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Palliative: End of Life & Palliative Care Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World End of Life Care category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Palliative: End of Life & Palliative Care Publications

2018-02-20 : Palliative Care Findings on Caregiver Depression, LGBT Partners, Moral Distress : Major findings from the latest research on hospital palliative care according to study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, an official publication of the Society of Hospital Medicine.

2018-01-25 : Defining the Changing Nature of Wisdom at the End of Life : Researchers create consensus definition of wisdom as a complex trait with several inter-related components, such as compassion, emotional regulation, spirituality and tolerance.

2017-12-05 : Blood Pressure Begins to Decline 14-18 Yrs Before Death : Research shows blood pressure in seniors gradually begins to decrease about 14 or so years before death.

2017-12-05 : How Do Doctors Make Decisions When Managing Care for Critically & Terminally Ill Patients? : Study examined intubation decision-making process for 73 hospital-based doctors from 3 academic medical centers.

2015-12-17 : Is Quebec Dr. Assisted End of Life Law Too Restrictive? : Article examines Quebec legislation regarding medical assisted aid in dying.

2015-02-19 : End-of-life Care for Seniors in Nursing Homes - Call to Action : IOM gathered experts in care of older adults to put together a framework and principles for improving end-of-life care.

2015-02-18 : Bill to Charge Doctors with Homicide for Providing Aid in Dying Defeated : Bipartisan group of legislators voted 51 to 49 to reject bill HB328, which opponents call The Physician Imprisonment Act.

2015-01-15 : Disability Advocates Preparing to Oppose Assisted Suicide Bills : Disability advocates prepared to oppose flurry of state assisted suicide bills being introduced in 2015.

2014-11-21 : City of West Hollywood Passes Death with Dignity Resolution : West Hollywood city council voted unanimously on resolution urging Los Angeles county district attorney to de-prioritize death with dignity prosecutions.

2014-09-18 : US Health System Not Designed to Meet Patients Nearing End of Life Needs : U.S. health care system not designed to meet needs of patients nearing end of life and those of their families - major changes to the system are necessary.

2014-07-22 : Questions to Discuss with Parents About Their End-of-Life Care : Article suggests topics that can be discussed with aging parents in regards to end of life care and their final wishes.

2014-03-05 : Psychiatric Advance Directives - What You Need to Know : Information and facts regarding psychiatric advance directive law for people with psychiatric illness or any other form of medical condition.

2013-09-14 : New Bill Attempts SSDI Reform for Terminally Ill : U.S. Senators introduce Expedited Disability Insurance Payments for Terminally Ill Individuals Act of 2013 bill meant to help terminally ill individuals receive help sooner.

2013-07-22 : Dignity, Death and Dilemmas - Hospice Workers Struggle with Physician Assisted Death Laws : Hospice workers who provide end of life care often struggle with beliefs and actions when dealing with a concept they traditionally oppose.

2013-05-20 : Vermont Gov. Signs First Death-with-Dignity Law : New Vermont law will let dying and mentally competent people determine when they have endured enough suffering and empowers them to end their lives with dignity.

2013-05-15 : Nursing Home Sued for Violating Woman's End-of-Life Directive : Suit seeks unspecified financial damages for negligence, emotional distress, breach of fiduciary duty, elder abuse, violation of rights, and injunctive relief.

2013-05-09 : Meeting Standards for Good Care Near the End of Life : The book separates fact from fiction, clarifying mis-perceptions that can lead to problems or conflict.

2013-02-18 : Loss of Faith and Family Struggles when Relative is Dying : Examining family struggles with anger and forgiveness when relative is dying including relationships with God and faith.

2012-11-15 : Earlier End of Life Care Discussions Linked to Less Aggressive Care in Final Days : Study reports earlier discussions about EOL care preferences strongly associated with less aggressive care and increased use of hospice care for patients with advanced cancer.

2012-09-12 : Facebook Organ and Tissue Donation Feature : Facebook introduction of feature that lets people state their wishes to become donors in an attempt to reduce long waiting lists for organs and tissue.

2012-09-08 : Health-care Costs at End of Life Often Exceeds Total Assets : Researchers find a quarter of Medicare recipients spend more than total value of their assets on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses during the last 5 years of life.

2012-08-25 : Pancreatic Cancer - Making Hard Choices : Examines whether patients should spend a large amount of the time they have left undergoing aggressive treatment for only a brief period of additional life.

2012-07-24 : Osteopathic Medical Profession Supports Do Not Resuscitate Rights for Developmentally Challenged and Older Adults : Calls to work with societies and advocacy groups for developmentally disabled to develop policies and ensure dignity at time of death for all individuals.

2012-03-26 : Quebec Commission on Issue of Dying With Dignity Report - Not Dead Yet Responds : Disability rights advocates from Not Dead Yet react to Report of Commission on Issue of Dying With Dignity in Quebec Canada.

2011-11-07 : Disability Activists Urge Georgia Supreme Court to Uphold Prosecution of Final Exit Network : The activists are urging the state Supreme Court to uphold the prosecution of members of Final Exit Network.

2011-09-29 : End-of-life Discussions Do Not Affect Survival Rate : Study shows patients who talk with their physicians about end-of-life care have similar survival rates as patients who do not have these discussions.

2011-09-20 : End of Life Discussions - Finding the Words - Dosing and Drugs : Palliative care for advanced heart failure patients and reevaluate when a physician should discuss a patients goals to determine treatment.

2011-07-07 : Pacific NW More Supportive of End of Life Care Options : Support for palliative care options is even stronger, with nearly all Washington and Oregon voters saying it is important to have access to palliative care.

2011-06-16 : Oregon Creation to Help Patients with Advanced Illness : The POLST program was created to honor the treatment wishes of patients with advanced progressive illness or frailty.

2011-05-10 : Two-Thirds of Children in Palliative Care Programs Live Longer than a Year : The average life span was longer than expected and the study results help emphasize that children receiving palliative care services are living with grave life threatening conditions.

2011-03-31 : Awareness about End-of-Life Care is Essential : Private Conversations and Public Discourse is a call to action that encourages a national agenda for consumer engagement in end-of-life issues.

2011-03-31 : End-of-Life Health Care Treatment - Have Your Say : Countless families have found themselves in similar situations burdened with making difficult end-of-life health care decisions for loved ones of all ages.

2011-03-31 : Idaho Bill Forces Dying Patients to Go Doctor Shopping : Idahoans and their families may soon have to go doctor shopping from their death beds.

2011-02-13 : Veterans and End of Life Care : The Hospice Foundation of America has released Veterans and End-of-Life Care a free online webinar written by Deborah Grassman.

2011-02-09 : Focuses on Aging and End-of-Life Challenges in the LGBT Community : The Hospice Foundation of America Aging and End-of-Life Challenges in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community.

2010-07-16 : Creating a Living Will and Power of Attorney - Your Final Say : Examines the benefits of having a living will and granting power of attorney.

2010-07-14 : Global Quality of Death Index - USA in 9th Place : Quality of Death Index ranks countries according to their provision of end-of-life care.

2010-06-29 : End-of-life Care in Hospital : Patients admitted to a teaching hospital for an end-of-life illness generally receive high-quality medical care.

2010-06-16 : Right to Die Billboards : Final Exit Network Right-to-Die Billboards Appear in California New Jersey and Florida.

2010-03-16 : Does the U.S. Need to Ration Costly End-of-Life Care : Should the government spend less on costly end-of-life procedures and instead use these resources to care for more patients.

2010-02-09 : End-of-life Care Must Reflect Patient Values and Wishes : Improved decision-making in the use of feeding tubes for hospitalized nursing home residents with advanced dementia.

2009-08-10 : Doctors Opinions not Always Welcome in Life Support Decisions : Caregivers of critical care patients prefer doctors to keep their opinions on life support decisions to themselves.

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