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Immunization & Vaccines:Types & Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Immunization and Vaccines category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-03CVS Health Offering Hepatitis A Vaccine to Broward County Residents
2017-02-05Is President Trump About to Issue Vaccine Executive Order?
2014-11-29Early Clinical Trials Find Powdered Measles Vaccine Safe
2014-09-06Mandatory Health Care Employees Vaccination Policy
2014-06-14Global Resurgence of Deadly Pertussis Bacteria
2013-09-03Childhood Immunization Schedule - Safe Monitoring Strategy
2013-03-30Too Many Vaccines Too Soon Does Not Increase Risk of Autism
2013-03-18Parents Refusing to Vaccinate Daughters Against HPV
2012-04-23Study Shows Shingles Vaccine is Safe
2012-02-09Young Seniors May Get Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine
2011-08-12Chikungunya Virus Vaccine
2011-07-19Vaccines for 2011-2012 Influenza Season - FDA
2011-06-09Vaccine Research Foundation for Infectious and Tropical Diseases
2011-06-03State School Immunization Requirements for Students Effective August 1
2011-06-03Make Sure Students Vaccinations are Up-to-Date This Summer
2011-06-03Cholera Vaccination Strategies for Zimbabwe
2011-05-24CDC Ignores Mercury in Vaccines But Warns of Zombie Apocalypse
2011-04-21US Vaccination Week 23 - 30 April, 2011
2011-02-16Pneumococcal Vaccine Approach Successful in Early Tests
2011-01-25Urgent Care Network Offers Limited Free Flu Vaccines
2011-01-25Vaccines for Plague and Bacterial Pneumonias
2011-01-18Missouri Seniors Should Get Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines
2011-01-13Shingles Vaccine Associated With 55% Reduced Risk of Disease
2011-01-10Free Flu Shots for North Carolina's Youth
2010-12-26Doctor Donates Thousands of Flu Shots
2010-12-11New MenAfriVac Meningitis Vaccine to Eradicate Epidemics in Africa
2010-12-02Why Vaccines May be Ineffective for Some People
2010-11-25Study Uses the Patient's Tumor to Form Vaccine
2010-11-22CDC Unveils New Adult Vaccination Rates
2010-11-18Needle-free HPV Vaccine Increases Effectiveness and Availability
2010-11-12Vaccine for Urinary Tract Infections
2010-11-05Breakthrough in Cancer Vaccine Research
2010-11-04HPV Vaccine Support Wanes when Linked to Controversy
2010-10-28National Meningitis Association Statement on Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Vote
2010-10-2190% of Young Canadian Women Not Vaccinated Against Cervical Cancer
2010-10-08Childhood Vaccines Yes, But Not at a Cost
2010-10-05Vaccinations Should Continue as Influenza Pandemics Epidemics Wane
2010-10-01Seasonal Flu Clinics Open Nationwide
2010-09-28Patient-specific Vaccines for Metastatic Melanoma May Induce Durable Complete Regression
2010-09-25Effective Vaccine for Malaria a Step Closer
2010-09-22Mothers Wins Compensation After MMR Injection Left Son Disabled

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