Electronic Cigarettes Continue To Face Scrutiny Despite Popularity

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Author: World of E Cigarettes
Published: 2010/09/15 - Updated: 2010/09/25
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Synopsis: Are electronic cigarettes being scrutinized fairly or could there be an ulterior motive involved.


Are electronic cigarettes being scrutinized fairly or could there be an ulterior motive involved

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Ever since the e cigarette came onto the market in the United States around 2006 its popularity has continued to skyrocket exponentially, but only recently have governmental organizations and special interest groups begun to take notice. Initially they were seen only as novelty items, but have since developed a fan following that counts its membership in the millions.

Few Americans are aware, however, that special interest groups that receive government aid such as the American Cancer Society are writing legislation and hand delivering it to state congresses for consideration that would ban e cigarettes from the market. These regulations introduced by the ACS do not make it illegal to sell e cigarette products to minors and opposes defining them as tobacco products under the FDA. Their regulation suggestions also claim that the only "safe and effective" way to reduce tobacco use is through pharmaceutical and medical industry products, despite the fact that 95% of nicotine replacement therapy users eventually begin smoking again.

The US Food and Drug Administration claims to have found levels of carcinogens in electronic cigarettes, but Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston University School of Public Health, believes that the evidence was skewed. "The importance is the level of carcinogens," says Dr. Siegel. "It turns out that the levels are so low that they are 1,400 times lower than in (regular) cigarettes."

The products use a battery, an atomizer, and an e cigarette refill cartridge which contains the nicotine solution needed to produce the vapor. Many e cigarette users online state that since they have switched to e cigarettes from traditional cigarettes that their breathing capacity has increased along with their sense of taste. In addition, the vapor does not leave a burnt tobacco scent on hair, clothing, or upholstery and does not stain walls yellow, unlike smoke.

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