Ways to End Drug Addiction

Author: Vasily Souzdenkov
Published: 2009/07/03
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Synopsis: This article is written for those who want to quit drugs but have not been able to for whatever reason.


This article is written for those who want to quit drugs, but haven't been able to for whatever reason. The methods written here could apply to most addictions, not just drugs. I will not be discussing the reasons why you should quit drugs.

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This article is written for those who want to quit drugs, but haven't been able to for whatever reason. The methods written here could apply to most addictions, not just drugs. I will not be discussing the reasons why you should quit drugs.

1. Ditch the druggies; befriend the sobeys

One obvious way to quit drugs, yet often overlooked, is to stop hanging out with the regular drug users. Instead start to associate exclusively with your sober friends, at least for the first month. This is one of the most common reasons people relapse and decided to dabble in drugs once more. Do not overlook this option believing you are immune to such influence, because no one is. If all of your friends are regular drug users, then perhaps consider finding at least one sober buddy, or reconnecting with sobers from your past. Especially to be avoided are those friends that talk very openly and persistently about their drug experiences in an positive manner.

2. Do not idle

It is very important to keep busy when you are trying to stay away from drugs. When you are bored, you start remembering your former solutions to such, which was taking drugs for the most part. Though its this temporary solution which got you into the mess your are in now. A great way to overcome this is to find your perfect, productive hobby. If you open your mind enough, you will find that there are lots of things that you can enjoy doing, no matter who you are.

3. What are your reasons to quit

If you don't have a good enough reason to quit, you will lack the motivation necessary. Spend some time reading about the consequences and the side effects of the drug you are trying to quit. Also consider your personal reasons that drove you to decide that it's time to sober up. Reflect upon your life and the freedom you had before your addiction. The better reason you can come up with for quitting drugs, the easier it will be to quit and not relapse. A good reason is also a great asset to quitting cold turkey.

4. Take a bite from the cold turkey

If you have a good history of strong will power, you can quit cold turkey most of the time. Depending on the drug, this is usually the best method of quitting. But be careful when attempting to quit through sheer will power. If the challenge of quitting is too much for your will to handle and you fail, your willpower will suffer a permanent blow that is hard to recover from. To avoid this, undertake challenges in small steps to build up your will power. Will is necessary in any method of quitting that you decide to use.

5. Hide the goods

Another method of quitting which also ties into willpower is restricting your access to the drug by any means necessary, or available. If you have absolutely no way to acquire the drug, you will eventually give up and let it go This could be an artificial restriction if your willpower allows for it, or might need to be an actual restriction.

6. Do not think about drugs

Yet another method that ties in with willpower is resisting any thoughts that might pop up about the drug. This is very important because most of the time when people decide to come back to drugs, it is after they let their thoughts wander for too long to the point where they consider doing it again. This is the point where your ego will start the tug-of-war with your desires and you lose your control over the situation. You must be vigilant with your thoughts. If you refer back to the masturbation article, I explained how our thoughts start off as seeds planted within our subconscious and we water the seeds whenever we think about those thoughts. So if we stop thinking about drugs completely, the plant within our subconscious will eventually wither and die off and the addiction will end.

7. If you have the money, consider hypnotherapy

An extreme way to end an addiction is through hypnotherapy, which will completely uproot it from your subconscious. This method is more so of a last resort, for hypnotherapy is usually expensive and comes with a great risk. The risk is that because you go into an altered state of consciousness where your subconscious is fully exposed, the hypnotherapist has full control over the rewiring of it. That's why it's very important to absolutely trust your hypnotherapist for you are placing your entire mind within their hands. Nonetheless, hypnotherapy is extremely effective in getting rid of anything unwanted from within your mind, or to place a desired attribute within it. Most people who have been to a hypnotherapist have came out with incredible results such as lifelong addiction completely vanishing. But remember the risk if you do choose this method.

8. Adopt a spiritual perspective

There is a great method that works wonders for ridding yourself of all addictions, and it includes broadening your perspective on life. It is far from a conventional method, but I felt its undeniable benefits would warrant its inclusion within this article. This method includes you learning the truth about our origins and the truth of our reality in a way that it shakes the very core of your soul and sinks deep within your consciousness. The truth that I am writing about here is an objective truth that once you fully awaken to, you will never deny or forget it for as long as you shall live. It is somewhat similar to what is portrayed in The Matrix movie. Once you take the red pill, there is no more going back to your regular life; you are forever awakened to the truth of our reality. Yet the truth is rather different than what they show in the Matrix, and far more positive and wonderful than you can possibly imagine. I won't be sharing any of it here, but you can find the answers that I mentioned within our articles and videos, and especially within the links section. Awakening to this truth will force you to see the futility and the triviality of our addictions and hobbies, while pushing us to strive for earning our freedom and a place within our true home. One final and important point that I must make is that this must be an internal awakening. External sources (psychedelic drugs included) can only guide you to the door, but it is you alone who must step foot inside and begin the most amazing journey of a lifetime.

9. Support and motivation from peers

Another possible method that can be very effective depending on what type of person you are, is through the support and motivation of others. If you are planning on quitting an addiction, tell as many of the people closest to you as you can. Usually they will be very supportive and express their approval of your commitment to better yourself and further your personal growth. This can serve as a great motivator as you are not only proving to yourself that you have the willpower and the courage to accomplish your goal, but also to those whom you have to face quite often. For some people, the shame of failing to reach their goals after sharing them with others who supported and believed in them, could be all the motivation they need to succeed. In any case, your friends and family will be there to support you and remind of you of the importance of your goals if you are lacking in the will and the courage to proceed.

10. Detoxify your system

One final piece of advice I can offer, is to detoxify your entire body. This is best done by fasting. Detoxification will raise your vibrations and purify your entire system of all toxic build up, depending on how long you do it for. You can read about fasting on various sites on the internet. The best and the quickest detoxification is through a water fast. This is where you eat and drink nothing at all except for pure water, several times a day. I personally tried this fast a little while back, but for only 4 days. I was going to go for a bit longer, but was under excessive pressure from my parents to end it, who thought that I was going to die. A decent length for a water fast is 10 days, but be careful if you decide to do this and read up as much about it as you can, for not all bodies are able to handle it. Fasting is especially good for ridding yourself of unhealthy food addictions. After a long enough fast, your body will become much more sensitive to what you eat. This means that if you try a McDonald's hamburger, your body will instantly reject it and you will probably vomit; your system will be as clean as a baby's.

In closing

For those that decide to end a drug addiction, it will become one of the greatest decisions that you have made in your lifetime. The freedom that comes with sobriety, especially after forgetting about it for so long, will definitely be worth the temporary pain you might have to go through. Consider using some of these methods for they definitely helped me reclaim my long lost sobriety.

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