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Seasonal Flu Clinics Open Nationwide

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-10-01 - Flu vaccine program provides flu shot clinics at convenient retail locations such as pharmacies supermarkets and other public venues. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Maxim Health Systems.

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Maxim Health Systems Offers More Than 25,000 Flu Shot Clinics Nationwide.

Maxim Health Systems (MHS) announced today that its more than 25,000 flu shot clinics nationwide are open. Maxim's flu vaccine program provides flu shot clinics at convenient retail locations, such as pharmacies, supermarkets, and other public venues.

"Flu season is here and the CDC has issued a universal recommendation that everyone over six months of age get vaccinated," said Steve Pellito, National Director of Wellness Services for Maxim Health Systems. "Influenza is a serious and sometimes deadly illness that can be easily prevented, and we encourage everyone to protect themselves and their families this year by getting their flu shot."

Maxim Health System's Web site,, offers an online clinic locator tool to help users quickly locate nearby flu shot clinics based on their local zip code. The site will provide the address, driving directions, dates, and times for flu shots at local clinics. The clinic locator is also available on mobile devices at Through both the Web site and mobile devices, consumers can receive flu updates, schedule a flu shot reminder, and read a blog to follow flu news and trends as they happen. Consumers can also find a convenient clinic location over the phone at 877-962-9358.

"Too often we see individuals skip their flu shot altogether due to the fear of contracting the flu from the vaccine or the common misconception that the flu is no worse than a common cold," said Dr. W. John Langley, Chief Medical Officer at Maxim Healthcare Services. "You cannot contract influenza from the flu shot. Getting vaccinated is quick and painless, and it is also the safest and most effective way to prevent the flu and to keep you and your loved ones from getting sick."

Any participant with Medicare Part B coverage as their primary medical insurance will receive their shot with no co-pay. Some insurances are also accepted, in addition to cash or check. Maxim provides flu vaccines to children ages four and older, unless restricted by state regulation or law.

About Maxim Health Systems -Maxim Health Systems is a division of Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. Established in 1996, Maxim Health Systems offers a full line of comprehensive wellness services to Corporate and retail clients, in addition to schools, senior living facilities, and physician offices. We provide a variety of services including immunization programs, health screenings and health fairs. Our flu vaccine program has administered more than 12 million immunizations in the last four years alone. Together with Maxim Healthcare Services, we have branch locations in most metropolitan areas across the nation. For more information contact us at Follow Maxim Healthcare Services on Twitter at @findaflushot.

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