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Immunization and Vaccines Publications
Title of
Vaccination and Boosters During Pregnancy Benefits Pregnant Women and NewbornsStudy2023/08/12
New Guidance on Safe Injection Practice in HospitalsInformative2023/08/09
No Increased Risk of Serious Diseases for COVID-19 Vaccinated2023/02/13
Extending Shelf Life of Vaccines2022/08/072023/01/04
Anger Spreads Against COVID-19 Anti-vaxxers as Cases RiseOpinion Piece / Editorial2021/08/192024/03/02
Vaccinating Pre-schoolers with Asthma Against the Flu2018/06/29
CVS Health Offering Hepatitis A Vaccine to Broward County Residents2017/11/032018/03/15
Is President Trump About to Issue Vaccine Executive Order?2017/02/05
Early Clinical Trials Find Powdered Measles Vaccine Safe2014/11/29
Mandatory Health Care Employees Vaccination Policy2014/09/062014/09/07
Global Resurgence of Deadly Pertussis Bacteria2014/06/142021/11/28
Monitoring of Childhood Immunization Schedule2013/09/032022/01/19
Too Many Vaccines Too Soon Does Not Increase Risk of Autism2013/03/302022/02/06
Parents Refusing to Vaccinate Teen Daughters Against HPV2013/03/182021/05/13
Study Shows Shingles Vaccine is Safe2012/04/232021/09/18
Pneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine for Middle Aged2012/02/092022/04/25
Chikungunya Virus Vaccine2011/08/122016/03/07
Vaccine Research Foundation for Infectious and Tropical Diseases2011/06/092022/03/11
State School Immunization Requirements for Students Effective August 12011/06/032016/06/13
Make Sure Students Vaccinations are Up-to-Date This Summer2011/06/032014/11/29
Cholera Vaccination Strategies for Zimbabwe2011/06/03
CDC Ignores Mercury in Vaccines But Warns of Zombie Apocalypse2011/05/24
US Vaccination Week 23 - 30 April, 20112011/04/21
Pneumococcal Vaccine Approach Successful in Tests2011/02/162022/06/01
Urgent Care Network Offers Limited Free Flu Vaccines2011/01/25
Vaccines for Plague and Bacterial Pneumonias2011/01/25
Missouri Seniors Should Get Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines2011/01/182017/12/24
Shingles Vaccine Associated With 55% Reduced Risk of Disease2011/01/132021/09/18
Free Flu Shots for North Carolina's Youth2011/01/102017/12/24
Doctor Donates Thousands of Flu Shots2010/12/26
New MenAfriVac Meningitis Vaccine to Eradicate Epidemics in Africa2010/12/112016/06/13
Why Vaccines May be Ineffective for Some People2010/12/02
Study Uses the Patient's Tumor to Form Vaccine2010/11/25
CDC Unveils New Adult Vaccination Rates2010/11/22
Needle-free HPV Vaccine Increases Effectiveness and Availability2010/11/18
Vaccine for Urinary Tract Infections2010/11/122019/05/08
Breakthrough in Cancer Vaccine Research2010/11/052018/03/15
HPV Vaccine Support Wanes when Linked to Controversy2010/11/04
National Meningitis Association Statement on Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Vote2010/10/28
90% of Young Canadian Women Not Vaccinated Against Cervical Cancer2010/10/21
Childhood Vaccines Yes, But Not at a Cost2010/10/08
Vaccinations Should Continue as Influenza Pandemics Epidemics Wane2010/10/05
Seasonal Flu Clinics Open Nationwide2010/10/01
Patient-specific Vaccines for Metastatic Melanoma May Induce Durable Complete Regression2010/09/28
Effective Vaccine for Malaria a Step Closer2010/09/25
Mothers Wins Compensation After MMR Injection Left Son Disabled2010/09/222015/03/31

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