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Palliative: End of Life & Palliative Care Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World End of Life Care category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-12-05Blood Pressure Begins to Decline 14-18 Yrs Before Death
2017-12-05How Do Doctors Make Decisions When Managing Care for Critically & Terminally Ill Patients?
2015-12-17Is Quebec Dr. Assisted End of Life Law Too Restrictive?
2015-02-19End-of-life Care for Seniors in Nursing Homes - Call to Action
2015-02-18Bill to Charge Doctors with Homicide for Providing Aid in Dying Defeated
2015-01-15Disability Advocates Preparing to Oppose Assisted Suicide Bills
2014-11-21City of West Hollywood Passes Death with Dignity Resolution
2014-09-18US Health System Not Designed to Meet Patients Nearing End of Life Needs
2014-07-22Questions to Discuss with Parents About Their End-of-Life Care
2014-03-05Psychiatric Advance Directives - What You Need to Know
2013-09-14New Bill Attempts SSDI Reform for Terminally Ill
2013-07-22Dignity, Death and Dilemmas - Hospice Workers Struggle with Physician Assisted Death Laws
2013-05-20Vermont Gov. Signs First Death-with-Dignity Law
2013-05-15Nursing Home Sued for Violating Woman's End-of-Life Directive
2013-05-09Meeting Standards for Good Care Near the End of Life
2013-02-18Loss of Faith and Family Struggles when Relative is Dying
2012-11-15Earlier End of Life Care Discussions Linked to Less Aggressive Care in Final Days
2012-09-12Facebook Organ and Tissue Donation Feature
2012-09-08Health-care Costs at End of Life Often Exceeds Total Assets
2012-08-25Pancreatic Cancer - Making Hard Choices
2012-07-24Osteopathic Medical Profession Supports Do Not Resuscitate Rights for Developmentally Challenged and Older Adults
2012-03-26Quebec Commission on Issue of Dying With Dignity Report - Not Dead Yet Responds
2011-11-07Disability Activists Urge Georgia Supreme Court to Uphold Prosecution of Final Exit Network
2011-09-29End-of-life Discussions Do Not Affect Survival Rate
2011-09-20End of Life Discussions - Finding the Words - Dosing and Drugs
2011-07-07Pacific NW More Supportive of End of Life Care Options
2011-06-16Oregon Creation to Help Patients with Advanced Illness
2011-05-10Two-Thirds of Children in Palliative Care Programs Live Longer than a Year
2011-03-31Awareness about End-of-Life Care is Essential
2011-03-31End-of-Life Health Care Treatment - Have Your Say
2011-03-31Idaho Bill Forces Dying Patients to Go Doctor Shopping
2011-02-13Veterans and End of Life Care
2011-02-09Focuses on Aging and End-of-Life Challenges in the LGBT Community
2010-10-18Final Exit Network Die with Dignity Billboards
2010-07-16Creating a Living Will and Power of Attorney - Your Final Say
2010-07-14Global Quality of Death Index - USA in 9th Place
2010-06-29End-of-life Care in Hospital
2010-06-16Right to Die Billboards
2010-03-16Does the U.S. Need to Ration Costly End-of-Life Care
2010-02-09End-of-life Care Must Reflect Patient Values and Wishes
2009-08-10Doctors Opinions not Always Welcome in Life Support Decisions

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