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Right to Die Billboards

  • Published: 2010-06-16 (Revised/Updated 2016-03-18) : Author: Final Exit Network
  • Synopsis: Final Exit Network Right-to-Die Billboards Appear in California New Jersey and Florida.

Final Exit Network Right-to-Die Billboards Appear in California, New Jersey and Florida

Today Final Exit Network began the roll-out of billboards on the nation's highways to help raise public awareness and promote a dialog on the right to die. The first board appears in San Francisco, and others will follow in New Jersey and Florida. The message is simply, "My Life, My Death, My Choice," with the organization's contact information. Those who view the billboards are encouraged to be in touch with their local media and to share their feelings on the basic human right to a death with dignity.

The boards are being paid for, in part, by member donations. Final Exit President Jerry Dincin said, "Anyone wishing to make a tax-deductible contribution toward future billboards is welcome to do so by earmarking a check for the Billboard Fund to the Final Exit Network."

The Final Exit Network believes that mentally competent adults have a basic human right to end their lives when they suffer from a fatal or irreversible illness or intractable pain, when their quality of life is personally unacceptable, and the future holds only hopelessness and misery. Such a right shall be an individual choice, including the timing and companion, free of any restriction by the law, clergy, medical profession, even friends and relatives no matter how well-intentioned.

Final Exit Network Right to Die Billboard stating - My Life, My death, My Choice www.finalexitnetwork.orgAbout This Image: Final Exit Network Right to Die Billboard stating - My Life, My death, My Choice www.finalexitnetwork.orgThe organization offers free service to all who apply, providing relevant information, home visits if possible and compassionate counseling for the individual and family. It further promotes the use of advanced directives and other legal instruments to document the intentions of any individual.

Final Exit Network is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to counseling, support, and guidance for those clients, who themselves choose the when, how, under what circumstances, and especially IF, to proceed. Dincin stresses that "FEN does not encourage anyone to end their life, does not provide the means to do so and does not actively assist in the person's death. We do, however, believe in the ultimate human right of people to end their lives when circumstances justify, and to have support in carrying out their plan."

Final Exit Network is a five-year-old non-profit run exclusively by volunteers that is committed to serve many whom other organizations may turn away. More information is available from their Web site:, E-mail to, Phone: 866-654-9156.

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