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Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
Flexible Artificial Retinas Use 2D MaterialsYes2018/08/252023/05/27
Dangers of Nanoparticles in the Environment Cause for ConcernYes2018/08/222023/05/27
Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Targets Kidney DiseasesYes2018/08/212023/05/27
Breakthrough Hybrid Nanomaterial Platform to Kill Cancer CellsN/A2018/08/18
Transporting Drugs by Nano-submarine to Target Headaches and TumorsN/A2018/07/302023/10/09
Growing Bone and Cartilage Tissues for Humans from Flaxseed Like ParticlesN/A2018/04/16
Metalens and Artificial Muscle Create Smart Adaptive Artificial EyeN/A2018/02/27
Therapeutic Biocompatible Anti-Burn Nanofibers Made of Polycaprolactone Create Living BandagesN/A2018/02/172018/02/19
Synthesized Nanoparticle-Antioxidants to Treat SCI and StrokeN/A2018/01/16
Tattoo Ink Nanoparticles Travel Inside the BodyN/A2017/09/132021/03/01
Nanoparticles Injected After Spinal Cord Injury Limit Damage, Inflammation and ScarringN/A2017/09/052020/07/04
Preventing Cancer Metastases : Spaser Used to Destroy Tumor CellsN/A2017/08/212020/02/06
Breath Sniffer Can Identify DiseasesYes2016/12/252023/09/19
Hazard Assessment for Understanding Threats From Emerging NanomaterialsN/A2016/11/24
Nanotubes in Human Lungs From Car ExhaustsN/A2015/10/192020/12/11
Carbon Nanotube Fiber Brain LinksYes2015/03/292023/10/05
Magnetic Nanoparticles May Stop Blood Clot StrokesN/A2015/02/232020/10/06
Injectable Nanoparticles Could Protect Injuries from Oxidative StressN/A2015/02/11
Nanotechnology Cancer Surgery TechniqueN/A2015/01/062021/09/26
Using Nanotechnology for ACL ReplacementsN/A2014/12/30
Nanotubes May Restore Sight to Blind RetinasN/A2014/12/02
Breaking Nano Barrier to Engineer Micro-scale Protein MicrofiberN/A2014/10/312021/10/25
Micro-Nanoparticle for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's TreatmentN/A2014/10/202020/12/06
Nanoparticles That Can be Manipulated with Magnets and Glow in a Biological EnvironmentN/A2014/10/12
Plant Viruses Help Fight Breast Cancer and DiseasesN/A2014/10/052021/05/07
Synthesizing Nanoparticles from Simple Salt Solutions in WaterN/A2014/09/242021/11/06
Nanotechnology and the Frontiers of Cyborg ScienceN/A2014/08/10
Nano Device for Early Cancer DetectionYes2014/05/182023/10/09
Nanoparticles of Silver in Supplements, Cosmetics and Food PackagingN/A2014/02/272021/02/04
3D Printing Living Tissues with Blood VesselsN/A2014/02/272014/04/27
Toxic Nanoparticles Entering Food ProductsN/A2013/08/232022/01/20
Using Nanoparticles to Battle CancerN/A2013/08/202018/03/15
Multiple Sclerosis Breakthrough - Nanoparticle Resets Immune System to NormalN/A2012/11/19
Graphene Repair for Spinal Cord DamageN/A2012/10/102021/07/14
Growing Artificial Tissues with Embedded Nanoscale SensorsN/A2012/08/272021/08/08
Nanoscale Films for Hip Implants Could Prevent Premature FailureN/A2012/04/212017/06/06
Chitosan Wound Healing and Anti-aging CreamsN/A2012/03/172021/10/04
Artificial Nanoparticles Influence Heart RateN/A2011/08/11
Nanoscale Imaging May Lead to Multiple Sclerosis TreatmentsN/A2011/05/262022/03/23
Nanoparticles Could Deliver Cancer Drugs to TumorsN/A2011/05/042022/04/09
Good Cholesterol Nanoparticles Seek and Destroy Cancer CellsN/A2011/04/022022/04/28
Funding for Nanomedicine Research to Improve Diagnosis and TreatmentN/A2011/03/16
Nanotechnology May Lead to New Treatment of Liver CancerN/A2011/02/24
Nanoparticles May Enhance Circulating Tumor Cell DetectionN/A2011/02/13
Nanoshell Therapy Effective Against Brain CancerN/A2011/02/01
Nanotech Medicine InformationN/A2011/01/18
Nanoparticles Possible Threat to Workers LungsN/A2010/11/21
Nanotechnology Helps Deliver Drugs to Intestinal TargetN/A2010/11/06
Nanotechnology Brings Personalized Therapy CloserN/A2010/09/30
Artificial Skin Created from NanowiresN/A2010/09/12
NanoSmart Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Receives Patent Allowance for Tumor Targeting Platform TechnologyN/A2010/08/16
Test Shows Plastic Antibody Nanoparticles WorkN/A2010/06/092018/03/15
Incorporating Biofunctionality into NanomaterialsN/A2010/03/23
DNA Nanotechnology Applications in MedicineN/A2010/03/17
Nanoparticle Nanocages: A Golden Bullet for Cancer?N/A2010/03/132018/08/19
New Way of Producing ElectricityN/A2010/03/07
Nanoparticles Target Cardiovascular DiseaseN/A2010/01/23
Nanoparticle ResearchN/A2009/07/202010/03/13
Mesothelioma Link to Nanotechnology Carbon NanotubesN/A2008/07/282010/01/24

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