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Immunization & Vaccines:Types & Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Immunization and Vaccines category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. Is President Trump About to Issue Vaccine Executive Order?
    Possible vaccination safety executive order may be released soon by President Donald J. Trump - Published: 2017-02-05
  2. Early Clinical Trials Find Powdered Measles Vaccine Safe
    Measles vaccine made of fine dry powder delivered with puff of air triggered no adverse side effects in early human testing and it is likely effective - Published: 2014-11-29
  3. Mandatory Health Care Employees Vaccination Policy
    According to a Henry Ford Health System study, hospitals can improve flu vaccination rate among health care workers by using mandatory employee vaccination policy - Published: 2014-09-06
  4. Global Resurgence of Deadly Pertussis Bacteria
    Concerted effort by nurses practitioners and other primary care providers needed to reverse rise in pertussis cases and deaths among children and youth - Published: 2014-06-14
  5. Childhood Immunization Schedule - Safe Monitoring Strategy
    Report on federal childhood immunization schedule offers a framework for conducting safety research using existing or new data collection systems - Published: 2013-09-03
  6. Too Many Vaccines Too Soon Does Not Increase Risk of Autism
    10% of parents refuse or delay vaccinations because they believe it is safer than following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention schedule - Published: 2013-03-30
  7. Parents Refusing to Vaccinate Daughters Against HPV
    More parents stating they will not vaccinate daughters against HPV due to increased concerns about potential side effects - Published: 2013-03-18
  8. Study Shows Shingles Vaccine is Safe
    The herpes zoster vaccine also known as the shingles vaccine is generally safe and well tolerated according to a Vaccine Safety Datalink study - Published: 2012-04-23
  9. Young Seniors May Get Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine
    42 million younger seniors in the U.S. between 50 and 65 may soon have a new vaccine to prevent pneumococcal pneumonia - Published: 2012-02-09
  10. Chikungunya Virus Vaccine
    Developers hope vaccine will alleviate suffering caused by mosquito borne virus in Asia and Africa and limit its spread - Published: 2011-08-12
  11. Vaccines for 2011-2012 Influenza Season - FDA
    FDA approved influenza vaccine formulation for 2011-2012 influenza vaccine in the United States - Published: 2011-07-19
  12. Vaccine Research Foundation for Infectious and Tropical Diseases
    New Foundation will advocate and campaign for increased funding for global vaccine research against infectious diseases including neglected tropical diseases - Published: 2011-06-09
  13. State School Immunization Requirements for Students Effective August 1
    Changes to school immunization requirements may affect some students in grades K-12 with additional requirements for students entering 7th grade - Published: 2011-06-03
  14. Make Sure Students Vaccinations are Up-to-Date This Summer
    Parents and caregivers urged to use summer break to make sure all students immunizations are up to date before new regulations take effect in August - Published: 2011-06-03
  15. Cholera Vaccination Strategies for Zimbabwe
    Analyzing how a cholera outbreak would spread in Zimbabwe is providing insights into most effective vaccination strategies for preventing future cholera epidemics - Published: 2011-06-03
  16. CDC Ignores Mercury in Vaccines But Warns of Zombie Apocalypse
    Concerns about the persistent presence of mercury in the form of Thimerosal in vaccines in the U.S. - Published: 2011-05-24
  17. US Vaccination Week 23 - 30 April, 2011
    Ninth annual Vaccination Week in the Americas between 23 and 30 April - Published: 2011-04-21
  18. Pneumococcal Vaccine Approach Successful in Early Tests
    New vaccine candidate that is potentially cheaper and able to protect against any pneumococcal strain - Published: 2011-02-16
  19. Urgent Care Network Offers Limited Free Flu Vaccines
    With flu season still at its height Urgent Cares of America has started offering free flu vaccines at all their locations - Published: 2011-01-25
  20. Vaccines for Plague and Bacterial Pneumonias
    Vaccine to protect against plague and the terrorists who seek to use plague as a weapon - Published: 2011-01-25
  21. Missouri Seniors Should Get Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines
    Older adults are at greater risk of serious flu-related complications including pneumonia hospitalization and even death - Published: 2011-01-18
  22. Shingles Vaccine Associated With 55% Reduced Risk of Disease
    Retrospective study observed the outcomes of effectiveness of herpes zoster vaccine in large diverse population of men and women - Published: 2011-01-13
  23. Free Flu Shots for North Carolina's Youth
    Urgent Cares of America clinics offering free seasonal 2011 flu shots to children and youth ages 4 years through college students - Published: 2011-01-10
  24. Doctor Donates Thousands of Flu Shots
    Dr. M. George is well known for providing free flu shots for the past thirteen years to more than 28,000 people in his community - Published: 2010-12-26
  25. New MenAfriVac Meningitis Vaccine to Eradicate Epidemics in Africa
    MenAfriVac vaccine designed specifically for Africa expected to help health workers eliminate meningococcal A epidemics - Published: 2010-12-11
  26. Why Vaccines May be Ineffective for Some People
    New research published suggests the effectiveness of the bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccine is compromised by environmental bacteria - Published: 2010-12-02
  27. Study Uses the Patient's Tumor to Form Vaccine
    A new process for creating a personalized vaccine may become a crucial tool in helping patients with colorectal cancer - Published: 2010-11-25
  28. CDC Unveils New Adult Vaccination Rates
    New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that adults remain largely un-vaccinated against preventable infectious illnesses - Published: 2010-11-22
  29. Needle-free HPV Vaccine Increases Effectiveness and Availability
    Targeted inhalable dry powder vaccine may replace current commercial human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine used throughout the world - Published: 2010-11-18
  30. Vaccine for Urinary Tract Infections
    Vaccine could prevent a majority of urinary tract infections which are caused by E. coli bacteria - Published: 2010-11-12
  31. Breakthrough in Cancer Vaccine Research
    Vaccines created to prompt the immune system to attack cancerous cells in tumors have shown to activate an immune response in the body - Published: 2010-11-05
  32. HPV Vaccine Support Wanes when Linked to Controversy
    News coverage about HPV vaccine requirements tends to amplify this controversy possibly leading to negative attitudes among the public - Published: 2010-11-04
  33. National Meningitis Association Statement on Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Vote
    Expanding adolescent meningococcal vaccination recommendation to include a booster - Published: 2010-10-28
  34. 90% of Young Canadian Women Not Vaccinated Against Cervical Cancer
    Young women are leaving themselves vulnerable to cervical cancer because they are unaware of the benefits of vaccination - Published: 2010-10-21
  35. Childhood Vaccines Yes, But Not at a Cost
    Results of survey show Spanish mothers are more resistant than those in other countries to the idea of paying for vaccines - Published: 2010-10-08
  36. Vaccinations Should Continue as Influenza Pandemics Epidemics Wane
    Influenza pandemics often come in multiple waves public health officials have to decide whether continuing vaccination programs is warranted - Published: 2010-10-05
  37. Seasonal Flu Clinics Open Nationwide
    Flu vaccine program provides flu shot clinics at convenient retail locations such as pharmacies supermarkets and other public venues - Published: 2010-10-01
  38. Patient-specific Vaccines for Metastatic Melanoma May Induce Durable Complete Regression
    Encouraging clinical study results for patient-specific vaccine therapy to treat metastatic melanoma - Published: 2010-09-28
  39. Effective Vaccine for Malaria a Step Closer
    Vaccine for malaria is a step closer following identification of a key pathway used by the malaria parasite to infect human cells - Published: 2010-09-25
  40. Mothers Wins Compensation After MMR Injection Left Son Disabled
    A Warrington mother has won a legal battle for compensation after her son was left severely disabled by the MMR vaccine - Published: 2010-09-22


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