Alcohol Addiction, Destruction in Itself

Author: Luis Perdomo
Published: 2010/09/22
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Synopsis: Alcohol addiction is increased tolerance and dependency on alcohol usually accompanied by substance abuse like drugs and nicotine.

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Alcohol addiction is the increased tolerance and dependency on alcohol. It is usually accompanied by other substance abuse like drugs and nicotine.

Alcohol is economical as an addiction as compared to drugs and is self destructive without any doubt. Alcohol can be Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. It is for you to choose who you want it to be for you. Alcoholics let the Mr Hyde in it take over leading to destruction.

In late 19th century to late 20th century the word "alcoholism" was used widely and it was replaced by "alcohol addiction" and "alcohol abuse". The World Health Organization replaced these terms with "alcohol addiction syndrome". Alcohol addiction is not a disease though it behaves like a progressive disease like cancer, gradually killing the person from within. The addict has no control over his addiction and behavior.

No specialists are able to pinpoint why people turn into alcoholics. Studies show that it can be triggered by the influence of social and emotional environment. Continuous exposure to violence can turn a person towards alcohol. It could have its roots in the genetic make up of a person. All said and done, in the final analysis, it is the individual himself who is responsible for his condition, external factors are just excuses.

Alcohol addiction has become a social concern. It results in many psychological problems like schizophrenia, insomnia, depression, physical abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and improper social behavior.

Continuous abuse of alcohol can result in various clinical problems like liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, bad limb coordination, slurred articulation and hepatitis. It affects almost all organs of the body. Alcohol addiction has become a growing concern as most of these diseases get treated with the basic problem being undetected.

Though all health centers are equipped to help people with addiction, very few people admit to their drinking problem unless and until they have suffered some serious financial, domestic, legal and health consequences as a result of their alcohol abuse.

There is no specific quantity of alcohol to limit oneself to. Though the recommended dosage is 2 glasses per day per person for males and one glass per day per person for females, the effect of this quantity of alcohol on the person is undetectable.

Alcohol addiction can result in infertility and sexual dysfunction in couples planning to have a baby. Child born to an alcoholic mother could have severe physical deformities, small brain, slow motor skill and in general a slow growth.

Alcohol addiction can be confirmed in health centers by taking a general questionnaire comprising of 4 to 10 questions. The most popular test is the CAGE which is done in all hospital and rehabilitation centers. A regular, blood and urine test could reveal the alcohol content.

Based on these findings the general practitioner recommends the person to get enrolled with a rehabilitation center to get rid of the compulsive disorder.

Alcohol addiction affects more than a million people across the globe in some way or the other. Over 100,000 deaths could be associated to alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse tears up family, relationships and leaves behind a trail of heart breaks. Society bears the impact of alcoholism too as governments spend ever increasing amounts to curb alcoholism, to handle legal issues and on health care for these alcoholics.

Alcohol addiction centers provide the only answer to those afflicted by this disorder over which they have no control. Alcohol abusers require a lot of help from their family, friends, co-workers and their community to overcome their addiction and change their lifestyle.

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