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End-of-Life - Palliative Care Publications
Title of
Proposed Changes to Medical Assistance in Dying Legislation : Canadian GovernmentAnnouncement / Notification2020/10/072023/09/27
Palliative Care Findings on Caregiver Depression, LGBT Partners, Moral Distress2018/02/20
Defining the Changing Nature of Wisdom at the End of Life2018/01/25
Blood Pressure Begins to Decline 14-18 Yrs Before Death2017/12/052017/12/15
How Do Doctors Make Decisions When Managing Care for Critically & Terminally Ill Patients?Study2017/12/052023/09/17
End-of-life Care for Seniors in Nursing Homes - Call to Action2015/02/192017/06/28
Bill to Charge Doctors with Homicide for Providing Aid in Dying Defeated2015/02/18
Disability Advocates Preparing to Oppose Assisted Suicide Bills2015/01/15
City of West Hollywood Passes Death with Dignity Resolution2014/11/21
US Health System Not Designed to Meet Patients Nearing End of Life Needs2014/09/182021/05/18
Questions to Discuss with Parents About Their End-of-Life Care2014/07/22
Psychiatric Advance Directives (PAD)2014/03/052021/08/30
Hospice Workers and Physician Assisted Death Laws2013/07/222022/01/23
Vermont Death-with-Dignity Law2013/05/202022/02/10
Nursing Home Sued for Violating End-of-Life Directive2013/05/152021/11/18
Meeting Standards for Good Care Near the End of Life2013/05/09
Loss of Faith and Family Struggles when Relative Dying2013/02/182022/02/13
Early End of Life Care Discussion Equals Less Aggressive Care Later2012/11/152022/01/14
Facebook Organ and Tissue Donation Feature2012/09/122021/11/08
Health-care Costs at End of Life Often Exceeds Total Assets2012/09/082022/02/08
Pancreatic Cancer - Making Hard Choices2012/08/25
Do Not Resuscitate Rights for Developmentally Challenged and Seniors2012/07/242021/08/18
Disability Activists Urge Georgia Supreme Court to Uphold Prosecution of Final Exit Network2011/11/07
End-of-life Discussions Do Not Affect Survival Rate2011/09/292018/01/26
End of Life Discussions for Heart Failure2011/09/202022/07/13
Pacific NW More Supportive of End of Life Care Options2011/07/07
Oregon Creation to Help Patients with Advanced Illness2011/06/16
Two-Thirds of Children in Palliative Care Programs Live Longer than a Year2011/05/10
Awareness about End-of-Life Care is Essential2011/03/31
End-of-Life Health Care Treatment - Have Your Say2011/03/31
Idaho Bill Forces Dying Patients to Go Doctor Shopping2011/03/31
Veterans and End of Life Care2011/02/132011/03/31
Aging and End-of-Life Challenges in LGBT Community2011/02/092022/06/09
Creating a Living Will and Power of Attorney - Your Final Say2010/07/162014/03/04
Global Quality of Death Index - USA in 9th Place2010/07/142011/03/31
End-of-life Care in Hospital2010/06/292011/03/31
Right to Die Billboards2010/06/162016/03/18
Does the U.S. Need to Ration Costly End-of-Life Care2010/03/162011/03/31
End-of-life Care Must Reflect Patient Values and Wishes2010/02/092011/03/31
Doctors Opinions not Always Welcome in Life Support Decisions2009/08/102015/02/16

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