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Medicare: An Election Issue that Worries Caregivers

  • Date: 2012/09/12
  • AgingCare.com
  • Synopsis : How to restructure Medicare for long-term viability has been a major point of contention between Republicans and Democrats.

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Medicare is the Election Issue That Worries Caregivers Most - AgingCare.com surveyed caregivers to uncover which issues in the upcoming presidential election matter most to people who take care of their aging parents. Nearly 600 caregivers replied to the online poll question: Which election issue do you think will affect caregivers most

More than 31% of caregivers said the issue of Medicare is top of mind for them. Vying for a close second, caregivers said health care reform (28.32%) and the economy (26.94%) will affect caregivers most.

How to restructure Medicare for long-term viability has been a major point of contention between Republicans and Democrats. The flailing system and how to fix it has caregivers divided too.

AgingCare.com, a website dedicated to providing practical advice, dependable information, and support to its audience of family caregivers, has become a hub where caregivers exchange ideas, share conversations and debate issues that impact their lives and the lives of their elderly parents. With the 2012 presidential election top-of-mind for Americans, the Medicare issue has become a heated debate on the AgingCare.com forum, where caregivers are responding to the forum question "Will the debate over Medicare sway your vote in the 2012 election"

84% of caregivers said candidates' plans for Medicare will impact their vote. Nearly 33% agree with the Democratic plans, while 40% believe the Republican candidate has the better plan. (The remainder did not state whether they agreed with the Democratic or Republican plan.)

Regardless of their party affiliation, a majority of caregivers say cracking down on Medicare fraud is crucial to fixing the Medicare crisis. In addition, many leaning toward the Democratic side of the aisle are against privatization, which includes a "support payment" and giving seniors the option of enrolling in a Medicare fee-for-service plan or private insurance. Many who side with the Republican point of view feel if President Obama remains in office, there won't be any money left in Medicare due to his policies.

Medicare reform has Romney, Obama and caregivers agreeing on one thing: the need for change.

To help caregivers navigate the election that will affect both the caregiver and their elderly loved one, AgingCare.com has launched a new section of the website: "The Caregiver's Election Guide," packed with information on issues, voting logistics for elders and navigating election season.

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