supplement Plan N - Published: 2010-05-04
  48. Doctors Sue to Overturn the Health Care Bill
    First medical society to sue to overturn the newly enacted health care bill - Published: 2010-03-29
  49. Patty Duke Show Cast Reunites for Online Medicare Application Awareness
    Medicare eligibility age of 65 who want to delay filing for Social Security retirement benefits - Published: 2010-03-23
  50. Integrating Health and Long Term Care for Those Who Qualify for Both Medicare and Medicaid
    Alternatives to integrate care for seniors and adults with disabilities whose Medicare and Medicaid services cost billions per year - Published: 2010-03-10
  51. Obama Gets Virtual Colonoscopy But Coverage Denied to Seniors
    President Obama received a CT colonography (CTC) or virtual colonoscopy to screen for colorectal cancer - Published: 2010-03-03
  52. Seniors, Military and Baby Boomers Hurt by Senate Inaction on Medicare
    Message to U.S. Senate to stop playing games with Medicare patients and physicians who care for them - Published: 2010-02-26
  53. Continue Working on Health Care Reform - Patients to US Congress
    The NHC supports legislation that incorporates core principles essential to the chronic disease and disability patient community - Published: 2010-01-25
  54. Impending Medicare Crisis for Seniors, Baby Boomers and Military
    Unprecedented Multi-state AMA, AARP and MOAA Event Shines Spotlight on Medicare Physician Cuts That Will Hurt Access to Care - Published: 2010-01-21
  55. Equality of Medicaid/Medicare Rates for Primary Care
    Those relying on Medicaid to meet health-care needs include low-income women children minorities and individuals with disabilities - Published: 2010-01-12
  56. Evidence in U.S. Health Care
    Taking a more strongly evidence-based approach to medicine would help the US healthcare system - Published: 2010-01-11
  57. Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs Coming Soon
    New law makes it easier to qualify for extra help with Medicare prescription drug costs - Published: 2010-01-08
  58. Health Reform Bill Must Ensure Supply of Primary-care Physicians
    Health reform bill must help ensure supply of primary-care physicians - Published: 2010-01-07
  59. Healthcare Bills Will Hamper Medicare Services for Seniors and the Disabled
    Healthcare reform changes to prevent senior citizens and disabled from problems obtaining home-care products through Medicare - Published: 2009-12-21
  60. AMA, AARP and MOAA Call for Passage of House Medicare Reform Bill
    Bill Repeals Broken Physician Payment Formula That Hurts Access to Care for Seniors and Military Families - Published: 2009-11-21
  61. House of Representatives Passes Affordable Health Care for America Act
    Health reform legislation that will ensure every American has access to quality affordable stable and secure health care coverage - Published: 2009-11-08
  62. Hitting Bulls-eye in Health Reform
    Updated comparison of chronic care provisions contained within health reform legislation - Published: 2009-10-09
  63. People with Disabilities Face Unique Healthcare Coverage Challenges
    People with disabilities have crucial healthcare needs, but often experience difficulty in receiving much-needed treatment - Published: 2009-10-07
  64. $40 Million in Grants to Enroll Children in CHIP Medicaid
    Grants to enroll children who are uninsured but eligible for Medicaid or Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP) - Published: 2009-09-30
  65. $120 Million for Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative
    Public health efforts to address obesity increase physical activity improve nutrition and decrease smoking - Published: 2009-09-29
  66. New Report on Seniors and Health Insurance Reform
    Under health insurance reform seniors will get better care and their health care costs will go down - Published: 2009-09-23
  67. Health Insurance Reform Cannot Wait
    U.S. Census numbers regarding the uninsured confirm health insurance reform cannot wait another year - Published: 2009-09-16
  68. Medicare to Join State Based Healthcare Delivery System Reform Initiatives
    Medicare to join Medicaid, and private insurers in state-based efforts to improve the way health care is delivered - Published: 2009-09-16
  69. ARRA Funds to Train Health Professionals
    Awards totaling $33 million to expand the training of health care professionals - Published: 2009-09-11
  70. Health Insurance Reform Address - New Report on Insurance Insecurity
    A full one in six Americans with employer-sponsored insurance in 2006 lost that coverage by 2008 - Published: 2009-09-10
  71. Key Drivers of Health Care Costs
    A policy paper that identifies and analyzes the key drivers of health care costs was released today by the American College of Physicians - Published: 2009-09-09
  72. Health Reform Would See Small Business Lower Costs
    Small business owners and employees are among those who stand to benefit the most from provisions in some of the current health reform proposals under consideration by Congress - Published: 2009-09-09
  73. $70.9 Million to States to Expand Health Insurance Coverage
    $70.9 million in grants to 13 states to support the expansion of health care coverage for their uninsured populations - Published: 2009-09-05
  74. An American Universal Health Care System
    To examine the complex health care issue a small research study was conducted from randomly selected doctors - Published: 2009-08-16
  75. Americans Divided on Government Involvement in Health Insurance
    Support for government-sponsored health insurance for individuals under age 65 remains virtually the same regardless - Published: 2009-08-10
  76. State-by-State Reports Show How Health Insurance Reform will Benefit all Americans
    These reports show how health insurance reform will help Americans save money - Published: 2009-08-07
  77. Health-care Reform Must Respect Patient Autonomy
    Concern over the potential to include mandated rather than recommended treatment guidelines as part of Medicare reforms - Published: 2009-08-06
  78. Health Reform Proposals Could Help Uninsured Young Adults Gain Coverage
    Health reform proposals now before Congress could help the more than 13 million uninsured young adults ages 19-29 gain coverage - Published: 2009-08-06
  79. National Conference of State Legislatures Vote in Favor of Health Insurance Reform
    Elected officials from across the country came out strongly in support of health insurance reform - Published: 2009-07-24
  80. Private and Public Insurance Could Help Pay National Health Care Reform
    Health reform can help pay for itself but both private and public insurance choices are critically important - Published: 2009-07-16
  81. Extra Payments to Medicare Advantage to Total $11.4 billion in 2009
    Extra payments to Medicare Advantage plans will amount to an average of $1138 or 13 percent over fee-for-service costs - Published: 2009-05-05
  82. Electric Wheelchairs and Medicare
    To obtain Medicare for electric wheelchairs certain criteria have to be met - Published: 2009-03-19
  83. Does Medicare Pay for Home Care
    The following is a general overview of what Medicare covers in terms of home health care - Published: 2009-03-19
  84. Medicare Insurance Myths
    Unless you receive Medicare for a disability you must be 65 years old in order to be eligible for Medicare benefits - Published: 2009-03-19
  85. Does Medicare Cover you Outside the United States
    If you are 65 or older you may not know that Medicare does not cover you outside the United States - Published: 2009-03-19
  86. What Does Medicare Part B Cover
    Medicare part B covers basic outpatient care including doctors visits on a government sponsored pay for service scheme - Published: 2009-03-19
  87. Medicare Part D - Drug Plan Formularies
    A formulary is a list of covered prescription drugs that various Medicare prescription drug plans must provide to their enrollees - Published: 2009-03-16
  88. Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Pitfalls
    Coverage for the New Medicare Prescription Drug Plan began on January 1 2006 - Published: 2009-03-16
  89. Medicare Part D - Out of Pocket Expenses
    A complete understanding of Medicare Part D Out of pocket expenses is critical for all Medicare eligible individuals - Published: 2009-03-16
  90. What Dentist Services are Covered by Medicare
    Explains what medicare will cover in regards to dental work and procedures as part of a condition requiring hospitalization - Published: 2009-03-16
  91. Medicare's E-Prescribing Incentive Program
    The Medicare e-prescribing incentive is a new initiative authorized under the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act - Published: 2009-03-16
  92. What is Covered by Medicare
    Medicare offers several categories of benefits Part B of Medicare covers visits to doctors offices and durable home medical equipment - Published: 2009-03-12
  93. Do You Think Medicare Will Pay For Your Long Term Healthcare
    If your plan is that Medicare will cover the costs of long term health care for your aging parents you need a better plan - Published: 2009-02-25
  94. Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Offers Chance to Change
    Medicare Advantage beneficiaries can still switch their coverage during the current Medicare open enrollment period. - Published: 2009-01-12
  95. Evaluating Medicare Plans
    Examines points to look for when choosing a medicare plan and healthcare for people with disabilities - Published: 2009-01-09


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