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Addiction and Substance Abuse Publications
Title of
Food From Tobacco Owned Brands More Hyperpalatable Than Competitor's FoodResearch Study Analysis2023/09/082023/09/23
Kleptomania: Addiction, Disruptive, Impulse-Control and Conduct Disorder2023/02/182023/06/01
Ravaging Effects of Smoking on Your Body2018/09/202020/01/07
MDMA, Molly or Ecstasy2018/09/20
Many Smokers With Serious Mental Illness Want to Quit SmokingObservational Study2017/01/022023/09/17
Kerry Gaynor Method to Help Quit Smoking2016/12/262020/04/11
Synthetic Street Drug Flakka Causes Crazy Behavior2015/06/022020/04/11
Number of Smokers Who Will Die from the Habit - 66%2015/03/01
Heroin: Health Effects and Addiction Treatment2015/01/172017/02/21
U.S. Smoking Statistics Hits All-time Low2014/11/302016/11/05
Personality Disorders and Problem Gambling2014/11/252021/10/10
How Women in Recovery Manage Family and Friend Drug Users2014/10/152020/12/10
People with Severe Mental Illness Have Higher Risk for Substance Abuse2014/01/052022/01/04
e-Cigarettes or Vapor Cigarettes: Safety, Facts and Information2013/12/062021/08/29
Abuse of Over the Counter Medications2013/09/162021/08/30
Prescription Painkiller Side Effects: Psychological and Physical Dependence2013/08/092021/08/29
Addiction and Substance Abuse Among Persons with Disabilities2013/07/222020/11/12
Underage Adolescent Binge Drinking2013/07/072021/11/03
Mental Illness and Benefits of Quitting Smoking2013/02/182022/02/14
Smoking and Mental Illness Connection2013/02/172022/02/14
Cigarette Smoking and PTSD2012/11/272021/06/26
Laser Therapy to Help Stop Smoking2012/11/142021/06/30
Veteran Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse2012/10/092021/07/14
K2 Synthetic Marijuana Poses Serious Health Risk2012/06/202021/08/31
Predisposition to Drug or Alcohol Addiction2012/02/112021/10/18
Dangers of Common Painkiller MedicationInformative2012/02/062024/03/29
Why Heavy Smokers Feel Sad After Quitting2011/08/042016/03/26
Physicians Say E Cigarettes Should Remain On Market2011/07/30
Treatment of Cocaine Addiction - New Hope2011/07/16
Risks and Benefits of Alcohol for Seniors2011/06/282022/02/24
Contaminated Cocaine Causes Decaying Skin2011/06/27
Alcohol's Damaging Effects on the Brain2011/06/21
List of Cigarette Carcinogenics and Additives2011/05/262020/11/13
Calls to Abolish the Word Habit in Regards to Smoking Addiction2011/05/262020/07/26
America: A Nation of Addicts2011/03/272022/05/04
Number of Heavy Smokers in US Decreases2011/03/172011/05/26
Effectiveness of Cigarette Warning Labels2011/02/082022/06/11
Substance Abuse and Addiction Among Nurses - Support Not Punishment is the Key2011/01/27
Smoking Causes Genetic Damage Within Minutes After Inhaling2011/01/152011/05/26
Health Warnings on Canadian Cigarette Packages2011/01/022011/05/26
Scientists Find Gene Linked to Alcoholism2010/10/20
Why Men Are More Susceptible to Alcoholism2010/10/18
How to Tell if You Are an Alcoholic2010/09/242017/01/16
Alcohol Addiction, Destruction in Itself2010/09/22
Why Cocaine Cravings Won't Go Away2010/09/162016/06/13
Electronic Cigarettes Continue To Face Scrutiny Despite Popularity2010/09/152010/09/25
Too Many Americans Still Smoke and Are Exposed to Secondhand Smoke2010/09/072011/05/26
E Cigarette Popularity Increases Despite Quit Or Die Policy of Health Organizations2010/09/07
Addicts Keep Using "To Feel Like a Better Person"2010/08/21
The Truth About Meth: A Devastating and Addictive Drug2010/08/162011/07/28
Can I Buy you a Drink2010/07/22
Successful Addiction Treatment is a Family Affair2010/07/18
Clarifying the Role of Craving in Addictions2010/07/14
Drug Addiction and Ibogaine Treatments2010/06/282015/01/15
Companies Penalizing Unhealthy Behaviors Like Smoking to Save Money2010/06/08
Cost Shifting for Smoking2010/06/03
Pre-Adoptive FASD Education2010/04/28
Do you Know What Your Drinking IQ Score Is?2010/04/092019/09/16
Tips to Help Quit Smoking2010/01/162011/05/26
Addictive Effects of Caffeine on Children2009/12/30
Canadian Teenagers among Largest Consumers of Cannabis2009/12/17
Nicotine Levels Higher in First Thing in the Morning Smokers2009/12/03
Call for Alcohol Industry to Prove No Harm in Funding of Sports2009/11/10
Nicotine Patch Plus Lozenge Best for Quitting Smoking2009/11/022011/05/26
Cocaine Vaccine May Help Limit Drug Use2009/10/05
Research Agenda for Substance Abuse Outline2009/10/02
Doctors Hesitant to Ask Mentally Ill to Quit Smoking2009/09/092022/02/14
Meth Addiction and Consequences2009/09/042013/06/14
Baclofen - A Pill to Stop Alcohol Cravings2009/09/042013/03/24
Methadone Addiction and Detox Treatment2009/09/042013/06/14
Addiction to Prescription Painkillers by Patients and Physicians2009/07/28
Ways to End Drug Addiction2009/07/03
Intervention for an Alcoholic2009/07/032013/06/14
Study Shows 1 in 25 Deaths Attributable to Alcohol2009/06/26
Acetaldehyde in Alcohol Causes Hangovers and Cancer2009/03/202019/04/02
Men Admit they Consume Drugs to Increase Sexual Pleasure2009/03/032009/03/04
Adolescents Undertreated for Drug Addiction2009/03/02
Pain Killer Addiction2009/03/02

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