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Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology Medical Applications Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Nanomedicine - Nanotechnology category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-09-13Nanoparticles from Tattoo Ink Travel Inside the Body
2017-09-05Nanoparticles Injected After Spinal Cord Injury Limit Damage, Inflammation and Scarring
2017-08-21Preventing Cancer Metastases by Using Spaser to Destroy Circulating Tumor Cells
2016-12-25Breath Sniffer Can Identify Diseases
2016-11-24Hazard Assessment for Understanding Threats From Emerging Nanomaterials
2015-10-19Car Exhausts Producing Nanotubes Found in Human Lungs
2015-03-29Brain Links from Carbon Nanotube Fibers
2015-02-23Magnetic Nanoparticles May Stop Blood Clot Strokes
2015-02-11Injectable Nanoparticles Could Protect Injuries from Oxidative Stress
2015-01-06Nanotechnology Guides Cancer Surgery Technique
2014-12-30Using Nanotechnology for ACL Replacements
2014-12-02Nanotubes May Restore Sight to Blind Retinas
2014-10-31Breaking the Nano Barrier to Engineer First Micro-scale Protein Microfiber
2014-10-20Micro and Nanoparticle Treatments for Alzheimers and Parkinsons
2014-10-12Nanoparticles That Can be Manipulated with Magnets and Glow in a Biological Environment
2014-10-05Plant Viruses Help Fight Breast Cancer and Other Deadly Diseases
2014-09-24Synthesizing Nanoparticles from Simple Salt Solutions in Water
2014-08-10Nanotechnology and the Frontiers of Cyborg Science
2014-02-27Nanoparticles of Silver in Supplements, Cosmetics and Food Packaging Worry Scientists
2014-02-273D Printing Living Tissues with Blood Vessels
2013-08-23Toxic Nanoparticles May be Entering Our Food Products
2013-08-20Using Nanoparticles to Battle Cancer
2012-11-19Multiple Sclerosis Breakthrough - Nanoparticle Resets Immune System to Normal
2012-10-10Graphene: A Future Cure for Damaged Spinal Cords
2012-08-27Growing Artificial Tissues with Embedded Nanoscale Sensors
2012-04-21Nanoscale Films for Hip Implants Could Prevent Premature Failure
2012-03-17Wound Healing and Anti-aging Cream from Shrimp Shells
2011-08-11Artificial Nanoparticles Influence Heart Rate
2011-05-26New Nanoscale Imaging Could Lead to New Multiple Sclerosis Treatments
2011-05-04Nanoparticles Could Deliver Cancer Drugs to Nearly Any Type of Tumor
2011-04-02Good Cholesterol Nanoparticles Seek and Destroy Cancer Cells
2011-03-16Funding for Nanomedicine Research to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment
2011-02-24Nanotechnology May Lead to New Treatment of Liver Cancer
2011-02-13Nanoparticles May Enhance Circulating Tumor Cell Detection
2011-02-01Nanoshell Therapy Effective Against Brain Cancer
2011-01-18Nanotech Medicine Information
2010-11-21Nanoparticles Possible Threat to Workers Lungs
2010-11-06Nanotechnology Helps Deliver Drugs to Intestinal Target
2010-09-30Nanotechnology Brings Personalized Therapy Closer
2010-09-12Artificial Skin Created from Nanowires
2010-08-16NanoSmart Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Receives Patent Allowance for Tumor Targeting Platform Technology
2010-06-09Test Shows Plastic Antibody Nanoparticles Work
2010-03-23Incorporating Biofunctionality into Nanomaterials
2010-03-17DNA Nanotechnology Applications in Medicine
2010-03-13Nanoparticles - Golden Bullet for Cancer
2010-03-07New Way of Producing Electricity
2010-01-23Nanoparticles Target Cardiovascular Disease
2009-07-20Nanoparticle Research
2008-07-28Mesothelioma Link to Nanotechnology Carbon Nanotubes


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