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U.S. Medicare System Publications
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Autism Report Explores Autistic Individuals Lifespan Use of Medicaid2023/03/20
To Pay for Healthcare 98M Americans Skipped Treatments, Cut Back on Food, Gas, Utilities2022/08/042022/08/05
2022 Medicare Part B Premiums to Rise 14.5%2021/11/13
Lower Out of Pocket Insulin Costs for U.S. Medicare SeniorsAnnouncement / Notification2020/05/262023/09/13
U.S. Medicare and Telehealth Services During COVID-19 PandemicInformative2020/03/222023/09/14
Medicare Recipients Can Be Denied Supplemental Medigap Coverage Due to Pre-Existing ConditionsInformative2018/11/152023/10/11
Medicare Part B Increase Will Consume Retirees Entire COLA2017/11/21
NAELA President's Statement on the Senate Health Care Reform Legislation2017/06/23
How TrumpCare Will Change The Healthcare Industry2017/01/12
Medicare and Medicaid Services Not to Go Forward With Part B Payment Proposal2016/12/172020/04/11
Medicaid Wait List: Many Adults With Disabilities Likely to Have Unmet Service Needs2016/10/08
Medicare May Cost a Lot More in 20172016/09/17
Amputees Being Denied Coverage By Private Insurers Based On Unfinalized Medicare Rule2016/04/212018/01/26
Obamacare Saps Enthusiasm for Gov. Health-care Spending2015/09/21
Significant Medicare Setback in Care for U.S. Amputees2015/08/202021/08/09
Medicare Part D Popular Plans Face Final Hurdle in CMS Part D Call Letter2015/02/19
Addressing Biggest Flaw in Medicare Competitive Bidding Program - House, Senate2015/01/13
Danger of Copayment on Medicare Home Health Services2014/11/262020/11/17
Flaws in Medicare Program Compromise Quality of Care of Patients2014/04/212021/08/07
A New Perspective on Medicare and Rehabilitation2012/11/052021/07/03
Medicare, Medicaid and the Costs of Residential Care2012/10/082021/07/15
Hurdles Remain for People with Disabilities and Seniors After Supreme Court Ruling on Healthcare Reform, Says Allsup2012/06/292013/06/17
Affordable Care Act: U.S. Supreme Court DecisionAnnouncement / Notification2012/06/282024/03/09
People With MS Caught in Medicare Donut Hole2011/05/30
Helping Consumers Get the Most Out of Medicare2011/05/28
Medicare Supplement Insurance and Future of Medicare2011/05/232022/03/27
Medicare Reimbursement Payment for Medically Necessary Services2011/05/152015/10/26
Reformed Medicaid Must Put Coordinated Care at Forefront of Efforts2011/04/102016/06/13
Medicaid Cuts Assault on America's Most Vulnerable Seniors2011/04/07
Focus on Patients Not Profits in Medicaid Pharmacy2011/02/092022/06/09
Ineffective Medicare Regulations for Home-Based Care2011/01/22
U.S. Medicare Mobility Benefit2011/01/202022/01/24
New Medicare Requirement for Face-to-Face Encounters2010/12/18
Things Medicare Will Not Pay For2010/12/182016/10/19
Medicare Wheelchair Policy Will Hurt Access to Care in Rural Areas2010/12/042015/04/19
Congress Urged to Delay New Medicare Wheelchair Rental Policy2010/11/09
Stopping the Medicare Physician Cut That Hurts Seniors2010/11/08
Unnecessary Care After Medicare Reimbursement Cut2010/11/05
Health Plan One Launches Medicare Quoting Tool2010/10/21
Medicare Set-Asides and Work Comp Settlements2010/10/18
Anthem's 'Online Store' Caters to Baby Boomers Looking for Medicare Plans2010/10/05
What Does Medicare Pay For2010/06/29
US Ranks Last for Health System Performance2010/06/232010/06/24
Congress Fails Seniors with 21% Medicare Cut2010/06/21
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Must Implement Payment Reforms Rapidly2010/06/082019/07/02
Is There Any Escape From Medicare2010/06/022016/06/13
Changes in Medigap Plans May Reduce Monthly Bills for Seniors2010/06/02
Affordable Medigap Plans M and N2010/05/04
Doctors Sue to Overturn the Health Care Bill2010/03/29
Patty Duke Show Cast Reunites for Online Medicare Application Awareness2010/03/23
Integrating Health and Long Term Care for Those Who Qualify for Both Medicare and Medicaid2010/03/10
Obama Gets Virtual Colonoscopy But Coverage Denied to Seniors2010/03/03
Seniors, Military and Baby Boomers Hurt by Senate Inaction on Medicare2010/02/26
Continue Working on Health Care Reform - Patients to US Congress2010/01/25
Impending Medicare Crisis for Seniors, Baby Boomers and Military2010/01/212010/02/03
Equality of Medicaid/Medicare Rates for Primary Care2010/01/12
Evidence in U.S. Health Care2010/01/11
Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs Coming Soon2010/01/08
Health Reform Bill Must Ensure Supply of Primary-care Physicians2010/01/07
Healthcare Bills Will Hamper Medicare Services for Seniors and the DisabledInformative2009/12/212024/03/27
AMA, AARP and MOAA Call for Passage of House Medicare Reform Bill2009/11/212010/02/03
House of Representatives Passes Affordable Health Care for America Act2009/11/082009/11/09
Hitting Bulls-eye in Health Reform2009/10/09
People with Disabilities Face Unique Healthcare Coverage Challenges2009/10/072013/06/17
$40 Million in Grants to Enroll Children in CHIP Medicaid2009/09/30
$120 Million for Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative2009/09/292016/06/13
New Report on Seniors and Health Insurance Reform2009/09/232010/07/11
Health Insurance Reform Cannot Wait2009/09/162010/06/27
Medicare to Join State Based Healthcare Delivery System Reform Initiatives2009/09/162010/06/27
ARRA Funds to Train Health Professionals2009/09/112010/06/27
Health Insurance Reform Address: Report on Insurance InsecurityAnnouncement / Notification2009/09/102024/02/25
Key Drivers of Health Care Costs2009/09/092020/05/28
Health Reform Would See Small Business Lower Costs2009/09/09
$70.9 Million to States to Expand Health Insurance Coverage2009/09/052010/07/11
An American Universal Health Care System2009/08/162013/06/14
Americans Divided on Government Involvement in Health Insurance2009/08/102010/07/09
State-by-State Reports Show How Health Insurance Reform will Benefit all Americans2009/08/072010/07/11
Health-care Reform Must Respect Patient Autonomy2009/08/062010/07/03
Health Reform Proposals Could Help Uninsured Young Adults Gain Coverage2009/08/06
National Conference of State Legislatures Vote in Favor of Health Insurance Reform2009/07/24
Private and Public Insurance Could Help Pay National Health Care Reform2009/07/16
Extra Payments to Medicare Advantage to Total $11.4 billion in 20092009/05/05
Electric Wheelchairs and Medicare2009/03/19
Does Medicare Pay for Home Care2009/03/192013/06/12
Medicare Insurance Myths2009/03/19
Does Medicare Cover you Outside the United States2009/03/192010/06/27
What Does Medicare Part B Cover2009/03/19
Medicare Part D - Drug Plan Formularies2009/03/162011/07/21
Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Pitfalls2009/03/162013/06/14
Medicare Part D - Out of Pocket Expenses2009/03/162010/06/26
What Dentist Services are Covered by Medicare2009/03/162013/06/14
Medicare's E-Prescribing Incentive Program2009/03/16
What is Covered by Medicare2009/03/122019/02/08
Do You Think Medicare Will Pay For Your Long Term Healthcare2009/02/252010/07/11
Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Offers Chance to Change2009/01/122010/01/17
Evaluating Medicare Plans2009/01/092013/06/17

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