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Substance Abuse: Drug Addiction and Help Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Drug Addiction category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-01-02Many Smokers with Serious Mental Illness Want To Quit Smoking
2016-12-26Kerry Gaynor Method to Help Quit Smoking
2015-06-02Flakka: A New Synthetic Street Drug
2015-03-01Number of Smokers Who Will Die from the Habit - 66%
2015-01-17Heroin: Health Effects and Addiction Treatment
2014-11-30U.S. Smoking Statistics Hits All-time Low
2014-11-25Personality Disorders and Problem Gambling
2014-10-15How Women in Recovery Manage Personal Networks of Family and Friend Drug Users
2014-01-05People with Severe Mental Illness have Higher Risk for Substance Abuse
2013-12-06e-Cigarettes or Vapor Cigarettes: Safety, Facts and Information
2013-09-16Abuse of Over-the-Counter Medications
2013-08-09Prescription Painkiller Side Effects - Psychological and Physical Dependence
2013-07-22Addiction and Substance Abuse Among Persons with Disabilities
2013-07-07Binge Drinking and Adolescents
2013-02-18Mental Illness and the Benefits of Quitting Smoking
2013-02-17Smoking and Mental Illness Connection
2012-11-27Cigarette Smoking and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
2012-11-14Laser Therapy to Help Stop Smoking
2012-10-09Veterans - Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Abuse
2012-06-20K2 Synthetic Marijuana - Serious Health Risks
2012-02-11Predisposition to Drug or Alcohol Addiction
2012-02-06Dangers of Common Painkiller Medication
2012-01-06Creating a Healthier Cigarette
2011-08-04Why Heavy Smokers Feel Sad After Quitting
2011-07-30Physicians Say E Cigarettes Should Remain On Market
2011-07-16Treatment of Cocaine Addiction - New Hope
2011-06-28Risks and Benefits of Alcohol for Seniors
2011-06-27Contaminated Cocaine Causes Decaying Skin
2011-06-21Alcohol's Damaging Effects on the Brain
2011-05-26List of Ingredients and Additives in Cigarettes
2011-05-26Calls to Abolish the Word "Habit" in Regards to Smoking Addiction
2011-03-27Most Serious Addictions in America
2011-03-17Number of Heavy Smokers in US Decreases
2011-02-08New Cigarette Warning Labels and Effectiveness
2011-01-27Substance Abuse and Addiction Among Nurses - Support Not Punishment is the Key
2011-01-15Smoking Causes Genetic Damage Within Minutes After Inhaling
2011-01-02Health Warnings on Canadian Cigarette Packages
2010-10-20Scientists Find Gene Linked to Alcoholism
2010-10-18Why Men Are More Susceptible to Alcoholism
2010-09-24How to Tell if You Are an Alcoholic
2010-09-22Alcohol Addiction, Destruction in Itself
2010-09-16Why Cocaine Cravings Won't Go Away
2010-09-15Electronic Cigarettes Continue To Face Scrutiny Despite Popularity
2010-09-07Too Many Americans Still Smoke and Are Exposed to Secondhand Smoke
2010-09-07E Cigarette Popularity Increases Despite Quit Or Die Policy of Health Organizations
2010-08-21Addicts Keep Using "To Feel Like a Better Person"
2010-08-16The Truth About Meth: A Devastating and Addictive Drug
2010-07-22Can I Buy you a Drink
2010-07-18Successful Addiction Treatment is a Family Affair
2010-07-14Clarifying the Role of Craving in Addictions
2010-06-28Drug Addiction and Ibogaine Treatments
2010-06-08Companies Penalizing Unhealthy Behaviors Like Smoking to Save Money
2010-06-03Cost Shifting for Smoking
2010-04-28Pre-Adoptive FASD Education
2010-04-09Do you Know your Drinking IQ
2010-01-16Tips to Help Quit Smoking
2009-12-30Addictive Effects of Caffeine on Children
2009-12-17Canadian Teenagers among Largest Consumers of Cannabis
2009-12-03Nicotine Levels Higher in First Thing in the Morning Smokers
2009-11-10Call for Alcohol Industry to Prove No Harm in Funding of Sports
2009-11-02Nicotine Patch Plus Lozenge Best for Quitting Smoking
2009-10-05Cocaine Vaccine May Help Limit Drug Use
2009-10-02Research Agenda for Substance Abuse Outline
2009-09-09Doctors Hesitant to Ask Mentally Ill Patients to Quit Smoking
2009-09-04Meth Addiction and Consequences
2009-09-04Baclofen - A Pill to Stop Alcohol Cravings
2009-09-04Methadone Addiction and Detox Treatment
2009-07-28Addiction to Prescription Painkillers by Patients and Physicians
2009-07-03Ways to End Drug Addiction
2009-07-03Intervention for an Alcoholic
2009-06-26Study Shows 1 in 25 Deaths Attributable to Alcohol
2009-03-20Acetaldehyde in Alcohol
2009-03-03Men Admit they Consume Drugs to Increase Sexual Pleasure
2009-03-02Adolescents Undertreated for Drug Addiction
2009-03-02Pain Killer Addiction


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